DO NOT be ashamed of your assault weapons. Stupid term (here’s why).

Think of all the other inanimate objects that are turned into weapons each year. A baseball bat. A hammer. A pen. A glass coke bottle. An over-sized key chain. The only thing that is an actual assault weapon is the person using the object to inflict harm. PEOPLE are assault weapons. Can we ban morons? Idiots? How about we take a closer look at our mental health system that’s been decimated for the past 4 decades.

Control freaks (that’s why it’s called gun CONTROL) want to turn you against other gun owners, make you feel guilty for owning your so-called “military style firearms” and convince you that your “sporting guns” are not going to be taken away. “Sporting Rifle” is a BS term made up by the ignorant to convince you that’s why we’re allowed to own guns. FALSE. You get guns to protect you from a government that gets too big, a mindset that blames objects instead of people, and tyrannical leaders who want to create reliability on government rather than God and self.

Image by HoG friend Stevan.

Image by HoG friend Stevan.


Right now as Senator Dianne Feinstein (sounds like a muppet character) and other gun grabbers use the terms: assault weapon, assault rifle, automatic fire, combat weapon, military style weapon system, LEGAL, LAW ABIDING gun owners are made out to be bad guys as we’re lumped in with the criminal majority who’s weapon of choice may perhaps be a firearm of some sort. Funny, we don’t see Rachel Ray criminalized for using huge knives, baseball players for swinging a big scary piece of lumber, or teens and drunk drivers drivers for wielding a four-wheeled death machine on a daily basis.

All of these terms are false. You don’t have to be ashamed to be a gun owner or own any of these firearms. Your AR-15, AK-47, M1 Garand, Thompson A1 (Tommy Gun), Ruger Mini 14, blah blah blah are all semi-automatic rifles. None of these are military style or combat style weapons. They are not fully automatic. They are not select fire. They do not shoot unlimited rounds like a ray gun. You MUST pull the trigger each time a bullet leaves the rifle/handgun. Our rights have already been infringed enough with NFA class 3 weapons determining what can and can’t be owned, special weapons systems being reserved for just the military, and most of all the consideration that the 2nd most important amendment on the Bill of Rights be even considered to be the fault of bad people doing bad things.


The people who want to tell you that any magazine used for defense or protection over 10 rounds is overkill. SO WHAT. It’s not, but SO WHAT. They don’t have experience, haven’t defended themselves and have no idea where the bullets are flying in the heat of the moment. Do I? Nope. But I can tell you if I get to choose between 15 rounds in my Glock 22 over 10? It’s going to be 15. If I have the option of filling my AK and AR with 30 rounds as opposed to 10, it’s going to be 30. My shotgun that waits for a moron to break in at 3:00am prefers 8+1 rounds instead of 3+1. It makes sense. That’s why it’s okay.

Don’t let an audience of people who prefer to be “protected” by the government tell you that you’re a freak or a warmonger for liking guns or choosing to prepare and uphold the HUMAN birthright to defend yourself. Don’t feel guilty. Don’t turn in your guns. And don’t settle for what power hungry politicians tell you what you can and can’t own.

The 2nd Amendment isn’t about sports or hunting. 

Write Congress. NOW!



Keep fighting. Don’t give up. And don’t feel guilty about your “ASSAULT WEAPON.” (still a stupid, moronic term)



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  1. Mike says:

    Assault weapon
    Capable of fully auto fire and semi auto fire……PERIOD

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