Last night on Facebook I saw my buddy Tom over at post a link to an Amazon Kindle ebook he’s made available called the “My Gun Culture’s Insanely Practical Holster Guide.” Tom’s site is one of the more inventive and creative gun blogs out there with genuine and unique content offered up generously along with a fair dose of gun related political humor. After some questions arose regarding the content of his book and a quick conversation with the author, I thought I’d do what I can to let you know what you’re getting for your dollar.

What makes it insanely practical? Well, Tom and his “literary assault team” walk through a multitude of holster options from leather, nylon, kydex, cloth, OWB (outside the waistband), IWB (inside the waistband), pocket carry, off the body, concealment shirts, and thankfully different belts that they’ve had PERSONAL (not second hand) experience with over the years in hopes of helping the reader avoid ending up with a large box of unused holsters like he and many other experienced concealed firearms carriers have accumulated over the years.

The book is just 36 pages long and was an easy 20 minute read via the Kindle app on my iPad (he sent the doc to me but I was willing to spend the .99 cents (that’s right) to show support and get the full experience). It’s an easy read, meaning that Tom and company combine a fair amount of wit and charm coupled with humorous pop culture references numerous enough to keep even the most jaded and experienced carrier entertained.

While many will want to tout the holster to be the best they’ve found after years of experience with extreme bravado, Tom will make many happy as he refers to the Crossbreed Supertuck Deluxe holster as his “significant other” much to the bane of his wife. If anything, the “Insanely Practical Holster Guide” will do wonders to introduce a n00b to the world of concealed carry of a firearm while dispelling myths and speaking honestly about things like “love handles,” or “belly flab” or your “junk trunk” getting in the way of positively concealing your piece and the uncomfortable suffering all CCW permit holders will eventually put themselves through. The truth about clothing choices and modesty come out as well in a book that could easily be re-titled as the “Experienced Carrier’s Parody on Concealed Carry.”

Maybe the best part is that Tom writes the book in a way that makes you want to hang out with the guy. He’s quick witted and sarcastic never getting too serious about something that is often far too serious and leads to people obtaining their permit and never committing to carry their weapon of choice on a daily basis. Perhaps the answer isn’t just one holster, or one method of carry as much as it is a variety of options best suited for different occasions. Regardless of your personal outcome, “My Gun Culture’s Insanely Practical Holster Guide” is not $.99 you’ll soon regret spending. ESPECIALLY if you’re a beginner.


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