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More detailed information to come on Dad’s AR-15 build for prairie hunting, but I wanted to post a brief range report from this past Sunday.

Dad’s AR-15 has a 20″ Heavy Bergara Barrel with a 1-8″ twist, rifle length gas system and target crown. Based on the weight and effort it takes to lug [...]

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Rockwell Tactical Group (of Circle the Wagons fame) is planning a return trip to Colorado Springs, Colorado the weekend of December 6-7, 2014. The purpose this time is to give us an extended look at training we’ve had a small taste of at Circle the Wagons in 2013 and 2014.

Basic Home Defense and Combat/Defensive [...]

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My Savage Mark II FVSR .22 rifle has been waiting a fortnight or two for the arrival of my Silencerco/SWR Spectre II rimfire sound suppressor to clear the NFA Form 4 paperwork and land in the HoG test lab. The day came a bit [...]

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Nightforce Optics Torture Test

On October 23, 2014 By

A while back when I was into hunting shows I remember seeing some fellas from a predator hunting troop stop by the Nightforce Optics shop and walk through the process of building one of their rifle scopes. The build ended with a quality control employee literally holding the rear objective and hammering the bell of [...]

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Hunting with Night Vision

On October 8, 2014 By

It’s been a different experience for sure. I’ve shot with Night Vision equipment a few times. Most recently at our Circle the Wagons Training Event in Colorado Springs, Colorado when Rockwell Tactical Group gave us a demo on the PVS-14 NODS system with laser designator. We were shooting 200 yards from the hip and shoulder [...]

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My favorite reviews to publish are those that reflect months even years of frequent and practical use as well as across the board satisfaction and continued quality performance from the item being tested.

First and foremost I am a shooter. Name the quarry: paper, clays, steel, deer, elk, antelope, squirrels, dove, prairie dogs, coyotes, etc [...]

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How a Suppressor Works

On September 23, 2014 By

Check out this fantastic new infographic compliments of SilencerCo on the how and what of suppressor function. One thing I love about this company is all they’re doing to educate the population of friendliness of suppressor ownership and positive attributes outside of the so-called “tactical” world of guns & tactics. It’s partly the reason I chose [...]

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The Elusive Chrysanthemum

On September 23, 2014 By

UPDATE: scroll down for a couple fan submitted photos of a Jap Arisaka Type 38 with Chrysanthemum in mint condition! Thank you Michael Henry for the photographs!

A few years back when Dad was serious about adding to his WW2 firearms collection I had free reign to scour forums and online classified ads looking for [...]

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Glock 42 Magazine Extensions

On September 11, 2014 By

My buddy Roy emailed me the other day asking about a Glock 42 magazine extension that I might recommend based on my extensive use of the pistol so far (don’t worry, review coming).

Honestly the pistol has handled so well due to its frame shape even without mag extensions that I’ve failed to even [...]

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Brilliant. I’ve seen a few reviews done by ammo companies before where they use full auto guns to demonstrate their brand’s reliability, BUT I haven’t seen an independent gun reviewer do so just because full auto stuff is fairly uncommon unless you’re FPS Russia.

Jon demonstrates the reliability of Minuteman Munitions 9mm ball ammo by [...]

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