On Friday of this past week I got a surprise privilege of getting to fire a brand new Taurus Model 44 .44 Magnum Revolver. A close friend of mine had just purchased it the week before and I got an invite to head to the with him and another buddy. I’m always super grateful when a friend invites me to shoot their newly acquired piece and insists I shoot as much as I want even if I didn’t bring any ammo of my own to burn through. Plus, I shoot autos MUCH more often than I do revolvers (see Ruger LCR and Taurus Judge PD Poly), so this was a nice change of pace.

Some wheel guns just look cool. Yes please.

When I do most gun reviews I’m 100% by myself. So the only perspective I get of someone firing the gun that is being reviewed is whatever the camera sees. It was cool again to be able to step behind the shooter and watch how the Taurus Model 44 would behave in someone’s hand other than my own. Because of constant reminders and technical consciousness of my own form while shooting for reviews, I’ve been told I can tend to minimize recoil and the feel of a gun in the hand. This time though, I got to hear from 2 other shooters that confirmed how I felt this .44 Magnum was behaving in my hand.

I fired the Taurus Model .44 in both Double Action and Single Action and was impressed with the response of the trigger on this revolver when compared to more expensive models. Accuracy at 10 yards standing is same hole and while I didn’t test accuracy beyond that, my assumption is that with single action and perhaps even with an optic from a rest this would be a sub 2″ gun at 50 yards perfect for hunting or even shoving in a shoulder rig while in dangerous game country. The 12 ports on the front end (6 on each side of the front sight) do a marvelous job of handling muzzle rise and drive most of the recoil back into the palm of your hand rather than straight up torquing the wrists. I fired multiple 6 shot cylinders in double action as fast as I could through the 6.5″ barrel and my wrists and hands were no worse for the wear using standard Remington (green & white box) 180 Grain JSP ammo. The soft rubber grips with front strap finger grooves do a lot for providing secure traction allowing the shooter to squeeze off multiple shots without correcting his grip.

As impressive as this piece is visually and while firing, there was a downside. For a gun that cost $600 plus you would expect the construction to be rock solid and ready to handle a beating for a while right out of the box. And for the most part it was, but weirdly enough after firing 15 or 20 rounds we noticed the top blade of the front sight was missing. The owner took a couple shots and said, “Wasn’t there a colored dot on top of the sight?” Upon closer inspection we noticed the set pin had somehow slid out and was blown up and behind the shooting line 10 feet or so thanks to the 12 ports on the top side of the muzzle. Not to worry though, if you refuse to rely on the quality of your eyesight to find the front post (or missing front post) you can get a scope base mount to clamp to the rail and go with an optic.

For some of the most discerning wheel gunners, the Taurus name is a joke. A “not good enough” excuse of imitation guns that haven’t been around as long as the big dogs. But for shooters who appreciate a good value, a company that stands behind its product with an unconditional lifetime guarantee, constant innovation and reinventing and an increasingly quality handgun Taurus might just be for you. Everyone’s got horror stories, but my experiences have been positive, to the tune of about 22 good to just 1 not so good. Okay, let the poop storm begin.

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22 Responses to Taurus 44 Magnum Model 44 Revolver Review

  1. Dan says:

    Nice review Ebbs! It’s cool that you got to fire this one with some friends. I think you make a good point about how that provides extra feedback and the opportunity for multiple perspectives of the gun. While I know next to nothing about the Taurus Model 44, I will say it looks quite cool. I’m sure it happily sends lead down range.

  2. Adam says:

    Looks like it would be a lot nicer to shoot than my New Vaquero in .44 mag. I’ve always liked the look of modern revolvers with the long barrels like that. The snubbies tend to look silly, but those long barrels look mean

  3. […] Sunday I said I haven’t done many handgun reviews of revolvers. Then I reviewed the Taurus Model 44, .44 Magnum Revolver. And then I remembered a bunch of other revolvers I’d reviewed too. THEN I remembered I was […]

  4. John Brenize says:

    I just got this gun and I also have a model 29 smith 6″ Isee not much difference in the two guns except that the Taurus handles better.


    the Taurus Model 44 in 44mag is a work horse it fires right on everytime with reduced recoil,I have the 4\” and it is great.

  6. John Brenize says:

    I had a little glich with the side plate screw that holds the crane in, backed out a little causeing the crane to move enough to cause the cylinder to drag a little. A little Lock Tite and problem solved. Taurus sugestion. Two boxes later with full house Magnum loads, still hummin along.

  7. John Brenize says:

    P.S My Smith did the same thing.

  8. Joe says:

    I special ordered my 44 with a 4″ barrel. I got it home and started cleaning it before going to the range only to find the wheel would not lock securely. It was very easy to dislodge it. The dealer is sending it back and I wont have it back for a month…WTF

  9. John White says:

    This was my very first handgun. I decided to go with the 6inch barrel. Everyone told me to get a 9mm or a 40. I have always been hung up on the 44 magnum why I couldn’t tell you. I tried out several different guns before returning to the Taurus. I tried 3 different Rugers and 4 different Smiths. In the end I went back to the Shop and got the Taurus. The full underlug and built in compensator makes this gun a dream to shoot. I have put several hundred rounds down range and I am as happy today about buying it as I was the day I got it. I have since owned just about every caliber handgun from 22 to 45 but I trust my life to the taurus. If I want to concealed carry I have a Smith 39-2 9mm now, but I live in Tennessee so I can open carry with no issues so the Taurus hangs loud and proud

    • Ebbs says:

      Great story! You’re exactly right the Model 44 does shoot like a dream thanks in part to the overall weight and the ports. Accurate too. The trigger on the one I fired was pretty gritty. Was yours better out of the box, did it smooth out over time or did you have work done on it?

  10. Don says:

    Bought the long barrel Taurus 44 in blue back in 1994 new for $350…excellent pistol in all aspects for me…I have only put a few hundred rounds through it and have not shot since the late 90’s…still enjoy holding & looking at it…no problems with it at all…aloha!

  11. JOEL F. says:


  12. Greg says:

    I think I’ll go to the store today and buy the 44 magnum. I own a PT101 Taurus and have put over 1000 rounds through it with no problems. I did over stuff the factory 10 round magazine by stuffing in 11 rounds and broke the magazine catch. I mailed the broken part to Taurus and they mailed back a brand new one at no cost.

  13. RC says:

    I have had several Taurus handguns, and they have all been great guns. I have had 2 m44’s and both have had excellent triggers. The first one I bought used, so I thought it had had a trigger job. The second was new in the box, and had just as good a trigger. They fit my hand better than the Redhawk, and are stronger guns than the M29. Heavy 300+ grn bullets still kick like a mule, even with ports, but normal loads are very pleasant. I have come to expect very good accuracy out of any quality 44mag revolver, and the Taurus is no exception.

  14. RC says:

    PS, both of mine have/had 4″ bbls.

  15. Brian Cooper says:

    I have owned both older Rossi and Taurus revolvers and Have yet to have any problems with either. I Love and own Smith & Wesson revolvers as well. My 41 mag model 57 is my favorite. But I have to chuckle at all the gun snobery I read . Ruger and Smith get their share of guns sent back for repair.

  16. andy says:

    I own two taurus pistols. one semi automatic in 45acp and a judge. both work flawlessly. the millennium 145 pro has had all kinds of “stuff’ run through it. never a failure to feed or fire. including some gap my tired eyes selected by mistake during a sale.

    Over the weekend I helped a friend sell her model 44 to another friend. (The original owner has decided she is more comfortable carring a slug gun in bear country, here in south central Alaska.) I have been around the pistol for about a decade now, it hasn’t been fired as much as it should, but has always been flawless. Easiest 44 I have shot to date.

    Interesting how Buffalo Bore lists the Taurus Raging bull as capable of handling it’s hottest ammo, and no Smiths are on the list.

  17. Tracy says:

    I’ve seen the comments from gun snobs who denigrate Taurus. Here’s my experience: Around 25 years ago, I decided I wanted a packable 4″ double action .44 Mag. At the time, the choices were the S&W M29 and 629, and the Llama. Ruger had their Redhawk, but not in 4″ and at any rate, it was about 10 ounces too heavy. So I bought a nice Smith Model 29 and proceeded to shoot a variety of ammo in it: factory 180 and 240 grain jacketed bullets, factory 240 grain lead SWC reduced loads, and cast 245 grain lead SWC at approximately 1200 fps. At no point did I ever fire any “hot” handloads, nor any 300+ grain bullets. I read everything I could find about the 29 by Massad Ayoob, Chuck Taylor and others, so I knew it wouldn’t handle it. Nevertheless, my beautiful M29 went out of time before I reached the one thousand round mark. Thinking it had to be a fluke, I traded it in and got a 629. Same result. Now, I was reading good things about the N frame .44s along with the warnings, and I also loved the look and feel of them. So I continued to try “just one more” 4″ Smith .44 Mag until I had gone through about five of them. Not one made it to the one thousand round mark before it developed problems. About that time, S&W finally tacitly admitted to a problem with the durability of their .44 Mag revolvers when they introduced their .44 Mag 629 Mountain gun with new durability improvements.
    I wanted one badly, but by that time I was thoroughly burned and disgusted with S&W and no longer willing to risk that much money on their word.

    Don’t get me wrong; I love old K-frame .38s as well as K, J and I-frame .32s. Also old N frames in any chambering other than .44 Mag. But I would buy a Taurus M44 over a Smith .44 Mag even if it cost more. If it developed problems, I would make use of the awesome Taurus lifetime warranty. I don’t know (nor care) what S&W’s warranty is now, but at the time that I wasted thousands of dollars on their .44 Mag product, I had NO RECOURSE when they proved less durable than an RG.

    I now have a Taurus Tracker 4″ .44 Mag and while I can’t (yet) speak to its long-term durability, it has so far proven to at least as durable as all those 29s and 629s I had in the past, while being 10 ounces lighter.

    I really wish I had given up on the Smiths after the second one, and bought a 4″ Llama 44. I have no idea if it would have been any better, but it was half the price and I seriously doubt that it would have been any worse. Has anyone out there tried one?

  18. JTH says:

    Just bought this gun. Very pleased! Second Taurus revolver I’ve bought. I had bought the S&W Model 69 and like this Taurus better. Great price too.

  19. John says:

    I’ve never liked Taurus especially there semiautomatic handguns yes I have always been a colt and Smith fan . With that said I took a chance on the model 44 .44 mag and I love it, even my girlfriend can handle it

  20. Randy says:

    I bought the Tarus 44 mag 6 inch in stainless steel a year ago. I did mount a stainless steel scope on it. So far I have shot and retived 2 wild boars and 1 white tail buck. In the 45 to 50 yard range with 240 gr. I love hunting and shooting this revolver.

  21. danny says:

    I just traded for a Taurus tracker 44 mag and found the cylinder free spins backwards. Any suggestions?

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