Believe the hype.

Today’s Media Day at the Range was a serious treat and an awesome way to kick off my very first SHOT Show and SHOT Show 2012 in general. I’m not kidding. I’ve got such a blasting headache right now from all the constant shooting, full auto stuff, big bore stuff, muzzle brakes and borderline dehydration and heat stroke I can barely keep my head up. But the adrenaline for getting to pull the trigger on 30 different firearms has given me plenty of energy.

Some of today’s guns surprised me. Some disappointed, and a few really knocked my socks off. It’s no secret I’m a fan of the Thompson/Center Arms Encore platform. Though with the recent Venture Recall and other complaints after moving their factory from NH to Springfield, MA it’s safe to say they needed some positive PR. Well today it’s very possible they’ve started a domino effect that could very well be that positive PR they’ve been looking for.

Today marked the introduction of an all-new rifle platform at SHOT Show 2012 Media Day. This new rifle platform from TC isn’t a single shot, but it is modular. In fact it’s fully interchangeable and customizable to the user’s specs. BUT, it’s a bolt action. Thompson/Center Arms has essentially created an all new bolt action platform with an interchangeable barrel/bolt/magazine system and they’re calling it the Dimension. The TC Dimension comes in a variation of calibers starting at the .204 Ruger ascending all the way up to the 7mm Rem Mag. The short-long action platforms are labeled with a series of letters from A-B-C-D and all operate on the same machined aluminum receiver. Not to worry though, the aluminum receiver has steel inserts front and back and bears none of the weight or heavy lifting of the rifle itself. The barrel slides on the steel receiver sleeve and has a barrel nut with a concept very similar to that of an AR-15. The nut has lugs and with 1 of the two included specialty tools specifically for changing out the modular system on the Dimension Bolt Action.

All the barrels are fully free floated.

How does it shoot? Well, I’d recommend checking out the video but I really am impressed. The Dimension uses the same fire control group as that of Thompson Center’s popular Icon bolt rifle line and the trigger is crisp and smooth. The stock itself looks like a TC Venture and a Benelli Super Vinci had a baby and this was the result. It’s quite possibly one of the most comfortable and ergonomic bolt action stocks out of the factory to date. With a retail price point at approximately $649, this is apparently an outstanding rifle with an innovative design at a reasonable price point even for Thompson Center.

Apologies for the lack of pictures. Fortunately you’ll get a good look at the gun in action so it should satisfy your taste buds for now.

All barrels have an available cantilever mount allowing the shooter to hold zero on each barrel when removed and replaced.


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  3. Ricky says:

    Do yaw have a 280 in a thompson center fire that holds 5 rounds and if so how can i try it out or how can i win one.

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