Ever come across something so cool that you immediately know you NEED it? Well, as a college student when I first discovered Wanted: Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen and got a glimpse of his modified “Mare’s Leg” 44 WCF (Though McQueen carried 45/70 rounds in his belt so it looked a bit more impressive) pistol lever gun, I KNEW I needed one for my own personal collection. Then a few years ago Puma (or Legacy Firearms) came out with an exact replica of the legendary Lawman’s unique sidearm in 45 Long Colt titled the “Bounty Hunter 92” as McQueen’s gun was a cut down Winchester model 1892 lever action and even had a holster to match!

Not being a cowboy shooter, loading for the old 44-40 Winchester, 44 Magnum or 45 Long Colt wouldn’t prove easy for plinking or fun shooting like I would have done with the gun caused me to pass on this rare and innovated remake of the classic (not to mention the $1250 MSRP price tag!). In walks Henry Repeating Arms and their own rendition on the popular classic. I was browsing PredatorTalk.com tonight (best predator site on the web!) and was perusing through a lever gun discussion when I decided to walk on over to HenryRepeating.com and this is what I found!

Henry’s copy comes in two models, one in 45 Long Colt and the other in 22 LR/Long/Short. The 45 long is a modified version of Henry’s Big Boy lever rifle and the 22 version is a modified H001 which is Henry’s entry level rimfire gun. Each comes with a lanyard, big loop lever (naturally), tubular magazine and like all Henry’s is made HERE in the USA!

Here’s the link to Henry’s Mare Leg to check out for yourself. Price check in is around $950 MSRP on the 45 Long Colt and $350 MSRP for the 22 model. Now, plinkers can get in on the action too. Hey guys, how about one that shoots 410/45 Long Colt? Now there’s a heck of a trail gun!

Side Note: It would also appear that a rifle of this petite length (25 inches) would lend itself to younger and smaller framed shooters getting in on lever rifle style shooting earlier than they might otherwise.


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8 Responses to Henry’s “new” Mare’s Leg Lever Gun

  1. EvilET says:

    Tis a ‘pistol’ .. ain’t no rifle. 😉

  2. wick5449 says:

    Enjoyed Wanted, Dead Or Alive when I was a kid along with numerous other westerns. Was going for the 45, but thought 22’s are one heck of a lot cheaper, so I just ordered one. I had the rifle and fond it reliable and accurate, so no reason to think the oistol version will be less so, at least I’m hoping.

  3. Will this weapon fire a .410 shot shell ??

    • Ebbs says:

      It will not. Henry offers theirs in a .22 Long Rifle version and a .45 Long Colt model too. Rossi offers theirs in a .357/.38 and a 45 LC?

  4. Steph says:

    I am looking for help here, I just order a Henry mares leg 44 magnum from my local gun store, and I am getting a Shoulder Holster made for it an I need the actual size of it to make a wood copy to build a really good leather holster.
    The only info I have is the full length is 25 inches and the barrel is 12.904 inches…
    If some of you could send me more details about the main landmarks on the gun and its measurement, that would be grant… I have a great leather guy here who will make me a good solid and useful shoulder holster so I could hike with it!
    Thanks for you help

  5. Deb says:

    Acquired the Henry .22 mares leg a month ago and it is a blast. VERY well made and surprisingly accurate out of the box. Very nice. Like it SO much am ordering the .45 mares leg as well. Put a red dot on it and as a close quarters home defence weapon braced at the hip it will be excellent. Easier than a long shotgun in hallways, don’t have to bring up like a pistol to aim so can be struck if in close quarters. Perfect for a female to wield.

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