Skinniest Springfield XD on the market!

I’m a horrible gun blogger. Honestly I’m a bit frustrated with myself. I totally exhausted my energy, health, wrist, trigger finger and Lord knows what else at SHOT Show 2012 Media Day today and did an awful job of 1 thing in particular. We got tons of video. LOADS of guns and new guns on camera, but SUCKED at getting still pics. Either I was in a hurry or just didn’t think about it, I failed miserably. MISERABLY. Especially when you consider the context of my getting to hold, fire and fondle a gun for a handgun review that fewer than a handful of people in the world have shot yet.

Why do I say all that? Because when I tell you that Springfield Armory literally JUST announced a new .45 ACP carry pistol, that’s under 1″ thick and 20 ounces, and that the profile is so fantastic it’s screaming “IWB me! IWB me!” you’ll be even angrier to find out I don’t have good pics. By the way, this all new pistol from Springfield is called the XDs. Say it with me, Springfield XDs. Why the “S” you say? Well, I imagine like the XD(m) it represents something. Most likely in this case it means SLIM, SKINNY, or SUPERCALIFRAJALISTICEXPYALIDOCIOUS. Sorry, couldn’t resist with the Mary Poppins reference.

The frame gives good anchor points to help develop muscle memory.

Just the facts, ma'am.

All that to say it’s very sweet. We got to shoot it. The grip and raised moldings feel a lot like those on the XD(m), but the XDs is definitely all its own. What does it look like? Well you know how I am with my “so and so got with so and so, and had a so and so” comparisons on guns. Well this one is no different. I’m saying on the new Springfield XDs a Walther PPS got with a Beretta NANO and this was the result. Not sure how since this is a .45 ACP, but hey it’s what it looks like.

I will say firing it was a pleasure. Though a lightweight .45 ACP is a bit of a handful regardless of who makes it. Accuracy was good, in fact I was as accurate as I wanted to be depending on my patience. Seeing a .45 in this compact of a package does nothing but make me want one for CCW.

It feels great in the hands, and the trigger is fine, it's got a grip safety like it's big brothers, but I wish the grip was a bit taller.


16 Responses to Springfield Armory’s NEW XDs .45 ACP Carry Pistol

  1. Michael T. says:

    Cool man. Springfield must be listening to their customers because slim is in! So it pronounced X-D-S? Not XD’s right?

    • Eric Ebbinghaus says:

      Correct, X-D-S, 6 round capacity. REALLY snappy in the hand but a quality piece. Looks like it at a Walther PPS.

  2. Tony says:

    You say it ways under 20 ounces but your picture shows 29oz and so does the XDs website ( The XDm .45 compact only weighs 27oz so I hope the 29oz is an error. Did it fill like 29oz? If is truly is 29oz I fear it will not complete well against the Kahr PM45 (19oz) or Glock 36 (22oz).

  3. bonnie wagner says:

    I just got my ccw permit and to tell the truth, have never shot a pistol,my husband says the new xds45 is too much gun for me. I have troublepulling the slide on a 40xdm. what do you suggert, and do you have any overstock or a gun you may have thats blemished? I’m not fussy. hope to hear from you

    • Ebbs says:

      Thanks for the question, Bonnie! First off, for a .45 ACP that comes in at around 21 ounces the XDs is quite the handful. AND, if racking the slide on the XDm was difficult for you, as a generally rule many times the smaller you go the tighter the internal recoil spring has to be then the more difficult they are to release into battery. Sadly I’m not a shop or a dealer, but depending on your strength and hand size there are several recommendations I might have for you. Most of what we’ve reviewed in 9mm subcompact guns and even .380 auto could be great options for you. Here’s the link to that category…

  4. ryan says:

    Are they going to offer the XDS in other calibers? I hope so.

    • Ebbs says:

      It definitely would be cool, but generally when companies add more calibers they start at the bottom (380 Auto, 9mm) and work their way up. Since Springfield started at the .45 side of things to prove they could created a very manageable subcompact carry gun in a heavy round, I would personally be surprised if they went lower. BUT, there are 9 and 40 in XD and XDm pistols so there is a distinct possibility.

  5. Brian says:

    Do you know if they plan on adding a larger clip to add to pinky grip?

    • Ebbs says:

      Brian I’d be surprised if they didn’t do it. Though previously the answer would have been to get a magazine to a full sized XD. The problem here is that these are single stack magazines and the double stack XD mags won’t work. So even though this gun is very new, I’d watch for extra accessories hitting the market, even if they aren’t directly from Springfield.

      • Pat says:

        I was at the NRA convention in St. Louis and got to ‘hold’ the XDs – I asked about the extended mag – it will be available this summer – but will not be part of the usual XD package.

        I’m a big XDm owner (45, 40, and 9). I have two in the subcompact model – I like the feel of the XDs – it would be a great CCW gun – but it is a little short.

  6. […] got my hands on a Springfield XDs for the first time since shooting one at the SHOT SHOW 2012 Range Day. It handled well, but as you can imagine for its size shooting a full power .45 ACP it’s a […]

  7. 719bloodhound says:

    I picked up an xds this past Saturday for a new conceal carry got some hornady critical defense for ammo got my mag loaded up and went to chamber a round and no dice, pulled the slide back again and again it does not chamber fully tried it with two different manufactures of ammo same result. looked at the case and the rim was destroyed from the extractor. looked around on the net seeing if anyone else had any issues and it looks like it is a common issue. Sent it back to SA yesterday and so far they are blaming it on operator error. Not to happy

  8. […] first met the Springfield XDs 45 handgun at SHOT Show 2012 range day. I put a couple magazines through it and liked it okay, but it just wasn’t enjoyable to […]

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