As seen on the Colt Facebook page today and released in the newest issue of NRA Life of Duty American Warrior magazine.

The Colt CQBP (Close Quarters Battle Pistol) in .45 ACP with an 8 round capacity (sorry 9 round, 8_1) seems to be deemed the best option by the U.S. Government for the most reliable failsafe design to be carried into battle by at most 12,000 of our soldiers, which is the potential number the government would buy from Colt if they determined they needed that many.

I get that it’s a good looking fighting pistol. Downright sexy actually. And .45 ACP I’ve got no problem with, but a low capacity single stack 8 round magazine and a pistol that is at worst a much younger brother to its 100 year old predecessor looks more like a popularity contest sponsored by Call of Duty than an educated choice at the best option for a fighting pistol in 2013. Just my 2¢ worth.

Here’s hoping they’ve got one to test fire during Range Day for SHOT Show this year.


9 Responses to Colt Introduces Marine CQBP 1911

  1. Paul T. McCain says:

    Thank you for saying what many are afraid to say, for fear of the 1911 fanatic backlash.

    Sure, it is nostalgic and cool, but only from that point of view.

    Otherwise, why would we give our troops a handgun with such a low capacity and one that is vastly more difficult to maintain in the field than one of the many other options out there: SIG, HK, FN, etc.

    My FN FNX .45ACP has a 15+1 capacity and field strips in literally two seconds.

    I would take it into battle any day over a 1911 from a purely pragmatic point of view.

    • Ebbs says:

      PAUL! So great to see another comment from you! :)

      Honestly I’m not really afraid to say anything. I don’t get paid for this stuff. I am also fortunate to have made the acquaintance of several folks in this industry (much more knowledgeable and practical preparedness oriented) who feel exactly the same way as I do. 1911 pistols are cool, can even be fun from time to time, definitely high on nostalgia but not my first, second or even third choice for a defensive handgun.

      My Dad however will most likely skewer me when reading this. 😉

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  3. Jason says:

    Great choice! Talk to anyone that’s been in combat, if you have to use your pistol you are already screwed, so 8+1 is no big deal.

  4. SFH says:

    The 9MM (FMJ issue ammo) was a political choice. I, and a vast majority of others, would prefer 7 rnds of effective ammo over 15 rnds of marginally effective ammo. Same reason the M14 was resurected, it’s just the better choice for the task at hand.

  5. Chris Myles says:

    You are worried about magazine capacity with a 45 acp handgun? Military weapons are one size fits all, try to fit a double stack 45 in even half of the active duty military and I’d be surprised, I’ve qualified with the m9 and many on the range thought that was to big. You’re right, this isn’t call of duty, so I’d be more concerned with stopping power and reliability and ergonimics before a high mag capacity.

  6. Mark says:

    The fact is that special forces and others in the military asked for this particular platform. They know the limitations of the 1911 .45 acp and still they wanted them. These are the people most likely to be in a face to face battle. If those on the front lines have faith in it, I say give it to them.

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