The micro compact pistol models continuing to rage out of the manufacturers factories don’t show any signs of slowing down in the near future. First it was the .380 autos that started (or re-started really) the pocket pistol avalanche and since the 9mm guns have followed. In just the past year we’ve seen the big name announcements and release

Looks are starting to matter less and less when all people really want is affordability, functionality and reliability.

of the Kel Tec PF9, the Ruger LC9, Sig Sauer P290, Kimber Solo (not to mention the announcement of an upgraded Solo called the Solo CDP), and an honorable mention to Kahr’s follow up to their PM9, the stripped down CM9. Even before those it was the Taurus PT709 and the Kahr PM9 along with loads of .380 Auto caliber pieces to offer. The best thing about the micro compact pistol revolution is one simple word: OPTIONS. Every time another quality firearm manufacturer introduces “their take” on what these pistols should look like, it gives us shooters, and concealed weapons holders another option to find our own perfect fit.

Well add the new Beretta Nano to your list of OPTIONS when it comes to quality 9mm micro compact pistols for concealed carry. Speaking in complete honesty and I know I’m on this type of comparison kick lately, it looks like the Sig Sauer P290 swalled a Glock 26 and this is what the end result looks like. Some of the features will be similar too. As with any invention, many of the most recent inventions borrow from the quality features previous inventions held. A couple particulars that immediately come to mind with the Beretta Nano include a safe action style trigger (this means no external safety), adjustable rear sights AND… ZERO, NONE, ZILCH external levers, buttons or latches save for the recessed magazine release. This means with it’s smooth edges and low profile, the already thin (.90″) Beretta Nano has the potential to be the smoothest drawing a the least snagging 9mm micro compact on the market. One more nice feature is the is the reversible magazine release button. You know what this means, don’t you? That’s right, LEFTIES ARE WELCOMED WITH OPEN ARMS! Save for swapping the ejection port to the left side of the slide you can’t get much more lefty friendly than this.

How does it shoot? is it reliable? What are the ergonomics like in your hands? Is recoil manageable? These are all questions we’ll have to wait to have answered until we can get our hands on one for a full fledged review, but for now I think I like where Beretta is going with their new Nano.

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11 Responses to New Beretta Nano Early Review

  1. @rkbarms says:

    great review, especially the “it looks like the Sig Sauer P290 swalled a Glock 26…” i am a little surprised beretta is coming out with this gun but that’s great for the market!

    • Ebbs says:

      I think they surprised a lot of people with this announcement actually. Now, how long it’ll be till we can get our hands on one is another story. Hopefully they’re a bit better about announcement – release – in stock than Ruger or Kimber are. Honestly I expected to see a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard style 9mm on shelves before we saw this.

  2. MIkeS says:

    You really need to check out the Diamondback DB9! Get one for T&E, you wont be sorry. My #1 summer carry.

    • Ebbs says:

      Fiddled with one of these at Sportsmans Warehouse on Saturday night. Like the look of it but it doesn’t feel very natural in my hand. Will see what I can do to get my hands on one for review.

  3. […] what a gun would look like if two others mated as its parents I’ll do the same here (See Beretta Nano, Walther PPQ & others). I’m thinking the Weatherby PA-459 looks like a Benelli SuperNova […]

  4. […] Well this one is no different. I’m saying on the new Springfield XDs a Walther PPS got with a Beretta NANO and this was the result. Not sure how since this is a .45 ACP, but hey it’s what it looks […]

  5. Chuck Burns says:

    I have over 3200 rounds through my Nano so far. I found it shoots reliably using Federal Classic Hi-Shok 115 grain JHP. I also get good performance with American Eagle 124 grain for practice. It is a comfortable little pistol to shoot and can be very accurate once you learn the trigger.

  6. I want to wait for the .40 Cal Nano, but my friend got one of these 9mm and has been singing it’s praises. It’s such a tease that Beretta tells us the Nano was built for .40 Cal, but being released in 9 first. My only slight concern is going to be capacity on the 40 since the 9 is 6+1.

  7. Charlie Mc says:

    With regard to above posts. I had a DB9 and got rid of it. Trigger broke, Yhey fixed it but I never trusted it afterward. They have this problem all too often. Bought a Nano and have no issues or complaints.

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