Like most other "Judge" Models the ROSSI CIRCUIT JUDGE comes with "Circuit Judge" emblazoned on the chamber end/right side of the barrel.

About a month ago I got wind of a new-ish release from ROSSI with some evident flare from Taurus included. Apparently it was an amalgamation of the popular “Judge” line of revolvers blended with the Rossi Trifecta single shot style rifle to offer a new rifle/carbine of sorts called the Circuit Judge.

I finally got an opportunity to get my hands on one of these yesterday afternoon at the local Dick’s, who claims to have the best retail price on these advertised at $519.00. Here are a couple bullet point thoughts I had after having held on in my hand for 5 minutes or so and the clerk so kindly let me dry fire to get a feel for the trigger and action rotation.

  • VERY, VERY lightweight and comfortable to wield (barrel available in FULL rifled or smooth bore)
  • Generous 3 inch cylinder for handling .410 magnum loads
  • Bright fiber optic sites. Front orange, rear green and a scope rail pre-mounted on the upper frame
  • Comfy wood stock with generous curves including a nice comb for quality cheek weld.
  • Gas deflector shield on forend side of cylinder to prevent gas burn/excess powder spray on shooter’s forearm or wrist. VERY clever idea. This solves the Colt 1855 cylinder rifle issue of any dangerous gases and/or powder escaping to the shooter’s fore hand.
  • Trigger operates very smooth in single or double action with obvious accuracy advantages being on the single action side of pull.
  • Cylinder “ejects” with same button as Judge or typical revolver would on left side of frame.
  • Same “REVOLVER” type operation principle of no safety to get in the way. Either a cocked hammer with Single Action pull or a seated hammer with Double Action pull. VERY SAFE, in my opinion.
  • Possible uses include home defense (excellent and compact closet gun), rabbit or squirrel hunting and a “just because” gun. (Just Because guns are guns that you need to own JUST BECAUSE of their cool factor.


The "DEFLECTOR SHIELD/PLATE" can be seen on both sides below the cylinder and at the rear of the forend. The forend wood is colored nicely though isn't made of any high grade Walnut, Birch, or Cherry wood stock.

I’ve heard rumors of a 22LR/22Mag, 28 Gauge Shotgun, 44 Magnum calibers as well as stainless versions afoot but I’ve yet to see them in any storefront. Hopefully we’ll be able to get one in hand before long to do some shooting with both .45 Long Colt and .410 shot and slug shells to see what accuracy looks like both with the open sights and with a speedy style scope mounted.


16 Responses to Taurus Rossi Circuit Judge .45 LC/.410 Shot | First Impression

  1. norman stiegler says:

    what is the effective range of the .410 dealing with rabbit/squirrel hunting?

    • Ebbs says:

      I’d say it depends on the choke and the bore, Norman. Not to mention the load that you choose (nothing smaller than a 3″) determines how far you can kill them at too. But I would say at BEST you’d be looking at 30 yards. That’s just a rough estimate. I wouldn’t be able to say how the choke tubes do until I get one in hand to test it :)

  2. Robin Reynolds says:

    Bought one 3-29-11

    • Ebbs says:

      Thanks for the heads up, Robin. Do you think it’s because the cylinder bore is too loose or was it weakness in the ammo?

  3. Kool Lou says:

    The Rossi circuit judge is a great gun and it gets better the more you shoot it.
    The first time I began shooting it I had a problem with the hammer locking up
    until I turned the cylinder and then it would fire as it should for a few more
    shots and then lock up, but as I used it more it seems to have loosened up and
    now fires both single action and double action without a problem.

  4. Clint says:

    I have shot the .45 with no probs, then I shot 3” slugs they got jammed in cylinder and then 2 1/2 in shotshells they got jammed and even winchester shot got jammed in cylnder and had to pry thenm out. sent to gander and then to rossi and they said it was fixed and it is not……b.s. I am kinda mad about the whole deal..

  5. lonnie dittemore says:

    I have the rossi 45lc/410
    is it ok to shoot 45colt or shall I use 45 long colt


  6. Paul Thatcher says:

    Rossi Circuit Judge Rifle. Got one for Christmas, fun gun. But I had some misfires both 45C and 410. Kept pulling the triger till they came around again the second time they went off. It did’ent look like the hammer hit hard enough. It was disappointing. I will try more ammo. Hope it works better.

    • Eric Ebbinghaus says:

      Funny Paul, I wonder if the Judge has the same issue with “light strikes.” The Judge Public Defender Poly we reviewed had the same issue on a couple different shells.

      • Claude says:

        YES, It occurs with 1 out of every 10 to 20 shots single action and 1/2 times each cylinder on double. I”m guessing either the transfer bar is too short or the timing is off or it’s an issue with head spacing and firing pin length. It’s also extremely inaccurate at anything beyond 20 yards with .452 dia bullets (standard) because of the excessive smooth bore owing to the shotguns shells and then additional over sized smooth bore inside the barrel until the throat and rifling. Why even put a scope mount on it? I own 2 of these rifles and they have the exact same issues.

  7. Jim says:

    I agree with the problem of misfires…then it’s a surprise when it does go off.

  8. RW Alley says:

    Bought one for my wife for home defense because of the size and lightweight. Is it OK for her to dry fire a few times to adjust to the handling before live rounds. I know it is not recommended but ” Hey, come-on “.
    Thanks for all help

    • Claude says:

      Spend a few dollars and buy her “snap caps” at the gun shop in .45 It’s a wonderful Idea to use them to dry fire and practice loading, unloading, aiming (sight alinement) and firing. But never handle live ammo or have it present in the room while doing any practicing of this nature.

  9. Adam says:

    My wife bought one for my b-day present ! Took it to the range , misfired on all the 45s,only fired with 410s !! If you look through the side the firing pin barely reaches to the cylinder ! Guess this will have to go back for quality control testing !!

    • Claude says:

      The firing pin “barely reaches the cylinder” because of the transfer bar. The hammer never touches the firing pin. I think you are correct in the assertion the firing pin is too short, but also perhaps the transfer bar is too thin or out of time with the hammer. The cylinder lock is flimsy and allows for allot of play and shots that have misfired in the Rossi fire fine out of my Ruger blackhawk. Too many issues for such a small gun.

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