Rick finally showing that he REALLY knows how to use that Colt. This image is a screen shot of the Sunday 2/12 episode that just went live online.

Last night’s episode of the Walking Dead (yeah, yeah I watch it. I’m not riding the whole zombie deal too high, but the stress and “what if” of this show have me hooked!) really got me feeling like I need to be doing more “as seen on tv” gun reviews. Since episode 1 of the first season of The Walking Dead, I immediately noticed that Rick was carrying a super sweet bright nickel finished Colt Python .357 Magnum with a 6″ vent ribbed/sight rail barrel. The Colt Python has long been known as one of the finest and most accurate defensive revolvers money can buy. And since they quit making them in 1999, if you can get your hands on one or already have one I suggest you cling tight and don’t let go as these pistols still demand a premium. Many shooters and gun writers have heralded the Colt Python as one of the finest production pistols ever made.

It was originally introduced in 1955 with the purpose of competing with Smith & Wesson’s M29 in .44 Magnum (think Dirty Harry) though many key features differed altogether and even in appearance. The top of the barrel has a full length vent rib (which is more of a shotgun term) or a sight rail which serves to raise up the sight base a bit AND help dissipate heat due to rapid firing the hot loaded .357 Magnum round. Under the barrel you’ll find a full length lug (where the cylinder boom is contained when closed) designed to help distribute weight for aid in accuracy as well as reduced felt recoil.

This image taken from Wikipedia shows the 6" and 4" version. The one top right is an exact match the Colt Python Rick uses in The Walking Dead.

Early on when I saw Rick carrying the Colt Python .357 in a low hanging and loose draw style braided leather duty holster I thought it was a little lame. Every other guy on the Sheriff’s force is carrying a Glock 17 in 9mm, why can’t you standardize and go with the flow? THEN, in last night’s midseason (season 2) premier of The Walking Dead, Rick finds himself in a sticky situation between two low lifes. And well, I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t seen it, but Rick uses that Colt Python as well as any modern day cowboy I’ve seen on the screen in a while. It was an adrenaline filled scene! Obviously, it’s a TV Show, but the directors did an outstanding job making the scene appear very convincing.

The only beef I have is the occasional staunch lack of recoil Rick’s Python appears to have. Even with .38 special rounds loaded in it with as heavy as it is, there is still going to be some healthy muzzle flip. In last night’s scene, after he fired the “finishing” shots on the second thug, you could see the barrel flash but there was ZERO recoil. But, for the last time it’s TV. I’d like to pretend like I know more about this pistol, but only having ever drooled over them and never actually firing one I’ll defer to a master. Hop on over to Chuck Hawks and see what he has to say about the pistol. If Chuck approves, it’s the real deal!

Awful big blast for no ill affect on the wrist.


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  2. ya know I wanna own a colt python n be like rick grimes cause he is cool I wanna be ina zombie apoc cause I could kick some zombie butt.i would be a long term survivor and those zombies aint gonna come close to me aint nobody got time foe dem walkers or that

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