I was flipping through Cabelas’ Firearms & Ammo flyer and was blown away to find that Mossberg has released a .22 Long Rifle AR style rifle and knew I had to do an early gun review on it. While I haven’t held one in my hand to speak of it from experience, the first impression I get bears some similarities to that of the Smith & Wesson’s MP15-22 (need a gun review on that bad boy too!) also chambered in 22 Long Rifle as it’s a carbine style “practice/plinker” AR type shooter constructed of a simple semi-auto 22 action and primarily lightweight but durable polymer parts.

Sometimes inexpensive doesn't mean cheap.

Similarities include an 18″ barrel, quad rail forend and can be had with an adjustable M4 style buttstock or a fixed M4 style setup. The former could really help a young shooter get acclimated to shooting something, with the full compressed stock’s Length of Pull measuring just 10.75″. A couple of things in this gun review that stick out immediately are the absence of any muzzle break which could possibly hinder accuracy (though the accuracy of these are negligible to begin with), the front site is a typical fixed AR style front site and the upper receiver has an integrated (which means fixed) A2 style carry handle/rear sight. If the shooter is looking for a simple, open sighted AR style rifle they can shoot 22 long rifle out of and don’t care so much about flat top mounted optics, this shouldn’t be a disappointment at all.

The action is based on the reliable Mossberg 702 Plinkster (ANOTHER needed gun review) platform which is a tried and true “been around the block” type 22 semi-auto action. Aside from everything we just mentioned, probably the most exciting point about the subject of this new gun review offering is the price tag. While other models rarely break the $400-$500 mark, this little Mossberg claims an under $300 price tag and retail will prove even more encouraging as the Cabelas flyer I had showed a sale price of $229 on it which included an integral scope rail topper for the carry handle.

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9 Responses to Mossberg AR-22 Early Review

  1. Double Aught says:

    I have spent the past couple days handling the Mossberg AR-22 and have come to the conclusion that it is; for lack of a better term… an abortion gone wrong. It has no controls even closely related to the AR-15 platform. The magazine release is awkward and difficult to operate. The sights are pitiful at best, the elevation and windage is adjusted on the rear site. (some have had problems getting it zeroed) In order to disasemble for maintance you have to take out 4 or 5 screw to open the clam shell that holds it’s 702 Plinkster guts. In full discloser I have not yet fired the gun. I have a feeling once you get it into your hands you will see the difference between the S&W 15-22 and the Mossberg AR-22 (Night and Day) That’s my $0.02

    • Anonymous says:

      Good to know man. I can only speculate from a picture I’ve seen and what Mossberg claims about it. Thanks for the input. Maybe check back in after you shoot it and comment on reliability/accuracy?

  2. En Bloc says:

    I concur with RTB. I checked it out during the NRA annual meetings and was not impressed in the least, but assumed they were offering tier level for folks not willing to fork over $400 + for the nicer .22 AR platforms.

  3. jimmy villines says:

    i just got a new ar22 i could not get 200 rounds spent when it started to jam the trigger sticks back. has anyone eles had trouble like that ?

  4. Aaron says:

    This mossberg Ar platform .22 is junk, besides the afore mentioned problems, it jams, does not feed correctly, does not extract 3 out of 5 shells, if the stars all align and the weopon finctions correctly as you SLOWLY expend rounds , the second you try to get anywhere close to a rapid fire scenario the problems occur again. This is a definite example of “you get what you pay for” if you want an AR style plinker buy the Colt or S&W this one is only usefull if you would like to hang it on a wall for a decoration.

  5. Onlyhoyt01 says:

    Bought new from Gander Mountain. I have put around 50 rounds threw this gun and it jammed 11 times. Cleaned it but in back in the Safe, The Firearm is built like a five dollar air soft gun cheap and junk, Six months later I bought a Smith M&P AR 15-22 with a real upper arm. The Smith is a awesome firearm. Any way took my Mossberg Ar 22 back to Gander not a scratch on it. In the box just like new and all paper work. Like the day I bought new to sale it back to them hoping I wouldn’t take a huge lose and they offered me $50.00 Said the Gun Bible says its only worth $50.00 and they cant buy it back because they can only buy firearms worth more then $60.00. Are you kidding me. REALY and they still sell this gun for $299.00 What a joke. Mossberg should be embarrassed for making this weapon. CHEAP Plastic molding. Future buyer’s do not believe the other reviews. Spend the extra $200 and buy Smith Ar 15-22. Gander Mountain you should be embarrassed as well for selling this firearm.

  6. mike miller says:

    Have had mine for 3 years………..unbelievably accurate………have shot 1000s of rounds through it and MAYBE 5 jams…………maybe just got lucky…..but mine is a blast……..and fire as fast as you want

  7. Sidney Stout says:

    I have this gun and as mentioned in other articles it is a piece of junk. Today I developed a new problem and am curious to see if anyone else has encountered it. I have never opened this thing up, have only put about 140 rounds through it and now it has turned fully auto, I can empty the full mag when I pull the trigger, thought it was just a one time thing but now the only way to get it to fire one round is to load only one round. I have tried loading 5, 7, 10, 20 rounds and also full clip and get the same response.

  8. john knuckles says:

    I have had this gun for about a year. I have shot over 3000 rounds target shooting with few problems. Like any other weapon you have to keep it clean and use mid to high quality ammo. The only thing I am not fond of is the clip. After a few hundred rounds it starts to jam up when almost empty. I think this may be the spring getting weak.

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