FINALLY got my hands on a Springfield XDs for the first time since shooting one at the SHOT SHOW 2012 Range Day. It handled well, but as you can imagine for its size shooting a full power .45 ACP it’s a bit of a handful. Thankfully the guys behind the counter at my local Sportsmans Warehouse are plenty tolerant letting me grab a couple of pistols at once and take some comparison photos. Here’s a look at the single stack Glock 36 compared to the new XDs .45 ACP.

The Glock definitely fills the hand a bit better and from my experience handles better while training, but it’s definitely bulkier for concealment purposes when put next to the all new XDs from Springfield. Check out the pics below for a good side by side look. I was actually pretty surprised with just how thing the Glock 36 is.

The biggest difference seems to be in height and length between the two. Only being able to wrap two fingers around the grip on the XDs leaves a bit to be desired when handling the mighty .45. Surely it’s only a matter of time before Springfield releases an extended magazine for the XDs.

Please pardon the low quality of the photos taken from on my iPhone.



7 Responses to Glock 36 vs. Springfield XDs Comparison

  1. John says:

    Have to say I like the looks of the XDs, H have never been a fan of the boxy Glocks. I also really like the safety built into the grip. I guess I am just a 1911 guy at heart. Would love to see the Kahr P45 in the lineup as well. I am in CA and really have no chance of obtaining an XDs, so I actually settled for the P45.

  2. guz says:

    I think you must have a big hand, saying you can only get 3 fingers around it. My hand is a bit smaller than many men’s hands. My pinky does hit the grip bottom enough to add some hold.

    You say, “The Glock definitely fills the hand a bit better.” Beware of the “I . . . everybody” fallacy. Instead of “the hand,” I think it is “my hand.” We all have different size hands. A person with smaller than average hands may find that the XDS fits definitely [LOL] better.

    • Ebbs says:

      Can’t disagree with you there. But in terms of criticism it feels like you’re grasping at straws to call me out on being incorrect. Typically I’ve made it clear in subsequent posts that I’ve got Large sized hands with particularly larger palms and long spindly fingers rather than enormous sausage fingers like some guys.

      BUT yes, if we must redefine it, “The Glock fits MY hands better than the Springfield. The XDs may fit your hands just fine.” :)

      • joe says:

        for sure this guy cant handle a .45 at all. it does seem he has fat hands/fingers(very sausage like) from what iv seen. he also seems to have somewhat of an obsession with glocks. never really learned anything from his videos but what HE likes and what fits HIM personally. very biased reviews and posts, it seems every time i get to one of his posts its ended in a big waste of time.

        • Ebbs says:

          Thanks for your comment Joe.

          I prefer Glocks. I make no point of hiding it or pretending like I don’t. I believe all polymer pistols in the $400-$600 price range are measured against Glocks. Like it or not, most of the handgun world agrees with me.

          As far as being biased in review, this is an opinion site. I drop the coin on products to review, I spend the money on ammo, I take the time to write, record, edit and post the review, and I answer questions and help new shooters. Everything I review is based on MY opinion, MY preference and MY feelings because I’m not someone else. I can’t speak to what you like or any of the thousands of others that visit this site daily to hear MY opinion.

          Fortunately for you the internet is a big place and you’re not required to visit my site and read or watch my reviews. You seem to be an expert on doing objective gun reviews without inserting your opinion. I’m assuming that means you’ve got a body of work or links you can send me as a reference for your expertise? Please send it my way when you get the chance. If you’re as much of a pro as you say, I’m sure I’d like to have you write for Haus of Guns.

  3. […] I know Kahr makes a few models. Kahr PM45 – Style # PM4543, Kahr Arms Pistols and Kahr CW45 – Style # CW4543, Kahr Arms Pistols Plus Glock makes a few versions. Glock 36 | G36 | .45 Caliber Pistol | GLOCK USA and Glock 30S | G30S | .45 Caliber Pistol | GLOCK USA and Glock 30 SF | G30 SF | .45 Caliber Pistol | GLOCK USA and Glock 30 Gen4 | G30 Gen4 | .45 Caliber Pistol | GLOCK USA and Glock 30 | G30 | .45 Caliber Pistol | GLOCK USA I only have the Glock 36 which is small for a Glock, but a bit longer and taller than the Springfield XDs. I actually have fun shooting it at the range. Bare hands only, no gloves needed. Here's is someone else's comparison of the smallest Glock .45ACP and the smallest Springfield .45ACP. Glock 36 vs. Springfield XDs Comparison | | Gun and Gear Reviews, Hunting and Outdoor… […]

  4. hig says:

    as an old timer and small boned Ihave owned pistols as
    well as revcolvers. i do not care for the kahr and find
    any .45 caliber cumbersome to carry concealed. People seem to be caliber conscious rathern than recovery of
    shot fired. i prefer the sig in .9 mm with ccompact pistol loads

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