This rest is a beast. It's easy to use, rock solid and the construction gives confidence to the shooter.

Quick and to the point so I can let the video speak for itself. I LOVE this shooting rest. It’s big, rigid and super easy to use. It has a wide base, and ¬†neat concept on the rear rest that allows you to slide it forward and backward independent of the rest frame with a channel down the middle of it securing the buttstock of your rifle in place. Best of all, it can be used interchangeably with the CTK Precision P3 Ultimate Gun Vise for practical use both in and out of the shop. Craftsmanship is outstanding, as is innovation with multiple uses in mind. The adjustment knobs are large, easy to grip, have zero play and as their name suggests adjust deliberately and with precision. The same goes for the adjustment nut under the rear shooting platform allowing the shooter to adjust the cant to match the angle on the rear portion of his or her rifle stock. You can also slide it forward with the sleeve that rides along the center frame making you able to use the rest for guns with pistol grips including… wait for it… PISTOLS!


Regardless of your purpose of use, you’re sure to not be disappointed with the workmanship and engineering that has gone into this very cool and very useable shooting device. Check out the P3 Ultimate Shooting Rest at along with their other cool gadgets and add ons. Special thanks to Greg at for helping us get our hands on this fine product!

The rear platform of the rest is truly an ingenious design, letting the shooter customize how they are comfortable with the rest fitting their shooting style.

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