It’s a serious question I’ve been considering lately. “Why is Joe Biden a Moron?” Even further, HOW is Joe Biden SUCH a moron? It almost seems impossible. Giving Americans advice to step out their door and fire warning shots from a double barrel shotgun when they’re afraid?

BidenPewPewPewLet me back up and start from the beginning…

Ahhh “Shotgun” Joe Biden. Or Joe “Double Barrel” Biden. Still waiting for someone to break out a jittery Barney [Fife] Biden reference.

There are three different recent occasions standing out to me that cause any sane person to scratch their head and ask themselves. “Is this guy serious? How is he our VICE President? There’s no way he’s this much of a moron.”

  1. Thursday, January 24. Google hangout in which he declares the double barreled shotgun is a much more effective self defense tool than the AR-15 with high capacity magazines for holding clips. 
  2. Wednesday, February 20. Tells us again to get a double barrel. 12 gauge. AR-15s are WAY too hard to aim. Go out on the deck and fire 2 shots to ward off an attacker. Also assures us this is what he’s instructed his wife Jill to do.
  3. Wednesday, February 27. Biden instructs us that his 12 gauge will do a “hell of a lot more” damage than any AR-15 and they’re easier to handle. Just fire two blasts “THROUGH THE DOOR.”

You’re right, Joe. AR-15s are way too hard to aim and shoot.

[Shake my head.]

It’s not possible for someone to be this stupid, right? I mean really.

Want to know what I think? Here’s what I think…

I think “Shotgun” Joe doesn’t know how to argue FOR something he does not agree with. 

His arguments are SO ridiculous and SO idiotic, that he sounds like someone being forced to produce an argument for something he wholeheartedly feels is just fine and does not believe will have any lasting effect on violence in America. Remember in high school speech/debate class when you had to choose a topic to argue? Only all the topics you could choose from you could have cared less about? Remember what it was like trying to formulate an argument and answer questions IN FAVOR of those things when you didn’t believe in them, see a purpose for them, or even understand it?

I think there’s a possibility that may be where Joe Biden is right now. OR he’s just setting the tables for magazine bans that work to sneak sporting shotgun bans and confiscation in through the back door like COLORADO HOUSE BILL HB1224. “Get ready folks, and just buy a double barrel. Because soon enough that’s all we’re going to allow.”

OR he really is that stupid.



7 Responses to WHY IS JOE BIDEN A MORON?

  1. Chava915 says:

    Joe Biden is the comic relief for a joke of an administration…

  2. EthanP says:

    As a former Delaware resident, let me assure you that Joe Biden is every bit the ass he seems to be.

  3. chester arthur says:

    Remember shows like Good Times and The Jeffersons?Shows like that have one thing in common,the dumb white guy neighbor.Since the current administration is run like the world’s worst sitcom,let’s just think of Joe as the nation’s dumb white guy neighbor.

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  5. Charles says:

    “How is he our VICE President? There’s no way he’s this much of a moron.”

    The selection of “Shotgun Joe” as VP seem like a colossal unforced error on the part of team Obama until you consider how these guys see Americans: as a rather stupid, lazy and prejudiced bunch of uninformed slobs. With this understanding Joe makes sense as a running mate.

    As veep, Joe does double duty; 1. he’s trotted the out in front of the cameras to say things Obama is either ashamed to say or things he isn’t sure Americans will swallow and 2. Joe demeans the office of VP. Obama plays golf, make flippant comments on Late Night with David Letterman and leads from behind; all done to trivialize office of the President. Joe does all that and more simply by opening his mouth. All of this is dome to weaken American resolve in the face of the punitive and destructive policies of the far Left.

    That’s why he’s out veep and yes, he’s definitely that much of a moron.

  6. John says:

    The real question is “why is the moron Joe Biden our VP?” And the answer is that he’s the best life insurance policy for Obama, ever.

  7. MrMachinist says:

    “Hi, my name is Joe and,…I’m a moron”.
    “Hello Joe, this is an NRA gun safety class, not morons anonymous,….you moron”.

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