I meant to share a quick post about Gunbot.net a while back but it just kept skipping my mind. Then last week I think I mentioned it in the FreeGunSearch.com post and it dawned on me I had somehow managed to overlook the fast growing little crawler site.

Where is all the ammunition? That’s a question we’ve been asking ourselves a lot for the past 4+ months or so as we scour the gun store shelves and websites praying any of them will have at least one box of even the crappiest ammo available for our favorite caliber.

Like I said. Boring. But simple & easy to use.

Like I said. Boring. But simple & easy to use.

In short. We’ve been buying it all. With scares about banning online ammo sales, micro stamping and more and more talk of our rights being taken away, Johnny “2nd Amendment” Liberty goes out and buys up every bit he can find. And stockpiles it. Many are hoarding, not shooting. Even if the ammo they find seems desirable and they DON’T have a gun in that caliber, it’s being bought up. Then hoarded.

Don’t get pissed and defensive if this is you. I understand the sentiments. It is what it is. You didn’t get your rainy day surplus stacked up and sealed prior to the panic, so now you’re playing catchup. Mad at yourself for not buying ammo bargain basement when it was readily available, and now mad at manufacturers for not meeting YOUR needs.

Then gun shops imposed “per customer” limitations to prevent buyouts. But Johnny Liberty quickly caught on and brought his non-shooter wife, of-age son, a few buddies and his uncle’s sister’s niece’s daughter down to do away with the afternoon surplus. Somehow it seems those who work the night shift or are independently wealthy, self-employed or work-from-home are the only ones able get a spot in line on the middle of a weekday to meet the freight trucks to get a spot in line and purchase their ammo reserves. So Average Joe Shooter takes a backseat to Joe Liberty and now becomes a cliche’ “I’d love to shoot this weekend but there’s no ammo” excuse maker.

Well, there’s ammo to be had. Even at pre-panic prices on occasion. 1) We’ve got to be willing to do the research and look, and 2) We’ve got to be willing to pay a little more when it comes to that. We watched the exact same thing happen with PMAGs. The manufacturer is running at +100 capacity and somehow it’s as if they were being boxed, put on a truck then driven straight into an incinerator.

Gunbot.net is basically a simple and straightforward web crawler site that acts as a central location to compile online ammo sources. Users can also search for magazines and reloading equipment by caliber, brand, price and my personal favorite, whether or not the items are in stock. This way you can save yourself from visiting each of the sites individually to scan for your preferred ammunition.

Be aware though, Gunbot.net is not a discount site, but primarily an availability/in stock site helping shooters FIND ammo regardless of cost. It WILL help compare what different outlets are charging (yes Cheaper Than Dirt! is on the list). Which is particularly nice when you’re trying to identify why company X is charging 50% more than company Y for the same box of ammo.


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