One of the harder things I’ve had to do as a blogger in recent memory is write a running commentary on Top Shot from an iPad. That was last week, and it turned out to be more fun than I thought it would, I just had to stay on my toes a bit more.

Tonight rumor has it we’ll see the return of Kelly from Season 1 and Big George from Season 2 of Top Shot, an Accuracy International AWM Sniper Rifle, and the longest shot ever attempted on Top Shot somewhere in the 1500 yard ball park. That’s almost a mile folks. A MILE! So yeah, I’m a little bent out of shape about tonight’s mind dump. Also a reminder, the Mind Dump is “live blogged.” Meaning I write things before they happen or as I see them happen, hence a lot of predictions and an incapacity of internal thought.

Image courtesy of Accuracy International, Inc.


  • Uh oh, Gabby and Chee have a little hey-diddle-diddle going on???
  • The first glimpse I got of the Accuracy International AWM rifle I peed a little. PEED! Incidentally the Accuracy International is British made, just like the Enfield and Webley from last week. A double tribute to Iain Harrison and Terry Vaughan?
  • GREEN SHIRTS! Congrats to Gabby as the first green jersey ever.
  • Glad to see Big George hasn’t changed his hair at all.
  • Uh oh, sounds like Littlejohn is going to be giving Big George a bandana before the night is over. AIR FORCE!


  • WOW. Shooters practiced at 750 yards. The 30 inch target is set at 1500.
  • This is also an elimination challenge. If you place last in this shoot you go home. Shooters must hit the target within 10 minutes or 20 rounds whichever comes first.
  • Remember folks, this is a rifle that was dropping 3 inch groups at 750 yards, don’t think it’s not capable of plinking that 1500 yard dot in just a couple of seconds. FWIW, this is a .338 Lapua, NOT a .50 BMG. That’s a crazy long shot for a +.30 Cal round.
  • Augie was super fast. Gary did pretty well. Littlejohn shot faster than he ever has. Hey Diddle, Diddle didn’t do awful. Chris Cheng struggled the most I’ve seen yet. Gabby too. in last place with Chee Kwan coming up as the final shooter. Gabby looks Morose.
  • Chee connects on his 3rd shot and comes in 2nd place. That means he sends Gabby home, which means he knocked out his girlfriend. What a jerk. (sarcasm) Gabby was an outstanding competitor. Hate to see her go.
  • “I didn’t say anything to Chee just because I wanted to see him keep focus.” -Gabby Franco
  • Too bad the players couldn’t hang around longer celebrating the fact that they got to plink an exploding target at 1500 yards. 1500 YARDS! That’s cause for a party in my neck of the woods.
  • William is a jerk, church deacon or not. At least the show portrays him that way. It IS a TV show after all.
  • Only Kyle, William and Chris are up for elimination. MacGruber (Kyle) claimed it should be he and Chris as they were the weakest performers.
  • MACGRUBER! After a tie, Kyle and William have a “closest to bullseye” shootoff and Kyle DOTS the center and sends William to elimination against Chris.
  • “I don’t care how well they do, they’re all on the chopping block and you can take that to the bank.” – William


Mmmmm the original Henry.

  • The challenge is fired with an original Henry lever rifle. Full length mag tube. No forend.
  • George and Kelly look a little out of place coaching the guys on the lever gun.
  • From the looks of the target in practice the guys will be sawing off a block of wood or something.
  • Chris tells the story of his intro to firearms. He thanks Top Shot post season 1 for getting more into shooting. So TOP SHOT does get people more interested in guns. HMMMM!
  • Head to head challenge shooting metal plates made of two outer rings and a bulls eye. First shooter to knock down all plates wins.
  • Man both these Henry rifles are buttery smooth.
  • William started strong with Chris moving slow then ties it and it comes down to the final target and Chris nails it!!!! The other players are evidently pumped that William is gone. INCREDIBLE job, Chris. William loses to a novice “shoot for fun” guy.

Next week the guys are gonna have to run a “SWAT” esque type challenge and elimination. VERY cool looking show.



2 Responses to The Longest Shot – Top Shot Season 4 Mind Dump

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  2. […] Remember last week? We cried and said goodbye to our dear friend, Gabby. Well, Chee cried anyway. At least it wasn’t Littlejohn, right? Then we had to watch Chris take down Will in an absolute NAIL BITER of an elimination challenge with the classic Henry lever action rifle. It was historic in the sense that Gabby made it further than any other woman having entered the competition. Ironically too, she never had to face an elimination challenge. Wondering if she would have fared the same had that been the case. (ATLATL anyone?) […]

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