7.62x39 ammo

Oh nevermind. It's just an AK. With a CHAINSAW ON IT!

If you had to have ONE gun for the inevitable zombiepocalypse, this very well could be it. It’s the DoubleStar, Corp J&T AK-47. It’s complete with an ACE Skeleton stock, a midwest industries quad rail forend, aimpoint micro red dot sight, Tapco SAW grip AND…. A CHAINSAW! That’s right, there’s an electric chainsaw hooked to the bottom of the quad rail. It’s battery powered, so the battery pack fits nicely under the ACE Skeleton stock. The biggest down side? You guessed it! This thing is HEAVY! Hope you’ll enjoy the video. It’s just a minute long, but well worth the glance, and I think you’ll agree with me that this is the ultimate zombie AK-47. I wonder though, how would you do a gun review on this and do it justice??!?!?!

Keep tuning in for SHOT Show 2012 updates. We’ve got MUCHO video and visits from the floor with different gunmakers today and they’ll be rolling out steadily all this week and in weeks to come.


29 Responses to Ultimate Zombie Gun – Doublestar AK-47

  1. … No words… except those two… and those… alright I’m done.

  2. Michael T. says:

    Order me one! I’m almost positive TSA will allow you to carry it on board the plane 😉

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  4. Phillip says:

    Love it.

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  8. Abraham Lincoln says:

    Rename it a lancer. Calling it a anti-zombie gun is flat out retarded. It’s heavy, makes too much noise, and when you kill a zombie with the chainsaw then blood is just going to go all over your face and put you in high risk of infection. Stupid name, Great LANCER.

  9. Tater says:

    No. It’s a dumb idea and wouldn’t work. That electric twig cutter would get stuck in a real “limb” forcing you to ditch it in fear of getting surrounded. Not to mention that all the vibrations and that shit drum would cause massive FTFs. Massively unreliable. I grew up with zombie movies and always loved them but all the Internet and legitimate firearms zombie memes are godamn tired.

    • Sour Note says:

      FTF? from the drum… so im guessing you’ve never owned an AK rifle have you? unless your using some random made in taiwan drum and you shoot your gun with your feet… then no. the chainsaw is a bit stupid but funny. and besides why would you be shooting and revving a chainsaw at the same time, genius? im sure youd be flaining you chain at CQ not trying to precisely shoot every zombie in the head you operator.

  10. Zachary says:

    This is an awesome weapon! What exactly is the advantage of having the sight that far up the barrel?

  11. Greg D. says:

    Wow. Gears of War much? lol. good try though.

  12. hfjera says:

    stupid waste….

  13. derrick says:

    stupid. waste of money for people with disposable income.
    a gun that heavy would be retarded for 1. imagine running from a horde with it? you would tire so damn fast, and die.
    an electric chainsaw with a tiny little motor? MIGHT make it through 1 zombie, then break.

    retarded, retarded, retarded. spend your money on something useful

  14. derrick says:

    “This is an awesome weapon! What exactly is the advantage of having the sight that far up the barrel?”

    the only advantage is its a little bit quicker to aim accurately in close quarters. but i assume the only reason he has it so far up, is because installing a rail system on an AK’s frame, is ass ugly

  15. Vedette says:

    I feel that chainsaw is a bit too much. If you kill a zombie with that chainsaw, blood will splatter all over your face and that chainsaw might produce a loud sound which would attract more zombies in.

  16. Phillip says:

    Chain saw is for when you run out of bullets :)

  17. Ralph says:

    Ha! for door breeching right? right?

  18. jason says:

    duh, just make a lancer from gears of war. not as much kickback as this

  19. spencer says:

    Except it would be so loud it would attract a lot more zombies! I guess as a final stand it would be great…

  20. joker says:

    very poor choice. think about it. you get bit then you get infected. well if youre slinging blood all over the place with a chainsaw then what is to keep it from getting into your system and infecting you. also the ar is a much more accurate weapon and can handle about as much abuse as an ak. they have done stress tests on the ar and went through over 35,000 rnd without cleaning, only putting a drop of oil on the bolt only and had no problems. plus who want to lug around all that weight when you already have to carry ammo food and other survival supplies.

  21. Edi Starr says:

    Ok seriously people this is a TERRIBLE choice. Chainsaws are just about the WORST anti-zombie weapon out there. When choosing an anti-zombie weapon remember to ask yourself: can this decapitate or crush a skull in ONE blow? Is it lightweight? Does it have an infinite.fuel source (I.e. human powered)? And is it multi functional? Really how many of those does this gun fit? One…sort of…conversely all of you who fell in love with this thing get it. Less humans and more zombies means a better chance of survival for those of us with brains in our skulls. Let’s face it stupid people are the REAL danger not zombies.

  22. akzist says:

    i wouldnt use it during a zombie apocalypse.. the weight is a huge negative, as is the chain saw, sorry but once that battery runs out it’s useless plus the last thing you want is infected guts flying in every direction

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