From the monthly archives: April 2012

A couple things have been well established and documented on Haus of Guns over the past 15 months.

I do gun reviews of all sorts. I love rimfires… of all sorts. I’ve given Ruger a hard time for what appears to be blatant mimicry of other company’s gun designs… Continue Reading

What if I Get Pulled Over?

On April 29, 2012 By

Any time I can shoot and have a cameraman with me and not have to constantly film myself and set up the tripod over and over and frame up the shot I jump at the chance. With Dad being in town we had planned to go shooting anyway so we packed up first thing then […]

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On April 25, 2012 By

Look it’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a RAY GUN?!?

No, no, it’s not a ray gun, but with sleek (some will say ugly) and streamlined ergonomically friendly design the KRISS USA Vector Carbine looks like something imagined or featured in a sci fi novel. In fact if my buddy Owen of Continue Reading

Ooooh baby am I excited about tonight. Tonight the Top Shot players are running an M1919 Browning belt fed machine gun from the back of a World War 2 era half track. BOOOOYAH!

Last week we said goodbye to Chee after Gary surprised us […]

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I wish this was a handgun review. Alas in all honesty it isn’t, but I got the chance to fondle one of these last Friday and I grabbed a quick pic because I just had to share. Of all the 1911s I’ve caressed in the past ooooh 3 years, this one feels the most comfortable […]

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Well it’s actually a pistol scope, and an extremely inexpensive one at that. Before I drop $300 on long eye relief glass for my makeshift entry level Mosin Scout Rifle I want to make sure it’s going to fit the bill of what I want it to accomplish:


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When I was in high school a buddy of mine’s father had one of these rifles and I got to handle it a bit. I never had the chance to fire it, but I remember thinking “is this the ugliest rifle/shotgun I’ve ever seen?” as it sat there in my hands. It looked like an […]

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Weird title right? How are earbuds/headphones 9mm rounds?

SiTi = Titanium | G = GOLD  | [M] = Microphone

Well, this isn’t a gun review, and it surely isn’t an ammo review, well unless you consider these earbuds to be ammo for your ears! Like most folks, I’ve been listening to music […]

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Remember last week? We cried and said goodbye to our dear friend, Gabby. Well, Chee cried anyway. At least it wasn’t Littlejohn, right? Then we had to watch Chris take down Will in an absolute NAIL BITER of an elimination challenge with the […]

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You might remember a few months back we posted a “firing line” sort of article highlighting the ubiquitous Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30 with a little M44 action mixed in. Also, I’ve frequently been a guest on “The Eleventh Hour” online radio show on the Prepper Broadcasting […]

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