Since day 1 with the Building an AK-47 series I’ve had help. Not like someone’s actually been doing it for me, but I’ve had a coach if you will. My good friend Owen over at (All things AK-47) is what you may call an expert or afficionado in the world of AK-47 and AK variant type rifles. His posts are informative, challenging and easy to read.

Anyway this morning he launched a post about a checklist for choosing a used AK-47. If you’re not aware, some are downright shoddy in terms of workmanship and quality control. Some look like they were assembled collectively at a kindergarten, while others appear to have been finished by a master gunsmith. There are all types of variables, but Owen gives you some good basic steps to be sure you’re not getting a lemon.

Check out his “USED AK CHECKLIST.” I’d encourage you to check out his ever growing body of work and allow yourself to be coached by him as well. Feel free to ask questions, he’s opinionated, but his answers are quick and to the point and he won’t make you feel like an idiot. Just tell him Ebbs sent you. :)


6 Responses to Choosing the Right AK-47

  1. Dr.Overkill says:

    Dude! Thank you! Collaborating on your AK project has been a blast and really, I’m just always excited to bring another into the AK-47 fold 😀

  2. Phillip says:

    That’s great info, especially since I’m going to a gun show this weekend :)

  3. austin says:

    Im new to buyn aks or guns in general an im thinking of buyn a wasr 10 63 ak 47 itll be my first gun purchase an just want an opinon on the wasrs ive heard a lot of good an a lot of bad plz help….

  4. Jake says:

    I have a wasr 10/63 and there is only 2 problems with the gun, the buttstock is short and it has trouble feeding rounds quickly. Besides this the gun is amazing and it’s a great SHTF weapon.

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