I don’t think Obama has the balls to do it. Not just yet anyway.

People are freaking out wholesale today because of articles like this one from the esteemed Emily Miller of the Washington Post:


I’m not saying we should trust President Obama. He’s already made it clear that he is completely incompetent and a liar. Remember? Just a couple of months ago? Rich people pay more so middle and lower-middle class don’t get increased taxes? How’d that go for you?

I’m also not saying he may not try. But he doesn’t want a[nother] failure. Not to mention the 100 million pissed off gun owners in the U.S. who I like to hope would/will not stand for this type of nonsense. Snatching our guns may have been something in the cards for the higher ups (England, or so they thought) to try 237 years ago, but not today. Not on our own soil. Which is why we were given the 2nd Amendment to begin with.

So watch for restrictions that will undoubtedly be passed because of the impotence of certain legislators who we thought were on our side and are either nowhere to be found or are folding like Cheaper Than Dirt! online gun sales.¬†¬†Because while some pro 2A people will fight hard against complete intolerance, they’ll soften up against magazine bands, ammo restrictions, and invasive background checks.

If they can’t take our guns altogether (they can’t, or they can try), I look for them to attempt to restrict us to death so that either it’s too much trouble, no one can afford it and our resolve is defeated.

My man Sturmgewehre from Military Arms Channel on YouTube has an interesting perspective on what an executive order for gun control would do. As always, his approach is calm, sensible, and well thought out.


3 Responses to Executive Order for Gun Control?

  1. EthanP says:

    It may ultimately come down to how Roberts votes when BHOs extra constitutional executive order reaches SCOTUS. Then we find out if we are still a free people.

  2. jdkchem says:

    CTD resumed online gun sales yesterday. So much for folding.

  3. NO1LOCATOR says:

    I did hear that obummer had a order over turned this last week , not sure, but think it was a order of appointment of a person that congress was suppose to have full control of, he claimed that congress was out, but they where only out for a few hrs, when they came back they over turned his order?? No order by the pres that overrides our Constitution is not legal in any way shape or form !! that is my line in the sand!

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