Remember the M223 Riflescope we told you about a little over a year ago? Well as it turns out, Nikon’s powers that be thought it would be a good idea to release this riflescope in a .308 Winchester configuration. Can you guessed what they called it? Well assuming you didn’t read the title, it’s the M308 Ballistically Matched scope system based on their high quality Monarch platform. The scope is designed to be used with a 168 grain Hollow Point Boat Tail match grade bullet. It’s not set specifically for one particular load, but is based on an average of all common high quality loads in .308 Winchester.

With the included M308 scope mount included in the package, this deal will be hard to beat!

Don’t want to shoot a 168 gr. HPBT bullet in your .308 rifle? Fine, choose a 165, 173, 160 grain round, THEN choose the rapid action turret model which allows you to dial in the yardage without the BDC system clouding up your reticle. After you’ve chosen the turret model, go to the Nikon Optics page online, and order a custom turret system for your scope based on the load you prefer to use in your .308 rifle. You’re not limited to just one load either. Depending on the application, feel free to order as many as you like.

Doing this type of thing with a .223 round is impressive. Matching it with a larger caliber like the .308 Winchester is, well it's just exciting.

If the BDC model floats your boat, all you need is the Nikon Spot On program available free online, or a fair priced download both for iPhone, iPad and Android devices to figure out the exact flight and drop pattern of your preferred load, whether it’s the 168 grainer or not.

I haven’t personally owned the M223 riflescope previously mentioned. I have however owned the Nikon Coyote Special and had great success with it, along with a Nikon Buckmaster scope, and several ProStaff scopes some with BDC and some with a standard duplex reticle and they’ve all worked and functioned flawlessly for me. I’m sure the new M308 Ballistic Riflescope (built on the Monarch platform) will be nothing short of “the usual” for the folks at Nikon.


5 Responses to New M308 Ballistic Riflescope from Nikon

  1. J Bev says:

    I have owned my M223 ( #8487 2-8X32 BDC 600) for a while now, the bargain I received from my local gunshop is long in the past, as solid market demand has taken its toll.

    I have moved it from one rifle to another while seeking optimal loads for each weapon (two AR-15 SP1’s and a SIG 556). The “Spot On” software allows developing and printing-out the Reticle-Equivalent Ranges for any load, of any caliber… so, this scope is currently mounted on a Match-grade FN FAL… the NATO 7.62 trajectory, when compared to that of the 55 gr. 5.56 is, “close enough for government work”.

    The M223 has proven rugged, easy to dial-in, holds zero, and the overall fit/finish is top-notch, but, I am hesitant to refer to it as a Monarch-line product; the mechanics may be identical, but, the lens quality (light transmissivity) is not quite up to Monarch standards.

    I’m sure it is already too late to get the M308 at a bargain price, inventories appear to already be decimated, but the strategically-place pricing of a fine product makes it a very attractive value. – JB

  2. Rick Phelps says:

    When will the M-308 be available, and what will it cost? Also. where can one purchase these?

    • Ebbs says:

      Rick, just shot an email to my buddy Bart from Nikon to see if he can offer some insights on this. Stay tuned, he’s usually pretty quick to reply.

  3. Roger Dane says:

    The .308 looks great BUT so far (June 6th, D-Day, God Speed) cannot find one anywhere… WHEN will they be out?

    • Ebbs says:

      Thanks for the question Roger. Just received this reply from my contact at Nikon:

      New date is late July, I’m hoping early Aug! I still can’t get P-223 or P-22 product. Quite a big run on all of that entry level stuff. Great for retailers, bad for me!

      Hope that’s helpful…

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