Gun Review – Ruger Mark III 22/45 Review

The 22/45 comes in multiple configurations and barrel lengths. All of which serve a different purpose.

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The Ruger Mark series of pistols is as familiar to rimfire communities as hugging trees is to hippies. You really can’t have one without the other. Well same goes for this “NEW” Ruger Mark III 22/45. I call it new because it’s a continuance of Ruger’s ever-popular Mark series rimfire pistols as well as their learn toward an apparent need for budget minded training pistols to replace shooting large quantities of 45 ACP rounds for practice.

This idea works well in theory, however the constant caveat to training with rimfire rounds to replace centerfire is not just the weight of the tool or locations of controls but the lack of recoil to mirror the similarities in feel between the two. With that aside, this is a terrific little pistol that is sure to gain the attention of plinkers and competitors worldwide as they already have for years. I wonder too then in theory of you had a handgun light enough but with controls in the correct locations if the recoil would do more to make it more realistic. Much like Kel-Tec’s PMR 30 they’ve recently announced in 22 WMR, though as a full polymer gun they’re claiming far reduced recoil.

The 22/45 comes packed with an extra magazine in Ruger's typical plastic hard case along with a key for their safety lock system.

With all the positives that come along with this little pistol (good sights, reliability, affordable to shoot, decent trigger with minimal creep, mirrors 1911 controls, outstanding accuracy, comes with 2 factory mags) also comes a bit of a downfall. The complete reassembly (following disassembly) is a bit tricky to get the hang of. The finer points are covered in the manual, but to make a long story short it all hinges around the mainspring housing. Disassembly isn’t the biggest pain, it’s getting the pistol back together correctly that is. The combination of putting the bolt back in, sliding the mainspring housing in just so, then pulling the trigger while holding the muzzle upward is sure to keep the more sheepish of us from total disassembly for cleaning. There are however plenty of “how-to” videos on YouTube and easily found with google searches that can help the user walk through the process.

Regardless of purpose, the buyer of the Mark III 22/45 in any configuration is sure to be pleased with what this has to offer all around. Wanna fun little .22 Rimfire for plinking and practicing your pistolship? What about a little gun to take fishing with you to fend off those pesky snakes? You name it, you can do it. Oh, and if I didn’t mention it already, Ruger’s customer service (nowadays at least) is second to none.

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9 Responses to Ruger Mark III 22/45 Review

  1. Great review ebbs, I have a MKII 22/45 and absolutely love it. After countless thousands of rounds it still out shoots any .22 pistol I have seen at the range. BTW it may be time for a hair cut.

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  3. Bruce Green says:

    Good Review. I have shot the .22/45 and a couple other models of the Ruger .22 Mark series pistols. I have found them to be reliable, accurate, and fun to shoot. I am considering one among other .22’s for one of my next firearms purchases.

    • Ebbs says:

      Also fun but a little cheaper is the Smith & Wesson 22A. Traded mine off (unfortunately) a couple years back but it was a fast and reliable shooter too. Great feeling grip as well.

  4. Lisa says:

    Helpful review. You know what’s funny about the video? It sounds like a tornado is in the vicinity, but the background around you is completely still!

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  8. […] *the Ruger Mark III 22/45 is still one of my favorite plinkers as is the Henry .22 Lever Carbine like the one we gave away in February! […]

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