The SR22 comes with TWO single stack magazines.

A couple things have been well established and documented on Haus of Guns over the past 15 months.

  1. I do gun reviews of all sorts.
  2. I love rimfires… of all sorts.
  3. I’ve given Ruger a hard time for what appears to be blatant mimicry of other company’s gun designs… LCP = Keltec P3AT, American Rifle = Savage Edge/Axis Rifle, and now the SR22 = Walther P22. It’s not just me that sees this right?

So, you can imagine my sluggishness when it came to holding off on publishing my “Ruger Rimfires” video and post from SHOT Show Media Day at the Range. The rangemaster for the rimfire table was grumpy and short, not very accommodating at all, AND the LCR-22, SP101-22 and SR22 all seemed forgettable in my mind at best. I’m not being a jerk, that’s honestly how I felt though the SP101 in .22 Long Rifle is now on my short list of rimfire revolvers I’d like to add to my collection for introducing new shooters and plinking.

I want to be objective in my gun reviews while not being negative. Which is why I waited to post the Ruger Rimfire Roundup from SHOT… until I got one of these guns in my hand for a full review. Then I can be objective and see past how they look. What’s my final impression after spending an afternoon with their new Ruger SR22 rimfire pistol? Actually I’m impressed. That’s it. Reliability was outstanding with the 6 different types of ammo (CCI Mini Mag, CCI Stinger, Remington Subsonic, Winchester Super X, Federal Lightning, Remington Golden Bullet) we tested for accuracy.. The DA/SA trigger has a long reset in either setting, but is easy to predict and is very comfortable with a clean break in single action. The safety and magazine release button are both ambidextrous and the safety also serves as a decocker which I was both surprised and impressed with. The slide release gave us a couple of issues when it came to releasing and sending a round into battery, but being that it was the only feature on the gun that wasn’t ambidextrous I’m assuming Ruger would prefer shooters use the slingshot method to release the slide (visual info in video).

Other frills include the removable grip sleeve both in skinny and less skinny sizes (would still like one more a bit fatter for larger hands), a fully adjustable rear sight, AND a picatinny rail (yes on a .22) in front of the trigger guard. Takedown is also an awful lot like the P22 and upon dropping the takedown lever on the under side of the frame in the trigger guard I found out the barrel is fixed to the frame much like the Walthers namely the PPK made famous by Ian Fleming’s “Bond” series of novels as his chosen pistol. Disassembly was a cinch to master with a couple of repetitions and cleaning was a breeze too.

The ambidextrous safety also serves as a decocker and is very easily implemented with the shooter's strong hand thumb.

Like many .22 rimfire auto pistols the SR22’s magazines are single stack and are equipped with a “button” on each side of the follower so the user can lower it manually and easily insert rounds for speedy reloading. And as fast as you’ll go through .22 ammo with this bad boy, you’ll be thankful it’s there. The first time out with this pistol we ran 200 trouble free rounds through it. Accuracy-wise it preferred the Winchester Super X hands down, but it was accurate enough with all six brands we tested and reliability was the same across the board minus the small question mark about the slide release.

At just over $300 retail, the durable design of this little pistol coupled with it’s comfort, reliability, accuracy and ambidextrous features make it an outstanding option for cheap rimfire trigger time and for introducing young marksmen and new shooters to the game. Would I recommend the Ruger SR22 as a good value to someone interested in this type of pistol at this price point?

Can’t believe I’m saying this, but to answer your question, YES… hands down this is an outstanding value and another excellent entry into the auto rimfire pistol world from Ruger. The SR22 gets two thumbs up from the Haus of Guns crew.

Practical Accuracy Test: With 20 rounds fired at each 6" Shoot-N-C dot, none of them outside of the black with most falling to the interior of the center rings.

Even .22 pistols need to be tacticool. Right? Mall ninjas around the world celebrate.

The fixed barrel setup and lightweight slide make for a super mild recoiling pistol even for being so lightweight.


32 Responses to Ruger SR22 Handgun Full Review

  1. James G Sarah says:

    Got one of these a while back. Everything here is 100% accurate. Great little plinker. And fun to shoot…cheap too!

  2. Barton Hege says:

    E., Nice review! I am definitely buying one in the next month because of what you said. I also agree with your assessment of Shot Show folks. It is a long week and working for a Company can be exhausting showing off te same product over and over. I know from talking to others at Shot that I wasn’t going to be one of those grump old guys turning folks off from our product just because I was tired. Projecting a positive image and being truly excited about the new product line was an easy task this year. Listening to what others thought of our products and what their uses might be was also very informative and fun.
    It was also great meeting you and chatting. Keep up the good work, I think you are very well respected for your hard work, honesty and open mind. I look forward to reading more reviews in the near future.

  3. Josh says:

    Ok I’m convinced. Ive been considering the SR22 for a couple months as a pistol purchase for my 11 year old son but now I’m quite sure I will be picking one up even sooner. Fantastic review.

  4. David says:

    Hey on your review of the H&R pardner pump I was wondering about the ATI accessories, I can find the overfolding stock and heat shield but not both with your sight configuration. I was wondering if you just purchased heat shield that came with both sights and you just put the rear sight on to the stock, or did the stock come with sight attached? Thanks.

  5. Jay Guthrie says:

    Now you have my attention. I am reconsidering getting one.I might just get this after i get done with what im working on…Very Nice review…

  6. Brandon says:

    Great review man, sounds like Ruger is getting some more of my money soon. :)

    • Ebbs says:

      LOL if you could only know how many times I’ve heard that today. Really thinking I should be on their payroll after this review.

  7. Mary Ellis says:

    I have this one & love it! I use it to train absolute nubies with–and also to work on different things myself. I usually use a 9mm so was a little doubtful about this–but shouldn’t have been–It is a sweetie!

  8. […] Ebbs eats crow and finds out that he likes it. Share this:Like this:LikeBe the first to like this post. This entry was posted in .22 lr, Ruger, SR22 and tagged .22lr, Ruger, SR22. Bookmark the permalink. ← Unconventional Holsters […]

  9. Steve T. says:

    I bought a Ruger SR22 two months ago. The greatest advantage of this pistol is that it fires the cheapest .22 ammo 100% reliably! I have several .22 pistols but they’re all finicky with ammo. One likes a certain type but another hates that ammo. This Ruger eats everything! Federal bulk .22s at Cabelas for a box of 525 rounds at $17.99 on sale and I went through the whole box without a problem of any kind with this awesome Ruger. Just goes to show that sometimes you get more than what you pay for!

  10. John Baker says:

    I bought one in early March and like it a whole lot. The one bad quirk I have found with a lot of use is that sometimes it fails to cycle. It doesn’t ever jam it just doesn’t pick up the next round. I’m not sure what the issue with that is.

  11. shannon brown says:

    I took a long hard look at the SR22 last month and got the SIG Mosquito instead. It fits my lady hands better. I’ve had to send it back to SIG after just shooting once because the slide sticks (even without shells)Call me silly but I still like the SIG better.

  12. kelly taulbee says:

    I bought my SR22 sight unseen and my 2 sons and I went out to shoot it what a complete riot we had a ball with this thing by far my favorite gun

  13. Dann in Ohio says:

    Thanks for the review… aside from our own firearms… our 4H club owns five Ruger MKIII’s and five Ruger Single-Six’s… This may be a gun to add in the future…

    How hard do you think the double-action trigger pull is and how hard is the cocking of the hammer – in your opinion – for youth to do…

    Thanks for the review…

    Dann in Ohio

  14. Tom B says:

    How would you rate this compared to the 22/45 Lite? I was considering purchasing the 22/45 but after watching this terrific review I may have to give the SR22 another look.

    • Ebbs says:

      Good question. Weight-wise they’re going to be pretty similar. Depending on what size hands you have the SR22 will most likely be more comfortable in the hand. BUT, the trigger is better on the 22/45, it has more aftermarket accessories available, is much more accurate with lighter recoil, has a threaded barrel and only costs a few dollars more. Do I need to tell you which one I would pick?

  15. Randy in Ohio says:

    Great video review of this gun from HausofGuns. I bought my first pistol just a couple of months ago…the Ruger SR 22.

    I don’t think I could have picked a better gun to start with. I’ve already put over 3000 rounds through it with very few problems and most of those were in the first 500 rounds while breaking in the magazines.

    Ruger hit it out of the park with this gun.

  16. Cheryl Reynolds says:

    I am very new at this. After getting my concealed carry permit, I bought my first gun but it proved to be much too big for me to carry on my slim build and I had a very hard time racking the slide. After trying several different guns at the shooting range, I decided on the Ruger SR22 and plan to buy now that Christmas is over. It fits my hand comfortably, I can actually rack the slide and I just like it. But now after reading some reviews (yours and others) and even Ruger\’s own website, my question and concern is that it sounds like you all use it just for \”plinking,\” for practice or to have a little fun shooting. I can\’t buy more than one more gun and I want it for protection. Will this fill the bill considering my hand strength or should I keep looking? Thank you. This is a big step for me.

    • Ebbs says:

      Here’s what I would say, Cheryl. A .22 is better than nothing, But when compared to even say a .32 Auto, .380 Auto or especially a 9mm Luger the .22 Long Rifle is nearly meaningless. Though people use them to successfully defend themselves with every year. I would suggest buying the SR22, carrying it for a while then when you’ve saved up or are comfortable with another model upgrade to a more legitimate defense round. Even if it is just the .380 Auto.

    • Randy in Ohio says:

      Cheryl, I\’m certainly no expert but, in my opinion on of the most important considerations is how well you can handle a specific gun. I also now have a .40 caliber gun, which is probably the better choice for self defense, but the SR22 is MUCH easier to shoot and it goes exactly to the spot I\’m aiming at and is very reliable! It\’s also MUCH easier to carry/conceal compared to the 40. I would think those aspects should factor into a decision like this. Good luck.

  17. Cheryl Reynolds says:

    Thank you both for the quick reply. Your opinions have been very helpful. I think will go ahead and get the 22, work at it until I feel confident in using it, and then as suggested, move a step up. And in the meantime I\’ll work on strengthening my hands!

    Btw, I\’m in Ohio,also.

  18. Cheryl Reynolds says:

    P.S. Just a note of possible interest–the first gun I bought was a Baretta Storm compact 9mm. It fit my hand great but is just too big for me to handle. I gave it to my husband.

  19. Kevin says:

    I am looking for a reliable, accurate, easy to shoot 22pistol for the whole family. After reading your review and looking at them in the store I was sold. But then I read some other forums and reviews stating that there have been some problems that multiple people were having. Mainly with after shooting it a lot the slide stop was cutting in the slide. Major problems. Also that the trigger was just ok. Is this just forum and internet talk? I really want something that will last. My wife liked how it fit her hand better than the Ruger MarkII and marklll but it seems those have better reviews along with a Browning Buckmark for accuracy, trigger pull and reliability. hhhmmmmm what to do?????

    • Randy in Ohio says:

      Kevin, I can tell you that I’ve now put over 4,000 rounds through my RS22 and I have seen none of the issues with the slide stop mentioned in the other forum. Hopefully it won’t become a problem down the road, but if it does I would hope a company like Ruger would take care of it.

      I can also tell you that I clean my gun on a regular basis and have had very few issues with FTF or FTE. I know I’ve had NONE in the last 500+ rounds.

      • Kevin says:

        Thanks Randy. Good to know. Do you find that you can shoot the cheap bulk ammo out of it? Many people say with the Mark series they will shoot anything without Regular problems.

        • Randy in Ohio says:

          I have shot a lot of different ammo in it. It really likes the CCI AR Tactical the best (when I can find it), CCI Mini-Mag and, after it got broke in, the Remington Golden Bullets.
          My first try with the Remington had a couple of problems with feeding from the magazine, but that was when the gun was new. Last week I went through a box of 525 with only 1 problem.

          I’ve also found that these 3 are the cleanest to shoot.

          I’ve had very few issues with the Blazer or Federal bulk ammo, but they do seem to get the feed ramp coated with powder rather quickly. Same with the Winchester Super X.

          The ammo it does NOT like, nor does my rifle, is American Eagle…
          which works well in other guns. When I ran out of the Remington last week I put in a mag of A.E. and had 5 failure to eject in 10 shots. Had the same results the first time I tried it. (Wish I hadn’t bought an entire brick.)

          I keep a small bottle of Hoppe’s Solvent and a few QTips in my gun bag and like to quickly clean the feed ramp every 150 rounds or so at the range. I do a complete cleaning at home every 500 rounds.

          The SR22 is a VERY EASY gun to disassemble, clean and reassemble.

          Mine is still only 4 months old, but with 4000 rounds through it I’m convinced that the SR22 is a quality gun.

  20. Bob Wagner says:

    I just purchased a new SR22P. I have yet to fire this weapon. Getting home, I began to get familiar with the weapon. I removed the slide and repalaced it several times to get used to it. However now when I replace the slide the trigger is disconnected… resistance at all!

    With the slide removed, the trigger actuates the arm inside the frame. But with the slide intact…nothing. Help!!!

  21. scott says:

    Good review. If you are going to do reviews, you may want to learn a little more about guns. The is NO SUCH THING as a “slide release” on a semi-automatic pistol. It is actually called a “slide stop” or a “slide lock”. I love reading reviews, and yours was a decent review. My buddies and I spend a lot of time reading many reviews, and often as soon as we see mistakes as such, we figure the person writing such a review really has no true weapons knowledge. Spend some time actually learning about the parts on a gun before you write reviews. other than that. Good job.

    • Ebbs says:

      When the device stops the slide it is a slide stop or a slide lock. When I use it to release the slide, it is a slide release. One of my favorite reasons for using terms (among others) like “slide release” is so [REDACTED] guys like yourself can step forward and tell us who you are so we don’t have to guess.

      Also you seem to be pretty knowledgeable yourself. Care to share some links of reviews you have posted?

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