Image by HoG friend Stevan.

Image by long time HoG friend, Stevan.

Take a non-shooter/anti-gunner shooting this week. Or weekend. Or quite literally as soon as possible.

Here’s my angle… instead of all the time we share on Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and blah, blah, blah patting each other on the back about how we all agree that any form of gun control is infringing on our constitutional rights, wouldn’t our time be better spent evangelizing the ignorant/uninformed (seriously no offense to those who simply lack exposure to firearms)? Please, by all means, bolster the ranks. BUT not at the expense of working our tails off to get new converts.

We can argue with people online or in the office until we’re blue in the face with little to no resolve. Want to know how to win over either a non-gunner or an anti-gunner? Take them shooting. Show them guns are only unsafe in the hands of a moron. Show them that guns don’t fire themselves and the type of defense they’re capable of in the hands of a skilled marksman.

Might you shoot up some of your precious ammo supply? Yep. Is there a chance they might not end up on your side after all? Sure. You may even scare someone away, but it won’t be for lack of trying. How can someone argue FOR (or even against) something they’ve never even tried? Oh, but you’re using social media as the platform for your discussions? Good, really good actually. But is it someone local you can put a face to the name with an teach them to shoot?

All I’m saying is unless we’re putting some asphalt under our feet and some sweat in the fight there’s little chance our congressman and women are checking our Facebook shares and clever fact-based 2nd Amendment memes to see how many likes we have in order to shape our decisions. Don’t have the facts or voice to preach? First off don’t be a wuss. Second, don’t be a wuss. Use pro gun youtube channels like Mr. Colion Noir, AmidsTheNoise, Military Arms Channel and any posts here on Haus of Guns,,,, and more. The list goes on.

Get out there. Talk to people. Rationally. With facts. Take it to the streets, people. Preach to the world, not the choir. The choir already agrees with you. People will argue against you just because they don’t like being told they’re wrong. But SHOW them they’re wrong, well that’s a whole new story.


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