As great as the double stack frame feels, it might be even better with a set of slim grips.

One of the nicest surprises of Media Day at the Range for SHOT Show 2012 was the Armscore/Rock Island Armory booth. The CEO/President Martin Tuason was there himself and proved to be one of the most welcoming and personable characters I would meet the whole week. Martin is the second generation heir to the Armscor kingdom and is a proud leader to say the least. One of the pieces he was the most proud of is their new .22 TCM 1911-A2 pistol. The .22 TCM is named for Martin TUASON, Fred CRAIG and is considered a MICROMAG thus “TCM.”

Funny looking? Yes, but check out the daytime visible fireball this thing spits out!

Apparently the Rock Islant/Armscor crew was sitting on tens of thousands of spent .223 brass that they didn’t want to just send away or toss. So designer Fred Craig came to Martin Tuason and promised something interesting from those cases, and the .22 TCM was born. It’s a dramatically shortened and necked down .223 case with an expanding 40 grain .22 caliber round that gets out of the 5″ standard 1911 barrel at over 2000 feet per second (closer to 2100) and generating over 400 foot pounds of energy. The width of the round is micrometers different from a 9mm so they’ll take the same double stack 9mm magazines in the 1911-A2 frame flawlessly allowing a 9mm barrel to be switched out with ease (Armscore includes a 9mm barrel in the .22 TCM package).

With such a powerful little package you might think there’s a load of recoil. Let me tell you first hand it’s surprisingly mild! The .22 TCM is a loud little sucker, but recoil is incredibly manageable and recovers fast with the 38 ounce overall weight and 4140 steel forged slide. The trigger was respectable for a stock 1911 and the double stack capacity felt fantastic in the hand. Before you trip out on carrying a .22 in your 1911, remember that the double stack frame will let you toss 18 rounds of .22 TCM into the magazine and ammo is plentiful and will be readily available from Armscor when they release the .22 TCM this summer. Is it the BEST option for self defense? Probably not, BUT give Rock Island credit for seeing a problem and coming up with a creative solution. PLUS this thing is an absolute BLAST (pun intended) to shoot! I’m hoping to get one in hand before too long so I can do a full handgun review on it.


16 Responses to Rock Island Armory’s .22 TCM 1911

  1. Wayne Miller says:

    That is one slick little pistole’! Any word on a MSRP? I did a little “dig” and saw a guy quoting a
    gun shop price of around $600, with the 9mm barrel, spring, and extractor, and ammo at $23/box of 50. Does that sound legit?

  2. Wayne Miller says:

    Dug a little deeper saw them for $529/change and ammo for $19.99/50! Would love to see an extended evaluation for fit, function, and reliability. Will be watching for this one.

  3. Erik Timmons says:

    You indicate in the write up that the recoil is “surprisingly mild” but in the video you say “Zero recoil”. I’m just wondering is it more close to the zero .22 type recoil or is it a bit more?

    • Ebbs says:

      Now we’re just grasping at straws. The recoil is minimal from something that spits a bullet out at 2100 feet per second from a 5″ barrel. If you’re used to shooting a 1911 in .45 ACP then there’s ZERO recoil. It’s all relative.

      • Erik Timmons says:

        I wasn’t trying to grasp at straws, I was serious. I just wanted to know if you thought it was zero and then changed your mind after realizing it. I realize it’s relative.

        • fivejades says:

          When we are very excited about a thing, we cant pick up the right word to describe it. Maybe Ebbs point is that he descibed the 22TCM “with almost zero recoil”. And I agree.

  4. Chuck Holzner says:

    My son just got one a few days ago. Well made, tight pistol. Trigger had a bit more creep than it needed and had it in 2 stages. Otherwise it shot very well. He and I each shot 10 rounds through it at informal targets in his back yard shooting off his porch as it was raining. It seems to be accurate.
    We found all the used brass in great shape with no dents or dings. We had no malfunctions. We each fired 10 shots with only 10 rounds loaded at a time.
    It came with a 9mm barrel, spring and extractor. We did not try them.
    I never liked the new fad of “Bevertail” safeties and would rather it had a standard hammer and safety or better yet, the old comander style. With my small hands I would rather it was a single stack. Otherwise I like it fine. Just may have to get one of my own.

    Chuck Holzner

    P.S. Recoil was not a problem. Hearing protection is recomended.

  5. Ron says:

    Just bought at $519. Neat lil pistol with loud bang and lots of muzzle flash. Recoil is quite minimal. Mine was shooting a lil right. Adjusted sights yesterday, will see how shoots today.

    I hear armscor will,reload brass for you. I am not sure if sending them that to them and getting it back is worth the hassle. Will think about it if ammo gets hard to come by.

    Changed barrel/extractor/spring. After a couple tries was able to change quickly. Though i doubt i would change it out at the range. Too many lil pieces id likely loose. Will probably shoot 9mm conversion at range this weekend.

    • Ebbs says:

      Thanks for filling us in, Ron! IT sure was a blast to shoot at Range Day. Really thinking I’d like to have one for myself. Plus I’ve been wanting a 1911 in 9mm anyway. With the weight I imagine the 9mm rounds will be really mild out of it too, not to mention the doublestack mag is a great add on.

  6. Wayne says: had the pistols at $529.99 and had the ammo at $19.99/box of 50.

    • al says:

      Thanks Wayne, but they are now $619, appears slick guns just list guns from other companies, Centerfire is who had the original listing at $529 which if you go to centerfire they are $619.
      Thanks any way,

  7. […] past January I can say for a fact the pride and their work and continued innovation (as seen with the .22 TCM 1911 we shot) is welcome and much needed necessity to the industry. While their guns are often viewed as […]

  8. Ron says:

    Bud’s Gun Shop ( the RIA 1911A2 .22TCM for 563.00

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