The new Regent R350 CR 1911 has got a very satisfying look AND feel to it.

I love 1911s. They aren’t my end all gun but I still love them. So a few weeks ago when I saw Umarex introduced 2 new models to their Regent 1911 line I got pumped. Because as much as I love a 1911, I love a good budget 1911 too. One that’s made well (albeit this one is made in Turkey), but the price point is a little friendlier to my bank account.

The rail is aggressive, but the raised frame spot provides a good indexing position for a thumbs forward grip.

Well today I got to spend some time with Danny Williams from Umarex as he walked me through the all new R350 CR (Regent 350 Compact Rail) Regent 1911. It’s got a matte blue finished, memory pad on the beavertail grip safety, heavy target barrel, captured recoil spring/guide rod assembly, comes standard with Hogue grips, 7 round magazines and an integrated picatinny accessory rail on the bottom side of the frame. The trigger is smooth and crisp and the slide’s lockup to the frame is incredible for a $550 1911. Yesterday at Media Day at the Range for SHOT Show 2012 I got to shoot the new Regent R200S 1911 (stainless upgraded version of the original) and it was incredibly smooth and accurate. The Hogue grips make it a pleasure to fondle in your hand. Skinny but not too skinny and just the right amount of traction.

The New R350 CR Regent 1911 has an extended (means it’s flared out more) ambidextrous safety, commander style hammer and excellent traction on the grip frame. The rear portion has vertical serrations while the from strap has very fine checkering. And it’s smooth, not abrasive at all. The top sights are a three dot ramped style that line up and point very naturally. The overall finish is a matte blue style that is even and while it’s not something I’d consider a collector’s 1911, it’s been paid a fair amount of detail. As I said I’m impressed. I think I might need to add one of these to my own collection and a full handgun review. One can never have too many .45 ACPs lying around. And at just over $500, the price is hard to beat.

As far as budget 1911s go, this one should be at the top of your "I NEED" list.


18 Responses to The New Regent R350 CR 1911 from Umarex

  1. Chris Miller says:

    This video is private? Well that sucks!

    • Eric Ebbinghaus says:

      Dangit. Fixed. Edited all the other settings on it when the post went live and forgot to make it public. All good now.

  2. Chris Miller says:

    I like it! Good price point too. How did it feel in the hand compared to the Remington R1? Feel free to bring on MORE 1911 reviews. 😉

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  4. Bones says:

    Like the looks and sounds of it already. That safety is handy for someone with two thumbs like me.LOL Thanks for the review Ebbs.

  5. darryl says:

    is there any way you can take more pictures of the r350cr from the front so we can see what the bull barrel looks like on the firearm thank you darryl

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  7. Konstantine Tsitsishvili says:


    Interested in Regent R350 CR.
    What kind of guide rod it has (any pictures available)?
    Is it interchangeable with other FLGR? and if yes which ones?

    Thank you in advance

    Best regards

  8. Mike W. says:

    Just bought one of these from a local dealer. I was impressed with what I read about itm and liked it’s looks. Unfortunately, that’s where the love affair ends.
    After field stripping it and giving it a good once over, I took it to the range this morning and experienced multiple FTFs with 4 different magazines! 2 Colt, 1 Wilson Combat, and the factory mag from Regent. I stopped counting after 15. I put a total of 100 rounds of round nose target ammo thru this today plus 10 rounds of hollow point. Winchester, Federal and Remminton and had hic-cups with all of it. The gun DOES NOT like hollow points which presents a problem if using this for CC/self defense. I can’t believe 4 different magazines were the problem which puts the FTFs squarely on the gun.
    Needless to say I was NOT impressed. Now for accuracy, it’s right up there with my Kimber! 2-2.5 inch patterns at 25 yards……very nice! However, the FTFs are a real downer. I guess I need to take it to a Smith and have the feed ramp polished and see if there is anything else that could be the issue. Right out of the box though, other than the accuracy, I can’t say much positive about the operation of this firearm. Hell, my RIA performed way better than this straight out of the box!

  9. Tony says:

    Mike, I see this review is over a year old, but I have to ask – did you resolve the FTFs?
    I have a R350CR since July (4 months) and am experiencing at least 2 failures to extract/eject per magazine. 2 Stovepipes in 400 rounds.

    • Mike W says:

      Hi Tony, Umarex was absolutely no help at all. The accused myself and/or the dealer of making modifications to the gun (the dealer sent it out to have the feed ramp polished) and said the feed problems were no fault of theirs. The dealership gave me a half price trade in value on a New Springfield LW Operator and let me keep the Regent (they didn’t want it) I sold the Regent locally to someone who took it to a local gunsmith who end up taking it down to the frame and welding in a new feed ramp. He did some beautiful work and I am told that it feeds anything you put thru it now. Very disappointed in Umarex and I will NEVER purchase any of their products again, nor would I recommend any of their products. I know lots of folks who love their guns but I got a lemon and the company was completely uncooperative in trying to find a resolution, took no responsibility for a low quality product that made it past inspection and made the whole ordeal more of a hassle than anything. EPIC FAIL!!! My local dealer (Bradis Guns) worked with me every step of the way and gave me what I thought was a fair resolve to the problem on my end.

    • Ebbs says:

      Tony & Mike,

      I had the R200S in for review for a while and found quickly that the 1 or 2 failures per magazine were on par for that gun. Polished up the feed ramps and switched to reputable magazines (Chip MacCormick, Wilson Combat, Springfield and even MecGar) and had no troubles since. The gun had a decent trigger and fired smooth and once I got past the factory magazines and rough factory polish of the feed ramp everything was honky dory.

  10. Tony says:

    Mike – Ebbs, I contacted Umarex, they were prompt to authorize my returning the R350CR to them for service. Sending it out today via Fedex. I’ll let you know how it turns out.
    I hope to have the same success story Ebbs had.

  11. duke says:

    Commander size , not officer size. Dipshit.

  12. Tony says:

    Mike, I got the R350CR back from Umarex’s gunsmith – they adjusted the extractor.
    After another 85 rounds still plenty of extraction issues.
    Umarex suggested using Federal Ammo – so I did but the 230 grain didn’t work as well as the 185 grain.
    They say it’s now fixed and I should use Federal 185 grain ammo.
    I will probably find a good smith and fix it properly.

    Next time I buy American quality.

  13. WIlliam J says:

    I bought a Regent R350CR, at the Nations Gun Show in Chantilly, VA in late April. And immediately took the gun to the range that same day, and encountered only one issue, the slide didn’t return (lock up) into battery. So I just hit the back of the slide, with my palm, and it was all good. Compared to the number of rounds that I fired thru it, that’s outstanding.

  14. Mike B says:

    I have had my c350cr for three years with no malfunctions. I have averaged around 100 Rounds a month! I carried the pistol on duty for the three years without a second thought! It’s a great weapon!

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