Saw this via the Davidson’s (Gallery of Guns) Facebook page today and couldn’t figure out what it was…

After poking around for a few minutes I’ve learned that it’s a .22 long rifle pistol/SBR (depending on deployment) whose apparent application involves extreme concealability or purposed as being mounted to a rail on the underside of a larger rifle. The ZIP SBR takes standard 10/22 rotary magazines as well as the Ruger BX-25 extended mag. Time will tell if it works with other aftermarket brand 10/22 magazines. Here’s a 5 minute introduction video highlighting the features and intended use of the ZIP .22 Short Barreled Rifle…

Not sure of how useful the ZIP weapons system will be or what reliability will be like. And the official release doesn’t actually take place until 12/1/12 in 29 days. With that said, I feel like I need one. Even though I’ve seen it called an SBR on their site, because there is no stock it appears as though it would technically be sold as a pistol and able to be mounted on a full sized rifle.

Design for the BattleZip SBR system appears to be borrowed from the FN FS2000 in terms of form and use, though the location of the magazine in front of the trigger on this piece will make it a bit different.

My gut tells me that most folks aren’t going to want to waste their $200 Class 3 NFA stamp on a .22 like this when they could use it for a “real” SBR. But the novelty will be popular with some no doubt.


7 Responses to What is the ZiP/ZiPSBR .22 System???

  1. Erik Timmons says:

    Are you saying that the ZIP is a for sure SBR or that the website is saying it “might” be considered an SBR? Seems like it would fall in the pistol category…

    • Ebbs says:

      It really all depends on how it’s attached to a stock. It’s a slipper slope. Also depends how the background check is performed as a pistol or a rifle. Once it’s one it has to stay that until it’s destroyed from what I understand.

  2. Looks like a cool little pistol/sbr. Like you said EBBs I am not sure of it’s usefulness but I too find myself wanting one for something.

  3. Phillip says:

    I like the concept? If I could buy it as a pistol… Really like the survival rifle aspect in the video.. Entire thing makes me think 007!

  4. […] Ebbs scooped me and posted this one yesterday. Some other places now have some coverage, but thats where I read about it first. […]

  5. […] Ebbs scooped me and posted this one yesterday. Some other places now have some coverage, but thats where I read about it first. […]

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