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When I found out Kerry Mackey from Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen got his hands on a spankin’ new Remington Model 7 Predator, I KNEW he needed to do a guest gun review for us. We were delighted to hear an emphatic “I WOULD BE HONORED” upon asking, and the rest is history. Kerry’s title pretty much speaks for itself, as he blogs at, can be seen on his Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen YouTube Channel, as well as Twitter and Facebook. Look him up! I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Below you’ll find his account of his first trip to the range with his brand new baby!

Coupling the Model 7 Predator with Hornady's 50 grain V-Max Varmint Express loads proved to be an accurate pair right out of the gate.

Remington Model Seven Predator 22-250
Nikon Coyote Special 4.5x14x40 Hornady V-Max 50 gr

by Kerry R. Mackey
Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen


Kerry gets comfortable with the X-Mark Pro trigger system which proved to be the biggest accuracy booster in his opinion.

Eric thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts on my new Remington Model Seven Predator in 22-250. To say the very least… I am blown away by the quality, stability and accuracy. The Model Seven Predator is in Mossy Oak Brush camo from tip to tip over a synthetic stock weighting in at 6 1/2 lbs.The barrel is unlike anything I could have imagined being fluted, magnum-contour and almost 2 1/2” shorter than most barrels at 22”. The length and synthetic stock make it a perfect fit for me to be mobile for predator hunting. I’m a hunter… so weight and accuracy are very important.

The workmanship is what I had hoped for. It is a very clean gun. I did notice a little tear in the camo paint on the stock near the ejection port when taking it out of the box. In addition the camo paint around the muzzle was somewhat worn. I chalked it up to being fired prior to leaving the factory. Unsure if that is normal wear or not.


Topped with Nikon's Coyote Special Predator BDC it appears as these two are a match in heaven.

As most readers are aware the Model Seven Predator was introduced in 1983 and receiver and action designs are based off the Model 700. That alone brings with it credibility. I would say; however, I did notice a little sloppiness in the bolt assembly. It doesn’t seem as smooth as I had hoped. Seems a little sticky. Hopefully that will improve over time in use.

As for the Trigger… The X-Mark Pro Trigger is what takes this gun over the top for me. Although I am not a bench shooter the ability to dial the trigger up or down 2 lbs from the factory 3 1/2 lbs setting is incredible. While sighting it in on the range I dialed it back to 1.5 lbs. Much more enjoyable to shoot at 1.5 lbs on the bench. No creep and very clean pull. Personally for me, it’s going to be a good combination for hunting and shooting.


One shot in a 1" circle on a bowling pin at 200 yards? NO PROBLEM!

I was very impressed with the accuracy. I started by inputing the numbers on the Hornady V-Max 50 gr into my Spot On program and wall-a eight shots later and 3 sets of turn “down” on the very impressive Nikon Coyote Special 4.5x14x40 BDC and it was cutting 1” groups at 200 yards. Even took the opportunity to shoot an old bowling pin I had with a 1” circle marked on it at 200 yards just for fun. Nailed it… first shot.

I will say, I was little taken back by the recoil as it was more than I had expected and caused me to loose the sight picture a couple of times until I got the feel of it, especially when it is dialed to 14x to match the sighting-in instructions on the Nikon Scope and Hornady ballistics that Spot On recommends.


Nikon's Spot On Ballistic Software makes zeroing your BDC scope fast, effective, and SUPER accurate.

I am by no means a bench shooter. But, I could easy throw rounds downrange all day with no problem what so ever. My boys are going to love shooting this gun. It’s just a joy to shoot. I can see now, I’m going to need to become a reloader, and soon. I feel very comfortable that the Model Seven Predator in 22-250 matched with the Nikon Coyote Special and the Hornady V-Max ammunition will do all I ever ask of it out to 400 plus yards and probably beyond.

As for value… it is worth every penny. Remington’s reputation of reliability, value and accuracy are still in tacked. I remember a sign from the Remington booth at this years SHOT Show that says, “Respect is Earned”. Remington has earned it!

Kerry R. Mackey©
Chaplain to the Outdoorsmen





Have a look at that final group #'s 6, 7 & 8 measuring 5/8"!!!


3800 FPS from the 50 Grain V-Max in 22-250? YES PLEASE!!!

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5 Responses to Remington Model Seven Predator Review

  1. Kerry Mackey says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts on the new Remington Model Seven Predator.

    Pastor Kerry

  2. Awesome predator hunting gun! I wish my Savage edge was camo.

  3. CHARLES says:

    I recently purchased a mod/7 for my grand daughter in 22-250. She is 12 years old and I have been reloading for 45 years. The one problem is the 1 in 14 twist that Remington used on these guns. I like to shoot the 60 gr nozzler partitions for deer. It needs a tighter twist in the barrel to really stabilize anything heavier than a 55 gr. bullet. The other problem is the scope mounting bases. I use the leupold bases and the one piece base will fit but it has to be shimmed in the front to have enough vertical down adjustment or the gun is going to shoot to high with no down adjustment. The two piece leupold bases fit but the rear base has to be installed backwards in order for the bolt to open. All in all I like the gun but personally I believe Remington is getting sloppy with their products. Butt plate fits
    sloppy. Also Remington will not get back to me on my e-mails when I have a question. I will probably buy Ruger from now on. Sorry Remington!!!!!

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