I’ve only fired a few Sig Sauer pistols. In the back of my mind I think Sig guns have seemed like snobby weapons to me. MK 25 9mm as used by the Navy Seals for years and years? Don’t care. At least I haven’t cared.

Really I don’t know why I’ve steered clear of Sigs. I have nothing against them, or even the people who swear by them. For whatever reason they just haven’t been for me.

During our GunUp.com bloggers tour of the Sig Sauer booth at SHOT Show 2013 I got to spend some time hearing about and fondling the brand new Sig Sauer P227 .45 ACP pistol. It’s a classic style sig, which means DA/SA trigger, decocker, hammer driven AND a double stack magazine. Adam from Sig who gave us the rundown described it as a .45 caliber P226. And honestly it doesn’t feel much different at all. Their innovative E2 grip was slimmed to cut down on bulk and the way the palm swell contours to and lays in the web of your hand really feels spectacular.

Pics are below just in case you’re in the mood to drool.







10 Responses to New SIG P227 .45 ACP – SHOT Show 2013

  1. Krytrons1 says:

    I was the same way always thought of Sig’s as the Porsche of hand guns super nice, expensive and a pain to get worked on if something happens. Then I bought one at an auction for my girl, it was a purple finished 239 in .40cal, she loved the color and I got a really great deal on it less than half of retail so we bought it. I took her to the range with it she was a little worried about the kick so she wanted me to shot it first so I did and fell inlove with it with in the first magazine. After I get a couple other gun projects built I will be getting me a Sig handgun of some kind and I will be sure to check ot the P227!

  2. FTE says:

    I made the “mistake” of buying a P226 in 1988 when they were around $350. I had already fallen in love with it through borrowing a friend’s at the range (a couple dozen times). I have an addiction to Sigs; still love that old 226. Now I’m wondering if I can take a second job to pay for the P227 that I’m now wanting. :-)

  3. 167 says:

    Since it is double stack, what is the mag capacity?

  4. Daniel L says:

    I am a Sig lover and own several and have owned many others over the past six years starting with a P245 which I still have.
    The 220 is a favorite. I can see that I must have this new 227. It is like they built my dream pistol. Having owned a 226 and understanding that this feels the same I am ready for one. Yea Sig.

  5. […] those who asked me this past weekend similarly what the status is on the all new double-stack P227 .45 ACP pistol I did learn that they are in production but are flying off the shelves at retail locations when […]

  6. Caligula says:

    It would seem to be the perfect handgun in states relegated to 10 round magazines or less. Ten rounds of .45 cal. is pretty bad ass. I believe the 227 is also available for sale in a carry size that’s just over 7″ long with a 4″ barrel, but still holds ten rounds.

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