The external extractor is another feature that differentiates the two. The P938 can be found on the right in every pic.

UPDATE: After finally getting a chance to run several rounds through the Sig P238 (though hardly enough to call it a “REVIEW”), I can finally lay to rest some of my speculation. First off it’s super smooth. Second, for being a single action the trigger was much heavier than I anticipated. Third, this thing is TINY in the hand, like smaller than Ruger LCP tiny. Fourth, out of all the pocket guns I’ve fired this one is by far the most accurate. It was a piece of cake to keep a softball sized group at 30 feet which is something special from a gun with a barrel barely longer than 2″. Now with all of this taken into consideration, I might really have to consider the new Sig P938 9mm model for a summer CCW piece.

Pocket pistols have been ruling the world lately. At SHOT Show 2012 we saw the introduction of the new Kimber Micro CDP .380, several new Sig P238 renditions (LOVED the Desert, but will get to that later), and I even got to shoot the rereleased Cold Mustang Pocketlite .380 on Media Day at the Range. Easily the most accurate ultra compact pocket pistol I’ve ever fired as long as I did my part.

One of my predictions for SHOT Show 2012 was that Smith & Wesson would reintroduce their Bodyguard .380 pistol in a 9mm version. In fact I loved the first one so much I was really hoping to have one in a 9mm, whatever that would take or look like. I don’t determine the science, I just shoot the things.

Well while S&W didn’t come through with a 9mm version of their Bodyguard (they’ve been dealing with moving TC to Springfield, MASS and PR for their new Dimension, AND the .300 Whisper hype), Sig Sauer came through with a 9mm Luger version of there hyper popular P238 pocket 1911. These guns are really too small for a grip safety to be 100% 1911, but for people who prefer a single action with a safety as opposed to the Double Action Only Keltec P3AT, Ruger LCP, and S&W Bodyguard and others, the Sig P238 has been a big hit. You’ll see in all the detailed comparison pics that the P938 is different from its older but smaller brother in just a few ways. The slide and barrel are longer, there is full checkering (instead of just vertical serrations) on the front and backstraps and the the grip is about 1/4″ deeper than the P238. It’s too bad Sig didn’t have this little guy at range day or I’d surely have video of laying some steel to waste. Finally the P938 has an external extractor compared to the P238’s interior model. Other than that it’s the same gun. I’m a little surprised the folks at Sig didn’t extend the grip to be a little longer and make it feel a little more proportional. Being somewhat deeper than the original but not any longer in grip length it feels a little weird. But I’ll shut up and let the pictures do the talking.

One last thing. The P938 is shown on the right side of every picture and both the P238 and P938 are the Blackwood models. For comparison’s sake.

Just a half inch difference in length.

I'm not holding them perfectly even, but the height is identical.

The grip thickness of the P938 is shown on top.

Both models still have ambidextrous safeties.

Interested to see the recoil difference since it's almost identical in size.

380 ammo


11 Responses to The New Sig P938 vs. Sig P238

  1. Joseph says:

    This little 9mm has a really good chance of becoming my next carry handgun.

    I’ve been looking for something with a little more firepower and better sights than my S&W 442 J-frame revolver.

    Thanks a bunch for your SHOT Show coverage!

    I saw this pistol on other sites SHOT Show coverage, but didn’t realize it was a 9mm until just now :-)

    • Ebbs says:

      Really? No one else mentioned it in a 9mm? That’s the most remarkable part about it. Makes it a must have especially beating the price of the Kimber Solo (not to mention their Solo CDP) and priced nearly the same as their own Sig P290 which is DAO.

      • Joseph says:

        It looks so similar to the 380 ACP P238 that I never took a second look and assumed it was another model of the P238. The way you titled this post and the comparison turned the light bulb on :-)

        “ohhh it’s a 9mm and not a 380 ACP. Neat!”

  2. […] and the more recent growth in popularity of these micro carry pistols in the 1911 format (see Sig P938/P238, and Kimber Micro CDP II from the SHOT Show 2012) it only seems reasonable that the original […]

  3. I’m really interested in the P938. I have the P238 and love it as a pocket/backup handgun. Thanks Haus of Guns.

  4. Erik Timmons says:

    Those are some good looking photos…

  5. Vern says:

    Wife has a P238HD and absolutely loves it. I’ve ordered another one for my oldest daughter and am waiting for my 938 to come in as well, can’t wait!

  6. Dash says:

    They should round of the corners of the muzzle.

  7. Wes says:

    I had the P238 with a finger extender and a Hogue rubber grip with finger groves and it was good for my larger hands. The P938 with the same setup will be close to perfect. I found the P238 to be very accurate with that setup and expect the P938 to be the same. I carry a Kahr MK9 now and it is a little larger and heavier than the P938 and price wise they both beat the new Kimber 9mm, though, I think if I could I’d have the Kimber. The Kimber is both lighter than the MK9 and the right size for my hands. I’ve not heard many speak of the right size, feel and weight of a pistol and its effects on accuracy, but to me it is essential. There are so many choices now for CCW in price, size and weight that shopping for the right handgun is great fun. I think Sig definitely has a winner in the P938.

  8. […] Show for the HoG crew was finding out about the release of and getting our hands on the all new Sig P938, the 9mm Luger follow up to the rabidly popular micro 1911 style Sig P238 pistol. I’ve shot […]

  9. […] need no change in your draw or carry style. Read a very good article comparing the 2 models here: The New Sig P938 vs. Sig P238 | | Gun and Gear Reviews, Hunting and Outdoor Products,… […]

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