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I had the Palmetto State Armory upper out for testing last week and my 7 year old daughter came along with to serve as some extra legs and a pro brass sweeper. With just a few rounds left at the end of our afternoon session she asked me if she could shoot the AR before [...]

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Or just the “BRO DIT” for short.

Black Rain Ordnance continues to impress with their outspoken declaration of unashamedly American manufacturing. And their stuff is the real deal. I already shared up the milled AR-15 receiver set we got a month or so ago from them. But [...]

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To get caught up on the storyline of my Palmetto State Armory midlength upper with the canted front sight base see the two links below.

Palmetto Packing Problems and Canted Front Sight Base

Pictures of Palmetto State Armory Canted Front Sight Base


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Click here to see the test results from the PSA midlength upper with the canted front sight block.

Several have asked for photos of my Palmetto State Armory midlength upper (here is a link to the exact one I ordered) with the canted/crooked front sight block Continue Reading

Here is a post with pictures of the front sight base and updated information in dealing directly with PSA. 

Approximately 4 weeks ago I broke down and bought a complete AR-15 midlength upper assembly at Palmetto State Armory that was too good to pass up [...]

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The longer you spend in the gun world the more people you meet. Well if you’re not entirely antisocial anyway. What I mean is you’ll eventually meet someone who has much cooler toys than you have or could even dream of affording. Take my buddy Roy for example. The Continue Reading

I got to run [my] new Windham Weaponry SRC-308 carbine for a while at the range yesterday. I don’t yet have a spare set of mounts high enough to get the Leupold VX3 on it and zeroed, so I slapped on my Daniel Defense [...]

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Perhaps a better more accurate title would be the High Standard manufactured J.C. Higgins Model 20 12 Gauge pump shotgun from Sears & Roebuck circa 1952. The gun itself to me is a model of mid-20th century craftsmanship, when mass produced shotguns made on a budget had real wood stocks and solid steel assemblies. It [...]

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Ares Armor Raided by BATFE

On March 15, 2014 By

ILLEGALLY raided I should say. After Ares Armor served the California BATFE (ATF henceforth) with a LEGAL federal temporary restraining order earlier in the week, the ATF executed a raid confiscating computers, paperwork and documents in hopes of finding information regarding customers who have purchased (ATF APPROVED) 80% lower receivers from Ares Armor.

The [...]

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LOL (Lots of Laughs or Laugh Out Loud depending on your genre).

I couldn’t even begin to count on two hands how many times I’ve read this line in online forums or stood a few steps away at a gun counter and listened to the clown behind the glass tell a man he needs to [...]

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