The problem with the constitution is that it only identifies the free rights every human should be born with.

The constitution does not guarantee prosperity.

The constitution does not guarantee safety.

The constitution does not guarantee an equal class system and a fair “everyone gets everything whether they work for it or not” arrangement.

The constitution does not guarantee freedom from the consequences of living how you please.

The constitution does not make our decisions for us.

The constitution does not promote laziness.

The constitution is NOT a genie.

The constitution does not tolerate finger pointing.

The problem with the constitution in today’s America is that the majority (my apologies if this doesn’t apply to you) of our countrymen and women prefer to be given something rather than earn it. Instead of having the freedom to choose our own path or work for the life we want and the things we want to represent, we want to rely on the government. We want to be given things that someone else had to pay for, even if it means our children and children’s children inherit a debt deeper than the Mariana Trench.

The problem with the constitution is it limits restriction, limits the government, was written by people as leaders of people to protect people from tyranny and oppression. The men who wrote it were in fact so genius they knew that in time the natural bent of all men/people is to control and consume others. Remember the matrix? Machines using humans to fuel their lifestyle? It might as well have been about 545 American elected officials feeding off the people in the name of feeding the people. Shame.

Sorry folks, but we’ve sat back and been satisfied with allowing the willing take office rather than the better. We don’t vote enough, don’t speak out enough and are more interested in football and beer than we are the country we’re handing our children. For the record I have no problem with football and beer.

Quit being lazy. Quit doing nothing. Quit being content to let others speak out because “politics isn’t your thing”. Grow a pair. Write some letters. Make some phone calls. DON’T DO NOTHING.







4 Responses to The Problem With The US Constitution

  1. Emailed all my Senators and Reps AGAIN yesterday (through the NRA contact site).
    It’s too easy NOT to.

    • Ebbs says:

      WAY too easy to contact them now. I’m on a once a week string. Call local and federal once a week. Write local and federal once a week. Original letter every time. Phone messages are left with a calm but stern voice.

  2. Phillip says:

    Lost my job in June. Company paid me severance till September. Before severance was over I found another job. Worked hard. That temp job ended mid January. I’ve collected unemployed for a month. I start work again on March 1st with what sounds like a great position. From 1994 to January of 2013 I’ve worked full time. I’ve never collected unemployment. I’ll be happy to get off it. It was nice to have the government support for the short time that I’ve needed it.

    I just wish everyone used the system how I have. As a last restore, not a first resort.

    Like wise. I’m a member of the NRA and I also just recently joined the Gun Owners of America. I’ve written a dozen or so letters in the last 6 weeks while collecting unemployment requesting support for our second amendment rights. I’ve received a dozen or so letters back from Senators and Representatives that either support the 2nd amendment or don’t get a damn about our gun rights.

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