From the monthly archives: November 2012

Kinetic Energy Calculator

On November 30, 2012 By

Most shooters have a little nerd in them. Right? I mean some like guns just to like guns, some are super political and constitutional about it (I’m both). Some folks like guns for the sport, challenge and competition of it and some use them exclusively as a tool […]

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Does the title make sense?

A “JUST BECAUSE” gun is a gun that doesn’t necessarily have a specific application (not for hunting, not for defense, not for concealed carry, not for competing, etc). Maybe it’s not an efficient round or even a really great design you just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that particular gun for some […]

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Obama Gun Ban List

On November 27, 2012 By

I don’t post/repost this for traffic or to get attention. I’m over that. My source for info and credit for the detailed list I found goes to’s Al Korwin.

I post it so everyone will help spread the word to call your congressmen and senators (Rep or Dem… I don’t care which […]

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A Couple Holiday Discount Codes

On November 24, 2012 By

A couple of my amigos in the shooting industry, Revision Military Eyewear and I.C.E. Training with Rob Pincus are offering substantial discount codes for the holiday season.

First, the Revision Military scoop. Now through Monday November 26th, when you place an order of $99 or more in the Revision online store, you’ll receive a free […]

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Best Gun for Home Defense?

On November 23, 2012 By

This is most definitely stating the obvious, but at the risk of assuming everyone knows where I’m coming from it needs to be said. When we did the shotgun review of the Pardner Pump Protector (or TRIPLE P, a Made in China 870 Clone) it was clearly […]

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Start Cheap if it Helps You Start

On November 22, 2012 By

Back in August or somewhere around there I wrote a contest article for Caleb over at about the first handgun I ever bought. As the story goes I was with my wife and I walked home with a Hi-Point 380 Auto pistol. Prior to that purchase I had about […]

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My good buddy Chris and his family are working feverishly towards off-grid living on their ranch down in Terlingua, TX. When I say “Good Buddy” I don’t mean he and I communicate occasionally on twitter, but our family’s have spent holidays together, we share common interests and we’ve been solid friends for several years now and […]

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Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons

On November 14, 2012 By

Alternate Titles (think GunMartBlog): “Why We get to Have Guns,” “EVERY GUN BLOGGER’S FIRST POST TODAY”

In all seriousness, Chuck Woolery gives us a great look at the simplicities of the constitution and WHY we get to have guns. Some will inevitably disagree, but in my opinion here common sense wins again.

Take […]

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James Yeager Hates .40s

On November 9, 2012 By

I don’t really hate any round. Scoffing may be in order for some, but hate is an awful strong word. James Yeager however hates the .40 cal. Hates. But I’m not uber-tactical cool like James Yeager is.

He makes a couple of points in the video that stands out to me. All of […]

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Afraid of Buying Ammo Online?

On November 9, 2012 By

My amigo Mr. Colion Noir had never done so… until recently. And he’s pleased with the results.

He’s right when he says you’ll spend a lot in one click by buying bulk. However compared to buying a box at a time from your local shop the savings can be pretty ridiculous. Don’t have the cash […]

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