In the world of short gun innovations there are trend setters, risk takers, and some who lag far behind in the game constantly trying to play catchup. Taurus falls somewhere in between. While they’re NOT the Taurus of old… shabby guns made from old machinery and tooling with iffy results when it came to accuracy and reliability. No, this is the “new” Taurus with inspiring creativity and willing to stick their necks out at the risk of looking idiotic or over the top, i.e. the Taurus Judge (which is ALSO now available in polymer models).

When Ruger came out with its LCR and Smith & Wesson with its Bodyguard 38 special it was only a matter of time before Taurus, if they weren’t already at the drawing board, announced a staunch competitive followup to the world of concealed carry guns.

And so we have, new for 2011 the Taurus Protector Polymer. Available BOTH in 38 special and 357 magnum, this little 5-shot +p revolver weighs only 16.5 ounces (coming close to the S&W which weighs in at 14.3 ounces and the Ruger LCR which weighs in at 13.5 ounces) and comes with rubber or “wood like” grips and is sure to be stamped with Taurus’s budget minded price tag. There’s no question that a polymer framed .357 Mag will be a handful, but if your primary use is emergency purposes and not hundreds of rounds at a time, what’s the big deal right?

Stack on the DT Hybrid Pistols Taurus is releasing in 2011 as well, and they’re bound to turn some heads, either with positive OR negative attention.

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15 Responses to Taurus Protector Polymer First Impression

  1. Jason says:

    I just recently considered purchasing the S&W Bodyguard 38 but after handling one I wasn’t impressed. I am going to wait to see what Protector from Taurus has to offer. I am a fan of Taurus firearms and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

  2. M Chammer says:

    That Taurus looks like a really nice revolver, but I’ll have to see one before I but the new Taurus ie. the Raging bull was a nice looker but the 2 I shot(neither of them mine thank God) couldn’t hold a candle to a Ruger on fit and finish or accuracy.

  3. zoktoberfest says:

    This product was in the 2010 catalog, in 2009, but is still, no where to be found, on the shelves.

    What is the problem, getting this gun to market? The more radical Judge series are all out there.

    I wonder if they’re having trouble matching the superb performance of the LCR DA trigger?

    Ruger innovated a unique cam system, not unlike (in principle) that found on compound bow cams, to get a smooth, more leveraged pull.

    Did Taurus go with a conventional set up and fall short?

    That said, I really like the general design and set-up of the Polymer Protector, but looks don’t always translate into a great firearm.

    For instance, the LCR is ugly to my eye, but from holster to hand and hand to target, it’s stunningly beautiful where it counts: weight, balance, trigger and sights…, OK, rear sights (on my .38 version) could have a better night profile, but snubbies, by design, have minimalist rear sights.

    Anyhow, LCR has set the standard for the CC revolver.

    If Taurus can match the LCR’s trigger action, and the sight system is as good as it looks, than I ‘ll stand in line to buy one.

    One more thing, the .327 FedMag is the way to go with a small revolver.

    With its’ smaller diameter, an additional round can be had (6 rounds)

    It has less recoil than a .357, but holds its own in the knock-down department.

    I have my fingers crossed, that Taurus realized this late in the game, and rushed back to the drawing board to bring out the polymer protector in .327 FedMag.

    Thank god dreaming is free, or I’d be living in my car.

  4. Jason says:

    I called Taurus Customer Service this morning and they said that the released dates as of right now for Protector PLY 85 .38 special is in May and the Protector PLY 605 .357 magnum is in June. I asked about quantities and they informed me that it would be normal quantities (whatever that means).

    • Ebbs says:

      Thanks Jason. Good info to know. Will see what I can do to get my hands on one as soon as they hit the streets. I imagine that would be a hot review to have on YouTube.

  5. zoktoberfest says:

    Around February. of 2010, I called Taurus. Whoever I spoke to, said absolutely, positively, for sure, that sometime during the 4th quarter of that year, the sexy .38 PP would be released.

    The LCR had come out in 2009, without years of pre sale, gun porn tease, to rave reviews and was even chosen handgun gun of the year.

    That day in the gun shop, when I first held the super light LCR, I remember well.

    I opened and closed the (cleared) cylinder and asked if it was OK to dry fire, (without snap caps)

    This was the first DAO revolver I had ever considered, and not having, at least, a bobbed hammed for more accurate shooting was of concern.

    Trigger pull was excellent, right out of the box.

    No extra expense and hassle of getting a trigger job.

    I couldn’t wait for Taurus to get its’ act together, and bought the LCR that day

    So now, Taurus is saying the 2nd quarter of this year for the Protector PLY 85 .38 special release.

    We’ll see.

    .357 out of a featherweight poly snubbie?

    No thanks, +Ps are more than enough recoil for me.

  6. starr says:

    i wonder if it is possible to pre order this pistol at your local gun store, i really want one. i own a public defender poly and i just think this would be the perfect companion gun. i also want to get the standard ribber grips and put it on this 38 protector model or even vice versa because i do like the look of the fake wood grain grips. i am very excited about this gun as you can see.

    • Ebbs says:

      I’d encourage you to check with your local dealer/store to see if they can get one in for you. If you’re unable to find one locally, pay attention to and other gun auction sites where you could have the seller ship to your dealer or another FFL who can receive firearms legally.

  7. L Shaffer says:

    Bought a Ruger LCR .38. Shot it one time at the range and sold it.
    The recoil, even with a smaller grain bullet was enough to tell me that I did not want to keep it for shooting. CCW, yes.
    I then bought a 2″ Taurus .38 Protector with the hammer spur. My wife and I took her 22 Ruger LCR and my Taurus to the range.
    (her Ruger LCR is a great firearm by the way). My Taurus performed very well with 135 American Eagle round nose cartridges. The recoil was undectectable with the larger grip. The shot pattern was as good or better than my previous LCR due to less recoil and more control. The Taurus is about $140 cheaper also.

  8. ronald brumberg says:

    being a rfetired military weapons instructor i am impressed with the taurus poly .357 i have just come in possission of. the trigger breaks clean and the fit and finish is fiesr rate. I will buy Taurus again.

  9. Kevin says:

    Just picked up mine this week (605 stainless .357). Its a cool little gun. Only ran .38 Specials through it. Recoil was fine. I’m happy.

  10. David says:

    Common complaint seems to be that the trigger is ghastly. Bought one for the wife thinking I could easily modify that… good thing, too, as it took her both hands to pull it DA. Two cautions – while taking about 1.5 coils of the trigger return spring improved the pull markedly, I can assure you this is the biggest pain to disassemble/reassemble I have ever had. Taurus recommends internal work goes to gunsmiths ONLY. You will need to make or modify a tool to unscrew a split nut (I notched a spare small screwdriver). Look up internet instructions for assembly and disassembly and follow them – reassembly is NOT intuitive and you can spend days of frustration. Second, do NOT mess with the main spring unless you want misfires. Once you modify the trigger return spring, the little gun shoots about like any other plastic snubby. I do think that Taurus either needs to improve the trigger out of the box o make it a bit easier to work on. The combination of poor trigger and difficult assembly is not a good one.

  11. patrick says:

    Ive noticed a distinct difference in the frame design between the models in this review vs the photos on the taurus website. I love the ones pictured here. Does anyone know what the deal is there?

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