Gun Review – Ruger LC9 FULL Review

After 3 mags fired with Remington's new UMC Target Nickel plated ammo, we were able to keep ALL 21 rounds on the 6" target.


Just having 1 mag required us to get fast at reloading. Dear RUGER, please add another magazine to these packages?

Well, I think we’ve been speculating on this gun review long enough! Our dreams finally became a reality when we picked up our LC9 at the FFL on Wednesday afternoon and quickly made plans to get out and shoot it for a full gun review this weekend. Our gun review on the Ruger LC9 isn’t the first, and definitely won’t be the last, so I’ll do my best to wrap it up in as few words as possible while still giving a potential buyer enough information to make an informed decision. If for some reason you don’t get the answer you’re looking for from our written gun review, pics, or the video, please feel free to ask us a question in the comment area, look us up on our Facebook Page, or email us at

The Ruger LC9 is essentially the upgraded bigger brother to the rabidly popular Ruger LCP which is chambered in the miniscule 380 Auto cartridge. The reason the LCP exploded in popularity is because it comes in a pocket pistol size in a larger than pocket pistol caliber. The 380 isn’t big, but when compared to the 22 Long Rifle, 25 Auto and 32 Auto, it’s a bruiser. The LCP weighs just 9.6 oz and has been perfect for people who have had trouble concealing much larger pistols. Along with the answers though the petite pistols poses some problems. Among the laundry list is lacking sights on top of the slide, a massively long and uncomfortable Double Action Only trigger, and a frustratingly tiny grip that leaves large handed shooters in the dust as the 9.6 oz weight pounds the web of your hand with ANY ammo of substance.

SO, since this gun review is about the NEW LC9 and NOT the LCP, here are some ways the LC9 improves on the design of it’s earlier tinier counterpart:

  • Larger frame while maintaing “skinny” width (weighs in at 17.1 oz), at .9″
  • Improved DAO trigger. Less play, more crisp and doesn’t feel as long
  • 3 dot adjustable sights
  • Better, more comfortable grip
  • 9mm Luger

This was our first time using the CTK Precision Ultimate Shooting Rest for a review, and it made bench shooting a pistol a pleasure.

It’s not perfect in our opinion, but it is an improvement. Due to it’s weight (almost 2x the LCP), the LC9 is more of a pleasure to shoot with standard 115 grain range ammo, and while we didn’t fire self defense rounds through it, we feel comfortable saying the same would be true regardless of ammo. The sights are a MAJOR improvement but we were disappointed to see that even from a solid bench rest the LC9 doesn’t reveal much better accuracy at 20 feet and 45 feet than the LCP in 380 Auto did at just 9.6 oz. While the accuracy wasn’t that of a target pistol, a lot of satisfaction relies in the fact that in a couple hundred rounds fired with breaks just to reload the single magazine that comes with the gun, we had no misfeeds, failures to feed or eject from all 3 ammo types we tried.

A couple of other cautions lie in the takedown pin and the magazine release. The takedown pin is different in design from the LCP in that the release tab is separate from the pin itself, which means the shooter needs a tool to push the pin through after the tab has been depressed. The magazine release can be a bit tricky in that because of how narrow the frame is, with larger hands and a full grip stance it’s possible to release the magazine accidentally while firing. This only happened to me once during testing, but the buyer should be aware of this possibility.

The Package.

The box comes with Ruger’s typical accessories included with their budget guns: An LC9 pistol rug/soft case, a Ruger branded pistol lock, a couple keys to the safety lock system, a flat floorplate for the magazine, directions and 1 magazine. Imagining the mags only cost a couple bucks to have made, it sure would be nice if Ruger would start including 2 magazines with their LCP and LC9 like they do the Ruger Mark 22 pistols and the SR9s.

Compared to its predecessor, the LCP, this gun is a pleasure to shoot. Is it worth the price when compared to other SUBcompact and similarly priced 9mm carry pistols? That’s for YOU to decide! Though most shops are saying $359 is their ballpark retail cost, Ruger’s suggested retail is $434 which in our opinion seems a bit high, but most suggested retail prices are ignored and the retailers base their price on what their distributor sells them for.

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14 Responses to Ruger LC9 FULL Review

  1. elsienueve says:

    Nice review Eric. My friend has an LC9 and we found it to have pretty good accurcy as well. I thought it handled nicely for a small gun too. My friend however, who has freekishly large monkey hands had trouble with the safety. I wholeheartedly agree that a second magazine would be nice, I’m not sure I have ever seen an auto loader with out one, although I assume as a pocket pistol most people are not going to carry a second mag in their pocket as with the weight of the pistol and an extra mag full of ammo one would need suspenders.

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  3. TechPrepper says:

    Another fantasitic review! I always liked the form factor of the LCP but didn’t want to invest in yet another caliber. Most of my pistols are 9mm so when I saw this review I nearly ran out to the gun store that moment to pick on up. My EDC carry is the Glock 26, which is a great gun, very reliable, and the 10+1 rounds is nice to have; but it is a tad on the “fat” side. The LC9 looks like just the ticket. Maybe even a gun the wife would carry.

    • Ebbs says:

      So you “RAN” to the store to pick it up? Did you actually pick it up? If so I’m thinking Ruger owes us some royalties! Or, maybe at least a shot at reviewing their new SR1911 :)

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    I have read about two problems..please address these

    1. Miss fire due to light firing pin hit

    2. Blocking of firing pin due to clogging

    see site:

    Other blogs have also mentioned these-poor ammo may account for 2 above

    • Eric Ebbinghaus says:

      I understand that S&B ammo can tend to have hard primers. That said, I’ve had no problems with the exact same ammo in a CZ RAMI 2075, Glock 19, and a Keltec PF9. The Ruger LC9 was the only one with failures to fire.

      2. I’ve heard of very few instances where the firing pin could get clogged without thousands of rounds without a cleaning AND firing filthy ammo like Barnaul or Wolf.

  8. David says:

    nice review Eric! I tried out the little pistol. It not bad at all. My grouping at 10 yards was not bad, not as good with a beretta or xd. But I am not blaming the gun it will take time to get use to a thinner grip and much lighter pistol. I not a big fan of the trigger, but with time and training feel i can learn the gun unique trigger and tighten the group. I ran though 75 rounds (25 wwb 115gr 30 black hill 115gr 10 each 147gr golden saber and 124gr gold dot) all feed and fired with no issues at all. it seems to like the heavy rounds It is a nice little pistol.

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