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In the wake of last night’s Top Shot 4 episode featuring 4 different Benelli shotguns, it dawned on me that somehow I’d never done a shotgun review on any of my Benelli’s I guess it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of reviewing the “newest and hottest” products as they come out and forget about different guns that have been around for a while and have proven themselves worthy.

Enter the Benelli Nova. You cannot imagine my excitement last night while watching Top Shot when I realized if the TS4 team was implementing the Benelli M4 and the Vinci on the Team Challenge, then that must mean they would break out the Benelli Nova on the elimination challenge. And I was right! It was a creative idea too, forcing the competitors to establish a rhythm of SHOOT, PUMP, RELOAD all the while keeping the three headed target wheel rolling down the track on its rounded triangular sides. You’ll need to check the Mind Dump to see what I mean. Of course the Top Shot version of my nova was tac’d out to the max. It had an extended magazine tube, and raised ghost ring sights for more precise shooting applications.

Pick one, I GUARANTEE you won't be disappointed!


Let’s see, I first received my Benelli Nova back in the summer of 2004 as a gift from my father. He had bought it for himself and hated it, not because it looks like an alien shotgun out of some sci-fi movie, but because he couldn’t hit a thing with it and just in general felt more comfortable with his Ithica Model 37 Featherweight (dang need to review that one too!). The ubiquitous pump shotgun has since been quail hunting in Western Oklahoma, skeet & trap shooting in Missouri, Nebraska and Colorado, as well as dove and goose hunting in Colorado and too many Missouri turkey hunts to count. My 26″ barreled Nova has seen countless gallons of water spilled over it, been jammed with red clay more times than I can remember and most recently covered in a talc style textured sand that infiltrated every pore and still has yet to yield a jam or a misfire or have a part or screw give way to rust. I’ve run 2.75″, 3″, and 3.5″ shells over and over and it chews them up and spits them out without a complaint. NEVER a complaint.

The Benelli Nova is inexpensive, hearty and consistently accurate with any type of shot. Expensive, cheap, buffered magnum loads, lead bird shot, buck shot, copper plated shot… EVERYTHING. I’ve never owned a shotgun (among probably 7 of my own in my young life) that has a modified choke tube that patterns like this. IN fact I’ll go out on a limb and say it’s the tightest modified cylinder I’ve ever shot.


I can say beyond the shadow of a doubt that if you’re looking for an all around sport pump shotgun, the Benelli Nova is perfect for you. Be aware though, it’s big. Benelli does have 20 gauge and youth size models that will be more appropriate for small framed shooters. My Nova is the most robust pump shotgun I’ve ever used. EVER, and that’s up there with Mossberg 500s, Remington 870s and Winchester 1200 Ranger models. By my last rough estimate count my Nova has had over 5,000 rounds of miscellaneous shells through it with a perfect track record and no sign of slowing down.

If I had to describe the Benelli Nova pump shotgun with one phrase that could convince you it would be this…


shotgun ammo


4 Responses to Benelli Nova 12 Gauge Shotgun Review

  1. […] week’s episode the day following for 7 days till the new one hits) featuring the 3 different Benelli shotguns we had seen on Top Shot 4 the night before. Turns out, Jay knows a bit more about shooting guns […]

  2. hiker says:

    it rocks………………………….!

  3. josh says:

    My dad has owned more ithaca model 37’s than I can count (not because they are breaking he sells them to get nicer ones) and i have always known that to be the most reliable shotgun that you can own and he recently gave me his old benelli nova and I was wondering if anything ever goes wrong with them because I have read nothing but good reviews.

  4. Keith Ellis says:

    I have owned a nova for three years now it has never,NEVER failed me.ive shot slugs,8,6,4,oo,ooo,2 3/4,3s,3 1/2 inch shells without fail.this nova tactical is without a doubt is my life insurance when things go south!!I added a two round extinded tube so topped off she (yes she)holds 8 rounds.Bottom line this shotgun with some min.training will put the odds in your favor.

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