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Call me a Magpul Industries, Corp fanboy. Go ahead. I don’t even care. Because regardless of how hipster-critical we could make an attempt at being, the simple fact remains that they think things through more, and do the simple things cooler than most other companies in the industry.

Well, Magpul has just (8/7/14) announced a [...]

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Custom Hi Point Pistol

On August 5, 2014 By

The guys at Dynamic Pie Concepts have done it once again and this time they got Frank Proctor and Ben Stoeger in on the action. How do you take a stab at what are touted both as the industries worst production pistols (Hi Point) and the best post production pistols (Salient Arms)?

Take a quick [...]

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Just added today, CLICK HERE to go directly to buy at the sister site or go to to get the full story and info on the Rifle Dynamics inspired Krinkov Piston keyrings. The PERFECT 2nd Amendment EveryDay Carry accessory and conversation piece.

This is the first time we’ve [...]

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Right now, across the United States, Ruger has just announced their marked improvement (my opinion) on the award winning LC9 9mm pistol. My original review of the LC9 came with mixed emotions over 3 years ago as I struggled to find positive things to say both about the trigger, [...]

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Yesterday Silencerco had many a media type in Salt Lake for the unveiling of their Salva 12 shotgun suppressor. Cool idea, right? Maybe. The thought of turkey hunting with a shotgun is pretty appealing. Not to mention making a family clay busting event less irritating to neighbors.

But sporting shotguns are [...]

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Shared in a statement on the Rifle Dynamics company Facebook page, Jim Fuller has expressed obvious distaste for the president’s EXO [executive order] but assured the customer base that it will no effect production or output of their famed American made Kalashnikov pattern rifles.

To all our customers waiting on guns, the latest EXO [...]

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Alternate Title: “We’ll Show You By Refusing To Arm Ourselves!!!”

2nd Alternate Title: “When Toddlers Become President”

Aaaaand a back door gun control measure is exactly what this is. Sure it’s labeled as a “sanction against Russia”. Remember those slap-on-the-hand blackballing threats the president threatened Putin with several months ago when he didn’t have the [...]

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Here’s a fantastic little product you may have never heard of. The Grip Stop is a solid one piece forward grip assist that can be mounted to any handguard or rail slot (Universal) and picatinny rail (Mod 2) for greater stability, comfort and versatility while employing a modern “C” or “Thumb Over Bore” grip with [...]

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This opinion is almost completely devoid of any type of technical information and/or evidence. It is strictly an experience based opinion piece. I don’t say that as a disclaimer or warning even, just as someone who shoots a lot and has first hand experience with how particular muzzle devices “feel”, my Dragon 5.56 review is [...]

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What’s one of the toughest things to keep track of when heading to the range for practice or training? I’d venture to say paper targets has been one of my often forgotten items so I end up scrounging through the trash looking for cardboard, paper plates, product packaging, printer paper and more. Basically [...]

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