Gun Review – CZ RAMI 2075 9mm Review

Not only does the RAMI happily accept the extended mags with PERFECT fitting grip sleeve, but this little CZ ALSO ACCEPTS STANDARD CZ 75 MAGAZINES!!!

Well, we managed to get out and beat the wind today and oh boy was it worth it! I managed to pick this gun up in a trade last week and was a little skeptical to start off, but after getting some trigger time with snap caps this week in wait of my trip to the range today my fears quickly began to subside.

The ammo chosen for this job was HSM (Hunting Shack Montana) 115 grain FMJ and your typical bulk Remington UMC 115 Grain UMC. The biggest concern I’d read about to this point was some FTE’s (failure to eject) and FTF’s (failure to feeds) primarily with Winchester brand ammo and in particular the White Box style range ammo. ALSO from what I learned in advance it wasn’t so much the gun or the load itself as it turned out to be the Case Overall Length being too long on the Winchester variety. Upon comparing the HSM to some white box I had they appeared to be very similar in length with the UMC ammo coming in much shorter than either of the other two. My fears quickly subsided as it became evident this gun would chew and spit out whatever was offered to it. BIG TIME encouragement.

The feel of this gun isn’t unlike most all metal constructed subcompact 1911s save for the fact the grip angle and swell resembles a CZ 75 miniaturized as a double stack (making it a bit chubbier) than most of the sub 1911s. The weight is approximately 25 ounces making it the same as a Glock 23, Kimber Ultra CDP II, and Springfield Micro EMP. Not only does this piece feel incredible even with the CCW magazine inserted, but insert the 14 round extended mag with the extended grip sleeve to near perfectly mimic the CZ 75 and you’ve got a legitimate full framed compact pistol that can shoot the lights out at 20 yards.

20 yards??? HAVE SOME! Most of us would be happy with these results from ANY handgun while shot standing at this distance!

Did I mention this pistol’s accuracy? This was one thing that really had me chomping at the bit as I read around forums during the week in preparation for the shoot. Down to a man every last person who had their hands on the CZ RAMI 2075 boasted about how accurate it was even at marginally long distances. I started at the typical self-defense distance of 7 yards (20 feet). Ironically as I backed up it became evident that this gun was factory sited to be dead on more in the 15 – 20 yard range. Not sure what type of self defense altercations are expected in the Czech Republic, but around here that’s quite a poke! In my hour of shooting I ran over 200 rounds of ammo through the little CZ without so much as a hiccup. ZERO malfunctions or disappointments and that makes Ebbs a happy shooter! I even went the extra mile to mix up ammo types and load it randomly even TRYING to get it to burp and she refused. The accuracy of the CZ is also afforded heavily by the precision of its sights. The rear sights are full adjustable for elevation and windage and they appear to have a green tint (not night sights) and a little glow to them in low light. It’s going to sound ridiculous to say this, but this gun almost felt more accurate at longer distances than it did at closer ranges.

Though I don’t have a good CCW holster for it yet, I was excited to find out Crossbreed Holsters, Inc. makes a SuperTuck Deluxe fitted to the RAMI. For the range and shooting time, I picked up a cheap FOBUS paddle holster at JAX Mercantile Co for $20 to get me by for now. It is by no means a skinny CCW holster, but for traipsing through the woods or tooling around the range it’s ideal.

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25 Responses to CZ RAMI 2075 9mm Review

  1. Great review. So far this is my favorite review. I think we often forget about CZ here in the US. However, that might be changing because I have noticed more shops starting to carry the CZ pistols lately. I also saw that the GREAT TOM KNAPP is now shooting CZ shotguns and not Benelli. As for the CZ RAMI, I was impressed how smooth the action appeared while firing. Kinda hard to tell for sure since I am not there in person, but reminded me a bit of my HK.

    • Ebbs says:

      The RAMI was a very enjoyable shooter and is insanely comfortable in the hand. this gun is definitely NOT to be overlooked as a carry pistol not only as a hammer fired gun (my favorite), but also because of its accuracy and reliability. Just HOLDING it gives the shooter confidence!

      OH yeah, Tom Knapp is the MAN!

  2. BJ says:

    Nice review. Great information! Thanks.

  3. KEV says:

    I’ve carried a RAMI for about 8 years now.

    Probably longer than any American has.

    I went to the RAMI after carrying Cz75s (preBs) for about 15 years before that.

    My new carry Gun?

    A polymer framed RAMI of course!

    See it here:

    Don’t forget to drop into the new forum.

    and the CZ-ZoNE for pics and reviews!

    “Professional for Professionals!”

    • Ebbs says:

      8 years???!!!!! Now that’s something to be proud of. Thanks for sharing your knowledge, links and information with us here at Haus of Guns. Feel free to stop by any time!

  4. Lawerence DiVizio says:

    Good review, thanks for taking the time to do it. A quick suggestion, as I also do video on camping, backpacking gear. Go for a lighter colored shirt. Lost the weapon on the black on black a couple of times. But again, great vid and thanks for doing it.

  5. Paul says:

    My wife and I are new to pistols! As I was reserching pistols I did like the Rami but my wife thought it was to manly for her so we bought a Walther PPK/S .380acp. Very nice pistol not disappointed but after I saw your Rami review I ordered the same Rami you have.Your review sold me Thanks!! It may be manly to my wife but she has hers and I have mine.

    • Ebbs says:

      Glad the review was helpful, Paul. I still love mine. It’s easily the most comfortable and accurate pistol I’ve owned compact or full sized. And that’s saying something considering the Kimbers, Springfields, Taurus’s, S&W’s and on down the line I’ve owned, especially the 1911s.

  6. Joe says:

    Over the years, I have owned many handguns, American made and other. Of them all, CZ remains my favorite. My experience with them goes back to the 52’s, of which I still own 2. I also own several 82’s that are a well kept secret being one of the best little carry guns around. I have a full size 75 and a 2009 model 2075 Rami in 9mm. Just so readers won’t think this is the only manufacturer I own…..not so. I currently own several SIGs, S&Ws, Rugers, Taurus, Colt 1911s, & 1 – HK along with some wannabees. Bar none – the Rami is my absolute favorite to carry. The weight, feel, accuracy, and comfort are simply not equaled with my other weapons. Concealing this subcompact is a breeze. The only other weapon in its size and barrel length that is comparable in accuracy is the 82. If the 82 was produced in 9mm, I would own several of those as well. Field stripping is quite easily done, just like most 1911ish styled pistols with a slide catch. CZ is the undisputed king of “cock & lock.” I have purposely loaded a round in the tube of my 82’s and 75’s, set the hammer and safety in the c&l position and tried like heck to get it to go off, up to and including banging the hammer with a block of wood. No way – they simply would not go off. I have not been so fortunate with other makes and models. The T-shirt I’m wearing right now says, “CZ – The best firearms in the world.” I agree with that but then, there is a chance of being a wee bit prejudice on my part.

    • Ebbs says:

      They make a great product, Joe no question about that. And don’t worry about your prejudices, we’ve all got them. Talking guns wouldn’t be near as interesting if everyone didn’t have their own personal favorites. :)

  7. Randy H says:

    Thanks for the article and video. Good information, including the recommendations from those who commented. I am considering the Rami for a CCW (love what I’ve read about it and CZ, in general), but am torn between the manual safety version and the decocker version. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks.

    • Ebbs says:

      I personally like decocking pistols, but not necessarily for carry. My personal believe is the fewer gadgets, buttons and gizmos a carry pistol has the better.

      • Randy H says:

        “I personally like decocking pistols, but not necessarily for carry. My personal believe is the fewer gadgets, buttons and gizmos a carry pistol has the better.”

        On the Rami it’s one or the other, so you’re going to have the extra gadget. If you had to use use this for a CCW, would you still lean toward the decocking model?

        I like the decocking feature, but would also like the safety of a manual safety while carrying. Having said that, I do not think I would carry with the hammer cocked, but would just use the double action trigger if need be, so maybe I don’t really need the safety.

        • Ebbs says:

          Good point. Facepalm for a “DUH” moment.

          When I carried the RAMI it was in a half-cock position keeping the hammer off the firing pin but removing the need to disengage the safety during a draw and shoot. This meant the first pull of the trigger was a long and heavy double action but I felt plenty safe in this position. So if I had the option to do it over again I’d surely go with the decocking option as the safety really served no purpose for me anyway.

          • Randy H says:

            Thanks, Ebbs. That seems like a pretty good way to do it. Can I ask you what you carry on regular basis? Do you have a favorite CCW?

          • Ebbs says:

            No problem, Randy. Happy to be of help. The consistency of what I carry will often depend on what I’m reviewing. Since I don’t just want the review of a gun to come down to shooting it at the range and sharing thoughts, but instead to use it in the application it’s intended, I often end up carrying several different guns through the year in the process of a review. Right now I’m carrying a Smith & Wesson Shield specifically for that purpose. Prior to that it’s been (and probably will be again) a Glock 26 9mm which I’ll either carry with an extended magazine in a White Hat Holster or appendix style IWB with the standard mag base plate. The Glock 26 is my choice, but the Shield is a pleasure to shoot and is noticeably narrower than my 26 and more similar in size to my Kahr CW9. I like the Glock because I most often choose Glock pistols for carry and defense, but it’s not as accurate or as comfortable to carry as my CW9 was.

            If carry conditions are difficult I’ll often pack a Ruger LCP or a S&W Bodyguard because they’re so easy to conceal. The 380 Auto isn’t my first choice in a carry round, but it’s good enough.

  8. Randy H says:

    In that group of potential carry weapons, including the Glock 26, Kahr CW9, M&P Shield, LCP and Bodyguard (or anything else you would like to throw in), how would you rate the Rami? Width wise, how would it compare to the Glock 26? Is there anything about the Rami that you didn’t quite care for in a CCW? Thanks for the recommendations.

    • Ebbs says:

      Minus the extra curves, beavertail on the grip and less friendly edges it’s going to be really similar to the Glock in footprint and width. The RAMI felt immeasurably better in the hand than the G26, was more accurate and plenty reliable. Weight was about the same too. The corners that made the RAMI more ergonomic (it is a CZ 75 variant after all) made it tougher to carry, IMO. Going Glock for me was all about simplifying to a platform I’ve already been invested in. That said too, because of all the reviews I do I’m essentially carrying a new pistol seriously every 3-4 months. Eventually the RAMI had to be replaced regardless of how much I loved it.

      • Randy H says:

        Thanks, Ebbs. Excellent and honest evaluation. You’ve given me a lot to think about. I appreciate your well-done video, as well. There aren’t all that many out there on the Rami, so it is helpful.

  9. Ada says:

    Thanks jerk! Now I want one. 😀 I love the CZs. Started with a surplus 82 a year or two ago, now a 75 shadow custom, P07 Duty,and SP01 shadow have joined the family. I think a RAMIor a 97 might be on the horizon now. Nice review!

  10. David says:

    Yes I liked your review, I am about to purchase a NANO as a easy concealed carry in a groin-holster as the 3speedholster… I could be swayed to purchase this CZ if it will carry well in this type of holster… Yes or NO?

    • Ebbs says:

      The CZ has a beavertail, which could potentially make it pretty uncomfortable when seated. Also, the rear sight is raised quite a bit and is adjustable. So the edges are a little rough if you’ve got any belly fat at all.

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