The CTK Precision Ultimate Gun Rest is fantastic for AR shooting without hampering magazine loads/reloads.

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I’ve had my Remington R-15 in.223 for well over a year and it’s seen hundreds of rounds and been the end of countless prairie dogs. Taking that into consideration, I figured it was way past time to do a full rifle review on it, even though it’s already been seen and even featured in the Star Exploding Targets Review. And while the video will cover the finer points, accuracy report (though brief as it is), reliability, feel, etc. here are some bullet point (Mind Dump) style rifle review thoughts after 1 year of demanding use on the Remington R-15.

  • Celebrating over my longest shot with the Coyote Special of the day. This one was right at 520 yards. Took a few shots to get the wind right, but after that it was lights out.

    Fantastic balance, even offhand or shooting off sticks. It’s NOT light though. Recoil is minimal and the muzzle flip is almost non existent.

  • The trigger is a hunting style trigger (5 lbs), but is far better than most stock AR triggers.
  • Very accurate for an out of the box AR. Once familiarized, 1″ MOA groups are routine and it LOVES the 50 grain V-Max.
  • For a custom rifle I was disappointed with the stock AR grip, so I replaced it with the OD Ergo grip and LOVE IT.
  • Reliability is 100% after well over 1000 rounds it eats EVERYTHING I throw at it: Hornady, Fiocchi, HSM (all for hunting), PMC, American Eagle, Winchester, Remington (least accurate), and even steel cased garbage. Not to mention it’s not finicky with certain magazines either. Standard GI mags are awesome, as are Pmags, Thermalite, and the stock 5 rounder.
  • Accuracy is retained over long range. Furthest shots on prairie dogs ranged at 520 yards and 480 yards.
In short I love my Remington R-15 so much it’s become one of my non negotiable guns. I won’t sell it, trade it, or ditch it for any reason. If I needed a hardcore long range AR for some insane reason down the road it’s what I’ll reach for with the AK strapped to my back. The Nikon Coyote Special Scope it’s been paired with create the perfect team for varmint and predator hunting applications. Even with a 22″ barrel it’s plenty maneuverable and mobile to move with. Sure, I didn’t build it myself, but as far as mass produced AR-15 style rifles go, this one is rock solid and a definite winner.

The center group was my final 3 shot of the day after zeroing. Easily under 1" MOA.

Branding from Remington isn't overwhelming on this gun. Just an etched R15 in the mag well is all we see.

223 ammo


28 Responses to Remington R-15 .223 Rifle Review

  1. Chris Miller says:

    Nice review man… I am right there with you about it being a non-negotiable gun. Love mine!

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  3. Eric says:

    I’ve had my R-15 (.223) for over a year now and have to agree that I would NEVER get rid of it for any reason. It really has become my ‘go-to’ rifle for varmints and such. I even sold my Cooper .22 WMR LVT because I just don’t shoot it anymore. A few ‘upgrades that I did to my R-15 was also an ERGO Sure Grip, plus, a MagPul enhanced trigger guard, a Badger Ordinance Gen II extended charging handle latch, and an AWESOME Timney skeletonized trigger group. I have a Nikon Monarch 6.5-16x44AO w/a 4’ sunshade mounted on Remington 1″ R-15 risers and Leupold PRW rings. Using either Hornady 55gr V-Max Varmint ammo, or, Georgia Arms (factory reloads)ammo with a 55 gr. V-max, I will get consistantly .75 or less MOA all day long. It is boringly accurate. The GA reloads shoot just as well, if not better then, the factory Hornady ammo. I have gotten many sub .75 3 shot groups using it. Whistle pigs and yotes don’t stand a chance. Best kill to date is a 238 yd. 1 shot, 1 kill, on a yote that was out ‘mousing’ in the field behind my house one afternoon. I did manage to hit one on the run with shot #3 at 410 yds. It spun around and ran into the woods. The skeeters to too thick so I didn’t put much effort into finding it. The R-15 is accurate, reliable (never had any type of failures), and follow-up shots are fast due to the low recoil. It’s a great rifle but good luck finding one now……

    • Ebbs says:

      Are they hard to find? I just had a look at one in a new camo pattern in Sportsmans Warehouse a couple nights ago. But I TOTALLY AGREE! In fact, I killed a coyote at about 120 yards under a red lensed spot light while night calling Thanksgiving night. Glad to hear your experience has been the same as mine.

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  5. Eric says:

    Well I sold my Nikon 6.5-16×44 that I had on my R-15 to a buddy of mine, and slapped on the new Nikon M-223 (3-12×42 SF) with the ‘Rapid Turret’ along with the Nikon M-223 scope mount. The scope mount has a built in 20 MOA incline and is specially designed to work in conjunction with the M-223 scope. The scope itself is designed specifically for use on AR platform rifles and for the 55 gr. polymer tipped .223 bullet @ 3240 fps. This was one of my better moves! How sweet is this M-223 syatem on my R-15! Dead nuts zero at 100 yds. and a simple turn of the ‘Rapid Turret’ to the appropriate distance marking (up to 600 yds), and hold right on your target. Dope and windage adjustments are precise with 1/4″ adj. on the windage, and the dope is easily adjusted out to 600 yds. with less then 1 full rotation of the ‘Rapid Turret’.I wish I could post pics on here to show you some targets. I just ordered a second batch of 55 gr. V-Max factory reloads from Georgia Arms (great stuff!!) and shot some more just the other day. 1/2″ 5 shot groups at 100 yds all day long. The GA ammo shoots right with my Hornady factory 55 gr. V-Max ammo. My buddy had a hard time finding a R-15 (.223) anywhere around here (Michigan) and finally bought one from Cheaper Than Dirt. We set it up the other day exactly like mine except he put Leupold Mark AR scope and mount on his. Same results down range on the targets as mine. What more do you want from on out-of-the-box, semi-auto rifle?? What spend close to $3000.00 for a ‘custom’ AR when these R-15’s are flat out tack drivers?!

    • Eric Ebbinghaus says:

      Appreciate the update, Eric. My father is thinking of making the same switch and he’ll be glad to hear you’re happy with your choice.

  6. Eric says:

    See if this works…..




  7. Eric says:

    Looks like you have to copy/past the http line to pull up the pics.

  8. Dan says:

    I’m getting ready to buy a R-15 for coyotes. which barrel length would you recommend 18″ or 22″. Is there any accuracy difference?
    Thanks Dan

    • Eric Ebbinghaus says:

      I’ve got a buddy that shoots the carbine length 18″ barrel and swears by it. He hand loads and his 100 yard 5 shot groups make my 100 yard 3 shot groups look like I’ve never pulled the trigger before. Honestly the only thing you would lose is a couple hundred feet per second, so if distance and bullet energy downrange is a concern I’d go with the longer barrel. Otherwise you wouldn’t be disappointed with the shorter one either.

  9. Eric says:

    Take your pick. The 18″ bbl is a little easier to swing/track moving targets, especially if you plan on using some type of red dot optic.Off a bench/bi-pod, or for LR varmint shooting, I’d stick with a 22″. Copy and paste these links to see a few different 100 yd targets, the lastest being from 13 December 2011.




    Here’s the rifle..


  10. Eric says:

    Disrtegard. It won’t work…..

    • Eric Ebbinghaus says:

      Thanks for taking the time to weigh in with such detail, Eric! Also, feel free to post scope info up here and/or bullet loads or factory ammo you’re using to achieve that accuracy. I’ve had the same experience with my R-15!

  11. Eric says:

    Those targets were all shot using GEORGIA ARMS factory reloads (55 gr. V-Max bullet – 3200 fps). They call it ‘CANNED HEAT’. It comes loose in a new ammo can with free shipping. $540.00 per 1000 and $270.00 per 500. That ammo shoots every bit as well as Hornady Factory 55 gr. V-Max. I tried some of the Remington polymer tipped stuff but didn’t shoot quite a well as the GA or Hornady ammo, but still MOA. The first 2 pics (same target, one is just a close-up) was shot using my new Nikon M-223 with the Rapid Turret (I agree with you on your assessment of using a ‘hold-over’ reticle for target shooting. That’s why I opted for the Rapid Turret and Niko=Plex reticle). The scope is a 3-12 x 42 SF (w/a 4″ sunshade), mounted on the M-223 base. The other target was shot with a Nikon Monarch 5.5-16 x 44 AO. Both are great optics. They track perfectly for windage and elevation, and are real good in low light enviroment, or while using a red lens light late at night. After printing target after target with either the Hornady or GA ammo, and either scope, I don’t see any reason to change anything…….:)

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  13. russell dale gayneaux says:

    I am a vietnam vet and I always said I,d never hold another assault rifle in my hands until I saw the remington r-15 and then I changed my mind I purchased it and after firing it i won,t depart with it for any price I just ordered a barska scope with 223 drop compensater I have added 30 round clips,40 round clips I have 5 round clips for hunting,I hunt deer with it but I only take head shot and trust me they don,t run,I have many guns but this one is my favorite !!!!

    • Ebbs says:

      It’s an honor to have your input here on the site, Russell. Thank you for your time of service to our nation and I’m glad you like your R-15!

      • russell dale gayneaux says:

        Your welcome Sir. I enjoy reading the reviews I still enjoy shooting I can,t hunt much anymore (disabled in nam and now age has taken its toll)but i still try .One thing I would like to add its not the size of the bullet its where you put it that counts,THANK YOU !!!

  14. Clay B. says:

    My R15 is an awesome shooter but the factory mag deems hard to insert. anyone eles had this problem?
    Thanks Clay B.

    • Ebbs says:

      Can you just bump up to a 20 or 30 round PMAG? I almost exclusively ran 20 round PMAGs or USGI 30 rounders through mine like a top.

  15. chuck says:

    Great review Which Remington R-15 is this?
    Can you advise if this review is for the R-15 VTR Predator Rifle or the standard R-15 .223?


    • Ebbs says:

      Chuck I got mine before the VTR was released. Also I think the VTR was a 24″ barrel over the 18″ carbine or the 22″ carbine which I believe this one was. Sold it a year or so back and regret doing so. Still one of my favorite AR-15 rifles to date. This one was made in the Windham, ME factory before Remington moved the Bushmaster effort to Ilion, NY thus compromising the quality for a time.

  16. Bob Silber says:

    Can anyone tell me if the R-15 VTR (on the lower) / Advantage Max-1 (on the upper) will shoot 5.56 Nato or will it only digest .223 ?

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