Here is the link to the FINAL REVIEW of the Volquartsen Superlite rifle.

For the past 6 weeks I have had in my possession a very fine 10/22 pattern rimfire rifle for review compliments of the folks at Volquartsen Custom in Nowheresville, IOWA. While the rifle I chose is the most budget friendly choice and the same rifle featured on the Top Shot 4 “Trick Shot” episode this spring (The SuperLite), its features are no less lacking or impressive than its counterparts at twice the price. That and the fact that this field ready model weighs in at just a smidge over 5 pounds naked wearing the Hogue overmolded stock and a tad more depending on your choice of optics.

The Volquartsen SuperLite pictured with the Nikon P-22 I originally had mounted on it, the Ruger BX-25 magazine, bipod and CTK Precision Monopod.

The SuperLite features Volquartsen’s own CNC machined receiver with integrated picatinny rail but is hard anodized aluminum rather than the heavier stainless receiver their other models feature. With their proprietary 16″ THM Tension barrel in a carbon fiber sleeve and included compensator the entire package is extremely light while incredibly solid.

It’s accurate too. The first time I had the Volquartsen Superlite at the range sighting it in at 50 yards 10 shot dime sized groups were routine with both CCI Mini Mag and even Federal Classic bulk pack ammo. That day it was calm. And that day genius boy here forgot to take pictures. The next day we had the rifle out shooting at the same distance with 6 different ammo types there was a 20-30 mph crosswind but we still managed to keep groups the size of a 25 cent piece (or 1 inch for the layman).

Knowing his passion for accuracy and rimfires coupled with his love for the Volquartsen I-Fluted model I asked Top Shot Season 3 winner Dustin Ellermann about what has drawn him to the Volquartsen line of rimfire rifles:

Before Top Shot I only knew Volquartsen as the benchmark for 10/22 “aftermarket” parts.  When Colby revealed the I-Fluted rifle I was excited.  This was a 100% Volquartsen rifle, on my favorite 10/22 type frame.  These rifles have an excellent feel, handling, balance and beauty.  Since I received my own I-Fluted rifle I haven’t even touched my old self customized 10/22s.  I have fired more rounds through the Volquartsen than any other gun since the show because it’s just so accurate and easy to shoot.  Golf balls at 100 yards are no challenge prone, I now try to hit them while standing unsupported.  I’ve even whacked flies at 50 yards with it.  (see pic)  The handling is excellent and the Volquartsen parts such as the auto bolt release are a mandatory upgrade to any 10/22 rifle.  The trigger is smooth and crisp, it’s simply one sweet rifle. –

Shoot Straight, Follow His Way,
Dustin Ellermann

Picture courtesy of Dustin Ellermann. Appropriately he’s equipped his fine rifle with some fine glass. You know a dude is serious about his .22s if one is wearing a Trijicon.

Much like Dustin here, I’ve enlisted a high quality scope to the tune of an older Leupold VX-1 fixed 6x optic (as seen on the Instagram). I’m hoping the brighter picture and finer crosshairs will do justice in narrowing down what this rifle really can do. And don’t worry, there’s still plenty to talk about. I still haven’t even mentioned the trigger, the mag release and function and the bolt!

WORST GROUP OF THE DAY: Not bad for a 10 shot group with Subsonics in the wind. The elevation being perfect and the only real variation falling in the windage. It’s worth noting that the Volquartsen is not picky about ammo at all. With 700 rounds plus through her and half of those being accuracy tests it’s handled all ammo brands and types with ease.


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