This one looks an AWFUL lot like the Kimber Ultra CDP II with the stainless slide, black lightweight frame, and the rosewood colored grip panels. Albeit the standard "boxy" slide from Sig makes it stand out.

Sig isn’t new to the 1911 game. In fact most of their famous “200” line designs are based on a modified beefed up 1911 look and feel. Add double action, a decocker, and a double stack magazine and you have the primary differences right there. Taking this into consideration, we have subconsciously anticipated the subject of today’s early handgun review.

Sig’s most recent announcement of a subcompact sized 1911 in .45 Auto and the is a long awaited release though not a surprising one. With their micro-compact release of a 1911 style carry pistol in 380 ACP a couple of years ago (and re-released as the P238 HD and multiple other subsequent models), then the more recent appearances of the 1911 Scorpion, and Match Elite it’s no longer a surprise that Sig has intentions of becoming a serious contender in the world of match quality 1911s.

Now as our friend Nacho Libre would say, “Let’s get down to the Neety Greety.”

Being completely honest like I generally am and trying to give insight into what this pistol IS, I’m going to say that it simply looks like a big brother to the P238. Seriously. I mean add a couple more traditional 1911 features including the grip safety and the take down pin and it’s almost the spitting image. This doesn’t disappoint me because even with the tiny footprint the P238 has its ergonomics are spot on. The new 1911 Ultra is just even more spot on.

There is also some pretty generous checkering to aid in grip both on the grip panels, the front strap, and the back strap of the grip. One small thing that will separate this pistol from the likes of say a Kimber Ultra CDP II type pistol is the right handed safety only. I imagine if this little hand cannon takes off there will potentially be more models beyond the 1911 Ultra with the Nitron finish and the 1911 Ultra with a Duo Tone finish.

My “need” for one of these is ever growing, but beyond lucking out and Sig sending me one for a handgun review I’m not sure it’ll happen with an MSRP of almost $1100. Some say to have fine pistols you have to price them that way, so to each his own. I will say I want to get my hands on one REAL bad. What do you think?

Here’s the link to the Duo Tone model 1911 Ultra from Sig’s product page.


7 Responses to Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra Early Review

  1. Dan says:

    Man this thing looks sweet. Big SIG fan here although I don’t actually own one. It’s “on the list” however… man that list is getting long.

  2. Mason says:

    I own and carry a p238 (love it!) and although I’ve been eyeballing both the Kimber Ultra Carry II and the Springfield EMP (I realize the EMP is only available in 9mm & .40), I’ll seriously consider adding this one to my arsenal with equal thought. I’m anxious to see some range reports on this bad boy for sure!!

    • John says:

      I have the sig in 45 cal and the Springfield e m p in 40 cal. They both rock. The Springfield has a bull barrel that I feel one can fire thousands of rounds with out re-tooling maintenance. They both are very accurate and the only minor problem with the e m p is the weight in 40 cal. Springfield had no choice but to ramp up the barrel do to the 40 cal round. I also have the Sig p 938 in 9mm that is a great concealed gun. Had the sig p 238 but sold it dud to similarity of both. Another great little concealed weapon is the colt new agent. Trench sights are a little tricky on the range at first but who cares when you need a weapon for defense. I fired the volt and was impressed.

  3. […] from the reviews I've read, Sig appears to have gotten it right. We'll find out in a few days… Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra 45 ACP Early Review | | Gun and Gear Reviews, Hunting and Outdoo… __________________ "In God We Trust" […]

  4. […] from the reviews I've read, Sig appears to have gotten it right. We'll find out in a few days… Sig Sauer 1911 Ultra 45 ACP Early Review | | Gun and Gear Reviews, Hunting and Outdoo…__________________"In God We Trust"    […]

  5. BC says:

    Going to pick one up in a couple of days. Looks like this hand cannon will do well for home defense as well as a CC piece. I’m using a Sig P938 as my EDC(love it!) Can’t think of a better combination of the 1911 Ultra as a primary and the P938 as a BUG when traveling through some of the rougher neighborhoods I occasionally find myself in.

  6. Sean says:

    I picked up the Sig Ultra Compact 1911 in nitron finish with rosewood grips. Shot it along side my colleagues Kimber compact 1911 and in my general opinion the Sig felt like it was of a higher quality pistol. Both the Kimber and the Sig seemed to have the same level of accuracy, but the Kimber did have a FTE while cycling the same ammo as the Sig. Generally a subjective review, but an extremely nice pistol in all!

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