The FNX-40 we reviewed came with 3 magazines plus 4 backstraps for customizing to your hand.


Truth. I’ve been lusting over FNH pistols for a long time. When the FNPs were introduced in 2006 I knew I needed one, but my desire was always trumped by my “need” for another 1911, GLOCK, hunting rifle OR another AK. So I put it off, and have still put it off. But thanks a new geographically favorable shooting buddy I connected with as a result of this website, shooting an FNH USA pistol has gone from a distant dream to now becoming a reality. Perhaps a FREQUENT reality. 😉


Back in January I fired the all new FNS-9 striker fired 9×19 pistol at Range Day for SHOT Show 2012. I’ve got video, which is obnoxiously loud and hard to make out, and I even spoke with the legendary Dave Sevigny regarding the new pistols. SHORT STORY: I was mucho impressed. Still no excuse for not having posted it yet because Dave is THE man, but anyway I digress. Though I like striker fired pistols, I am intrigued by hammer fired models especially those with decocking safeties such as Sig Sauer and HK pistols (for the record I’m NOT an HK fan). Part of my infatuation is probably a result of my supreme affliction of adult ADHD (go ahead and hate. I’m the victim) and giving my hands something extra to do while dry firing. So much to my surprise and good fortune my new buddy Steve has a new-ish FNX-40 he was willing to let me put some rounds through in order to do a handgun review on.

100% ambidextrous controls. That doesn’t mean just the safety/decocker or mag releases. This includes the slide release(s) too.

Here are some things that stand out in no particular order about this pistol package:


  • FNH USA pistols 100% made in the USA!
  • All FNH USA pistols come with 3 magazines and a nice lockable tupperware case.
  • 4 interchangeable backstraps for a perfect fit compared to just 2 from earlier FNP model pistols.
  • Ambidextrous controls. Boomsauce. Friendly towards southpaws and/or injured righties shooting weak hand (see video)
  • Short trigger reset in SA mode. Plus very crisp Single Action pull.
  • Feels great in the hand, controls located well and easy to find with thumb and trigger finger.
  • Outstanding accuracy. I found this pistol was more accurate than I was.
  • Very tight construction. The way the pistol handles and operates is very satisfying. FN Herstal pistol fanboys I can see where you’ve been coming from all these years.


  • Double Action trigger pull is WILDLY heavy and long. Would serve just fine as a safety in itself.
  • Though FNH USA claims a lower bore axis which supposedly should result in less felt recoil, my perspective (compared to my Glock 22) was a snappier recoil. This surprised me a bit, but it wasn’t unmanageable nor did it take the joy out of firing the pistol.
  • The FNX-40 has some smoother edges than the FNP series, but it’s still a bit choppy with plenty of “snag points” for someone trying to conceal this handgun.

This pistol design is already a couple of years old and after having been on the market for a while is starting to develop a reputation of its own as the next step in hammer fired pistol development past the FNP platform. While I was a little disappointed with how obvious the recoil was (the .40 S&W is always poppy, but for some reason I expected this design to trump it a bit) probably thanks to the real estate and weight found in the slide, I can’t get how great this pistol and controls felt in my hand. The factory sights were good enough for what they were although not night sights and the flared magazine port and 3 factory mags included in the original box leave a warm feeling in my tummy. If you’re a fan of hammer fired poly pistols, the FNX series pistols from FNH USA are worth a look.

While adjustable backstraps are nice, I’ve found that the straighter the grip, the less tendency I have to rotate while pulling the trigger.

Outstanding fit and great balance make this a smooth shooting pistola.



– All stainless steel construction
– External extractor with loaded chamber indicator
– Front and rear cocking serrations
– Newly designed fixed three-dot combat sights with Deep-V rear notch for greater accuracy


– Hammer-forged stainless steel
– Polished chamber and feed ramp
– 4″ barrel on all FNX models


– Rugged polymer construction with replaceable steel frame/slide rails
– Two interchangeable backstrap inserts with lanyard eyelets
– MIL-STD 1913 accessory mounting rail
– Serrated trigger guard


– Fully-ambidextrous decocking/safety levers, slide stop levers and magazine release button
– Ring-style external hammer


– Stainless steel magazine body
– Low-friction follower
– Polymer basepad
– Round indicator


– 40 S&W
– 4″ barrel on all FNX models
– 1 in 16″ RH Twist Rate
– Weight 24.4 oz empty”
– Length 7.40″
– Height 5.45″
– Width 1.55″
– 14 round capacity
– Double-action/singleaction (DA/SA) operation with decocking/manual safety levers (MS)
– Made in the USA


8 Responses to FNH USA FNX-40 Handgun Review

  1. Brandon says:

    Nice review Ebbs. I liked the FNS too, just not enough to keep it. Good gun though.

  2. […] couple months ago I posted a review of my buddy Steve’s FNX-40 pistol and did so by showing what it felt like while going southpaw for a magazine. You can see my […]

  3. Josh says:

    My first pistol was the FNX 40. It’s still my favorite. The gun is smooth as silk, in my opinion. And accurate. I wouldn’t sell this gun for twice what I bought it. (that’s hyperbole. B/c if I did I could buy another FNX40 and another gun, but I was making a point.)

  4. […] soon as I got my first pistol (an FN Herstal FNX40) I got my Conceal and Carry License – despite the fact that the FNX40 is a lot bulkier that most […]

  5. […] soon as I got my first pistol (an FN Herstal FNX40) I got my Conceal and Carry License – despite the fact that the FNX40 is a lot bulkier that most […]

  6. STU says:


  7. Schweitz says:

    Thank you for the review! I just purchased a lightly used FNX-40 and cannot wait to get more comfortable with it. Definitely the best gun as far as how it feels in my hand.

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