It’s almost dark out, 10 degrees outside, we just got a fresh 8″ blanket of snow today, and all I can think about is guns and shooting. I don’t know about you guys, but it absolutely consumes me. Sometimes I wish it didn’t, until I get back to the range and spend a few hours cleansing my soul with lead and powder. Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it? Rarely does it work where something dirty makes us feel cleaner, but it’s relaxing and liberating and satisfying all at once. Ever feel that way?

Ugly and beautiful all at the same time. Incredible reliability + Outstanding accuracy + Innovative safety = Glock Perfection.

Alright enough nancy boy talk about our “FEELINGS,” I’m here to do a handgun review and to say a few words about a friend that will be leaving my presence soon. It’s the boisterous Generation 3 Glock 20c in 10mm Auto caliber. You’ve seen this gun briefly in our review of the drop in KKM Precision 6″ Match Barrel this past summer. The gun holds 14 rounds in a factory magazine and is a tank of a handgun. It’s is the Generation 3 model of Glock pistols that is outfitted with a ribbed front strap on the grip, a tactical rail and much positive traction on the grip (personally I like the Gen 3 stippling more than the obnoxious Gen 4 versions have). Being a “C” model this means that the barrel is ported on top and the slide has ports to match. I understand in most of the early “C” models, especially the 10mm auto version had a fully ported slide, rather than the two individual and side by side ports toward the front of the top slide.


The ports in the "C" model mean it's loud. EXTRA LOUD. And that's not a white sheet behind the Gun. It's in the teens (Fahrenheit) and I'm in a t-shirt. The show must go on.

Is it loud? Undoubtedly. It’s actually pretty obnoxious, but even though it sounds scary, being a full framed pistol it’s pretty mild to handle with hefty Double Tap ammo. The grip is often referred to as a BAR OF SOAP because it’s so thick in your hand you’re afraid you might drop it, but once you get used to its size the feel is fantastic. Actually this past weekend I got a chance to handle a Glock 20 with a “SF” (or Slim Frame) and it was a PERFECT fit. So for any of you out there wanting a full sized Glock in 10mm auto but the full grip is a little much, the Slim Frame takes the same magazines with the same capacity and the same power. EVERYTHING is the same but the thickness of the polymer on the front and side walls of the grip.

People say Glock's aren't much on design, but I say simplicity in design is beauty. Yeah I know she needs a cleaning, but check the minimalist 10mm Auto stamp on the chamber.

The trigger on it is a typical semi-rigid Glock single action trigger, but I sort of like how they feel and being that the “safe action” trigger on a Glock is it’s most evident safety feature, having a more stubborn trigger makes me feel better about carrying it HOT with one in the pipe. This one is equipped with a LaserMax guide rod laser, which is awesome because it changes nothing about the price and function of the gun. It replaces the standard guide rod and uses the takedown lever/button to activate the site which is on a pulse setting rather than a solid beam.

Bottom line on this gun? It’s a Glock. It’s a 10mm auto. It’s compensated. It’s a beast. End of story.


9 Responses to Glock 20c 10mm Auto Review

  1. Dan says:

    Nice review Ebbs! Beautiful backdrop for a shoot but man does that look cold. Cool gun too, never shot a 10mm before but I understand it packs a punch!

  2. Mike says:

    Great job Ebbs! I wish my Glock 20 was compensated. Best round ever made.

    • Ebbs says:

      That compensated model does a lot to reduce muzzle flip from a heavy round. It’s a beast that’s for sure! Thanks for weighing in.

  3. Jason says:

    Thanks for the great article! I just ordered a Glock 20c and it should be in tomorrow…I hope it’s as great as the one you reviewed.

  4. Greg says:

    I just got my 20C, at first I was worried I wasn’t going to like it. But after shooting 30 rds I love it.

  5. […] experience with the 10mm Auto round has fallen primarily with the Glock 20 and 20C in Gen 3 configurations, AND a little more time tossed in on a Colt Series 80 Delta Elite Mark IV. Talk about a sexy and […]

  6. Kenneth says:

    Thanks for the great review. I love my Glock 20 Gen4 and I am excited to start upgrading it w/ different barrels, especially a 6″ compensated!

  7. mike says:

    best weapon round combination ever it is my conceal carry gun and has been a easy transition from the desert eagle 50 AE I carried before it. put twothousand rounds through it without a single malfunction.confidence is high when you carry this gun with A full load of Critical Duty ammo. Be safe.

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