Volquartsen Custom guns make some of the most awe inspiring, drool-worthy and innovative 10/22 pattern rifles both ever imagined AND available on the market today. Starting with a fully custom .22 caliber 10/22 pattern stick, Volquartsen Custom moved into the .22 Magnum, on to the .17 HMR and even ventured into centerfire rounds such as the .204 Ruger and .223 Remington modifying the recoil system to take on more of a Garand style “under” gas blowback operation.

Last year after the 17 Winchester Super Magnum rimfire was announced I got wind from the Volquartsen peeps that they were going to be working on adapting their 17 HMR rifle to fit the 17 WSM round. As with any progression of arms to fit a new firing platform the 17 WSM switch came with its own set of challenges. The magazine would have to be developed from the similar Savage rotary mags used in the then-only-offered plastic Savage in 17 WSM. Volquartsen chose to go with a full cnc aluminum cut magazine that holds much sharper tolerances and is much sturdier than the typical 8 rounder from Savage.

The recoil rod was moved from the side (like with .22 and previous .17 Volquartsen guns) into the center to help balance the higher pressure of the magnum rimfire round. Pressure measures of a 17 HMR fall in the 24,000 psi ballpark and the 17 WSM is more commonly in the 33,000 psi arena. Nothing to sneeze at.

So far the Volquartsen Custom 17 WSM we fondled at SHOT Show 2014 is offered in three models featuring an I-flute barrel, standard flute and a standard heavy stainless barrel. They are fully threaded barrels rather than locking lug and the much beefier/wider classic looking Volquartsen receiver still has that slightly raised picatinny rail for flexibility in optics. Though methinks you’ll want to mount some quality glass with low rings on yours to help zero in on varmints. Because that’s EXACTLY what I plan on doing when I get mine. This rifle should be nasty medicine on pests like our over-abundance of prairie dogs.

These guns are just about ready to start heading out the door so if you get one on order be sure to let the Volquartsen Custom folks know Ebbs sent you AND look for a full review on one maybe sometime this spring. I know I’ll be pushing the issue. 😉

Seriously though. I love to see what these guys keep doing. They’ve developed a classic style we can expect, while still pushing the engineering envelope to maybe show Ruger a little glimpse of what their 10/22 rifle could have been.

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9 Responses to Volquartsen Custom 17 WSM – SHOT Show 2014

    • Mike says:

      How Much is the msrp for this gun? After some more testimonials get out about the performance and safety of it I will need to have one.

  1. Jerry says:

    Nice Rifle, too bad 17wsm ammo is not available, I bought a B Mag Savage and have been able to get a few boxs of ammo, and now get messages that it has been discontinued.

    • Ebbs says:

      Walmart around me has loads of the 17 WSM. Have you checked there? Like $14 a box too so it’s roughly the same price as 17 HMR.

  2. Doug Schindel says:

    please mail catalog to Doug Schindel/14296 “x” road/ columbus Nebraska 68601

    • Ebbs says:

      I’m a little baffled by your request here, Doug. We aren’t a Volquartsen dealer. I’m sure you could find a request link somewhere on the Volquartsen website.

  3. Robert Wohlfeil says:

    Savage is a big disappointment in their 17b-mag. The stock is a pliable plastic which in fact doesn’t fit the barrel or action at all. The machining on the barrel and action are at best , third world piss poor quality. I wouldn’t pay more than $75.00 for even the heavy barrel gun!
    Your custom guns kick butt! Any chance of a gun for 17b-mag and if so, how much?
    Bob Wohlfeil

  4. Peter says:

    Hey everyone. The Savage B.Mag is a poor design. The bolt is not smooth at all so don’t count on any quick follow-up shots. The bolt spring is so strong that it forces my hand up against the scope. I even had to get the tallest rings available, but my thumb still hits the scope.

    The mags are faulty as well. The 1st slot is sloppy and the round won’t pop up as it should. If I skip the first slot it works fine, but what a pain in the a#$! It is accurate, however and the rifle is light. As soon as another platform is available I will opt for it. Volquartsen has a good reputation and if their magazines work flawlessly, then how can you lose? I just wish they could produce a synthetic stock in this chambering and make the gun a little lighter.

  5. […] If you’re like me at all (hopefully you’re not) you may have been wondering where Volquartsen Custom’s 10/22 pattern magnum rifle chambered in 17 WSM has been. If you need to move up to speed we covered its release at SHOT Show 2014. […]

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