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Even though the sights on the folding stock and the heat shield were functional and look decent, I'm not sure how well they'd hold up to a real beating.

Admittedly, Haus of Guns has been a little slim on Shotgun Reviews, but that’s something I intend to change in the near future. Actually starting NOW!

A couple months back I posted a little teaser related to an inexpensive home defense shotgun we picked up for review. It came to the Haus used and tac’d out with ATI shotgun accessories. Well, I’m talking of course about the H&R/NEF Pardner Pump Protector defense shotgun. It’s a 12 gauge pump action with a rugged matte finish and fashioned after the venerable Remington 870 12 Gauge. “Fashioned” may be a fairly lenient term considering the fact that this little dandy is essentially a full blown 870 clone. That’s right, all 870 aftermarket products will fit the Pardner Pump Protector with the exception of barrels and magazine tube extensions, the latter of which technically will work with some light modification. The ATI products (heat shield and pistol grip over folding stock) were 870 accessories.

This particular Pardner Protector is outfitted with an ATI over folding pistol grip stock that has a 5 round shotgun shell saddle tucked on the bottom side of the folding stock (see pics). The stock itself had fairly decent ergonomic function, and coupled with an ATI heat shield with a front sight post, it coupled very nicely with the rear ghost ring sight located just above the front hinge of the ATI overfolding stock. I wasn’t sure how well the zero would be, but it turned out to be spot on at 25 feet or so, which in my opinion would be considered even a bit far for self defense purposes. Unless you’re fighting zombies on the Walking Dead, in which case 50 yard head shots with shotguns are an everyday occurrence.

Being an 870 clone means it functions the same, has the same controls, and even feels the same in the hand.

Operation of this shotgun is a breeze. The tube magazine holds 5 rounds which could make for 6 total if you were so inclined to fill the chamber with a load before racking the slide shut and filling the tube mag. While this shotgun will handle 3″ magnum loads no problem, I simply used 2.75″ shells as it’s what we’ll primarily keep in it at home. My wife will be using this gun after all. The slide functioned smooth and sure and the range of motion had a very nice wall towards the front and back. I ran a total of 50 rounds including some #6 short brass shot shells for patterning and function test (cheap), Winchester Super X 00 Buckshot loads, Remington 000 Buckshot loads, and Remington Number 4 Buckshot (all the buck loads were tall brass) with no issues whatsoever.

The whole shotgun itself is pretty light. I didn’t weight it but would be surprised if it came in at under seven pounds even with the extra furniture on it. That said, recoil was manageable and even a little less harsh on my cheek as I mashed it down onto the over folding stock without hesitancy. I honestly anticipated to walk away with a bruised cheek bone due to the shape of the stock, but I walked away after those 50 rounds no worse for wear. The recoil wouldn’t be unmanageable for a light framed shooter who knew how to handle themselves.

Even though the matte finish is tough and appears to hold up well, this little tool is screaming for some cerakoat.

Finally, I was impressed with the short 18.5″ cylinder bore barrel (no threads for choke tubes to be added) as it held the majority of shot from the #6 shot shells in a 6″ circle at 20 feet completely obliterating a 6″ Shoot N’ C target and the 1/4″ corrugated plastic material from behind it. What the barrel did with buck loads at a distance of 10 feet were very encouraging. Lots of holes, punching one big one, pretty much what you would expect from a home defense shotgun. And it did a number on gallon milk jugs filled with water. (check the video to see firsthand)

The bad news? Well, as with so many things that seem too good to be true it seems like there is bad news attached. The only crummy news I have to offer is that this bad boy is made in China. However, as with many semi-dangerous clones and imitations of so many product the folks across the pond have to offer, this one really does seem like a win. Reliable, and best of all patterned after the ever trustworthy 870. The brass at H&R 1871 seem to be fine folks who wouldn’t put their stamp on something that came back with a reputation of being unsafe or even unreliable. This shotgun really was a pleasure to handle and shoot. While many sub $200 shotguns feel uber cheap with jagged edges and choppy functions, if you were to close your eyes and run the Pardner Pump you’d be hard pressed to convince yourself it’s actually NOT an 870.

Last but definitely least I highly doubt I’ll leave the extra ATI accessories on as I’ve been entirely smitten with Magpul’s new MOE 870 furniture and am working to get a forend and buttstock in for review… Preferably in OD Green. :) If this written review seems a bit choppy, I’ve been listening to a lot of dubstep music lately. Including the entire time I tapped out this review. My apologies.


10 Responses to NEF Pardner Pump Protector Shotgun Review

  1. Phillip says:

    Looks fun. I just wish manufacturers would offer better after market items for the 20GA 870. I have yet to find anything that I really like, yet. I really like the pistol grip and stock you have for that knock off.

    • Ebbs says:

      The over folding pistol grip stock wasn’t as uncomfortable as I thought it would be. That said though it’s a bit more than I want for home defense purposes. The stock shell saddle holds the shells too tight, it’s a bit wide and along with the heat shield I see more potential for snags than I care to have moving through the house in the dark. So they’re already gone and back to the original.

  2. Tom F. says:

    I have the Pardner Pump Turkey gun. Great gun too for 240 bucks. Thanks for another great review Ebbs !

    • Ebbs says:

      Thanks for the kind words as always, my friend. This is a gun I’ve been impressed with so far. Definitely not a cheap-o to overlook.

  3. David says:

    I was wondering about the ATI accessories, I can find the overfolding stock and heat shield but not both with your sight configuration. I was wondering if you just purchased heat shield that came with both sights and you just put the rear sight on to the stock, or did the stock come with sight attached? Thanks.

    • Ebbs says:

      The sight assembly was bought separately. They build them so they’re compatible with all shotgun model heat shields and folding rear stocks.

  4. Ray Luck says:

    Hey man i bought this gun for my wife because of the length. I was wondering if the folding stock made it any longer or shorter?

    • Ebbs says:

      The folding stock makes it at least 1″ longer length of pull. I actually bought the shotgun used so the stock and shellholder was already installed. If you google ATI gun stock’s website I’ve seen that it’s available for direct purchase there. Or if you search “ATI Remington 870 Over Folding Stock” on Bing you should come up with some good options as well.

  5. Ray Luck says:

    and where did you find the ati top folding stock with shell holder??

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