The .22 training rifle craze is literally taking over. We have no chance. We’ve given in to their sugary sweetness. Their low recoil and effortless follow up shots beckon us to the range time and time again.

Well last year Beretta introduced the ARX 160 modular AR rifle platform in .223 Remington (which I’d love to do a rifle review on, incidentally). Like most big gun makers who have a successful or potentially successful design on their hands, Beretta chose to re-introduce their ARX 160 Carbine/Rifle modular platform only this time in the ever popular .22 Long Rifle. The gun has all the exact controls as its larger counterpart, including full ambidextrous controls. The trigger is light and snappy and the controls including the telescoping rear buttstock are easy to manipulate and gain control of. The flip up front and rear sight afford a good sight picture and fast follow up shots which you’ll not in our video above. It’s short. Like 2 minutes short, so I hope you’ll take the time to check it out.

There’s also a pistol version of the ARX 160, but because of time and not wanting to show off my awesome shooting skills more than I had to, I figured I’d pass. Not really that much else to say about the ARX 160 from Beretta other than it was a pleasure to shoot, fed reliably and has a lot of features most are familiar with already. The only thing I wish we learned about this gun was the price point, which was not available because this thing is so new.


6 Responses to New Beretta ARX 160 .22 Long Rifle Carbine

  1. Phillip says:

    Did the weapon misfeed in the video?

  2. Skip says:

    What was the mag capacity?

  3. AlexP says:

    The magazine looks very similar to the S&W MP15-22 magazine. Do you know if they are interchangeable?

    • Ebbs says:

      I do not. The product reps for Beretta at Range Day that year were grade A turds. Weren’t too keen on answering questions about their guns.

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