Don’t really have time to do a full and extensive rifle review of the Sako TRG-22 rifle featured on last night’s episode of Top Shot, but I wanted to at least leave my readers with some easily accessible information if they were curious.

Sako actually makes 2 configurations of this rifle, the TRG-42, and TRG-22. The 42 is a long action rifle made in .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua while the TRG-22 comes in the classic .308 Winchester and is used by many nations (not sure which just going by the product page) as their primary sniper rifle. Sako rifles are made and designed in FINLAND of all places but have an outstanding reputation for workmanship and quality in both hunting and accuracy circles everywhere.

There’s been some speculation that the rifle used in the episode was one of the larger versions, but I’m convinced the rifle used on last night’s episode where Mike Hughes eliminated Phil Morden was the .308 due to the minimal perceived recoil and the size of the rounds and the box magazine, not to mention the length of the bolt throw. SUPER accurate rifle, and looks like a pleasure to shoot.


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  1. […] a surprising hello to Mike Hughes as he returned to the elimination challenge to beat Phil with the Sako TRG-22 Sniper Rifle in a “first to 20″ style shootout. Regardless of happenings in elimination challenges, […]

  2. Erik Sulander says:

    Ebbs: When you said Sako is made in “of all places, FINLAND” you are obviously quite unaware of the WWII history if the Finns which might give you insight into the quality behind Finnish rifles. The Finns had a kill ratio of 40:1 while defending their homeland against the invading Russians who outnumbered them 10:1 and they accomplished this, in short, by being sniping experts. Their premier sniper alone was credited with 700 kills.

    • Ebbs says:

      Outstanding addition to the content, Erik. I actually was familiar of the Finn’s remarkable kill ratio. What I was not aware of was the extreme proficiency of their sniper regimen. The primary reason I said “of all places, FINDLAND” was because of the hype coming from rifles out of other countries we’re more familiar with, Belgium, Germany, and the U.S. I imagine when most average Joe’s think “precision long range rifle,” Finland is one of the last places that would come to mind. Probably not fair, but the nature of the beast.

  3. Don Dial says:

    One thing not noted is that this rifle is totally adjustable either right or left handed, trigger is removeable and adjustable to just under 2lbs. With a break there is no percieved recoil and it will shoot factory loads in a 1/2in of tighter group at 100 yds, and sometimes better than handloads which are quite easy w/Varget, Rl 15, H 380 ect..The rifle is not
    particular to fodder, and is a hoot to hunt with..Don Dial, Pipe
    Creek, TX

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