#HoGFOB Krinkov Piston Key Rings ARE BACK!!!


Our revolutionary “HoGFOB” EDC (Every Day Carry) key ring from HausofGuns.com is now an IN STOCK ITEM and currently $3 off regular price for our 3rd anniversary. Unique in appearance, the HoGFOB is created from the 2 inch gas piston from a Krinkov style short barreled rifle.

Inspired by Rifle Dynamics of Las Vegas, Nevada and perfected for every day carry by Haus of Guns, our Krinkov Piston Key Ring is assembled using a 100% Made in the USA piece of polished CNC machined stainless steel giving it a great looking finish. As far as we can tell, the HoGFOB Krink Piston Key Ring is the only one available like it on the market today.

$21.99 SALE PRICE will last through February 7, 2014 as our 3rd anniversary gift to you. Take advantage of our in-stock status before we run out again! IT WILL HAPPEN.

Make your key ring 922r compliant today with the Made in the USA HoGFOB Krinkov Piston Key Ring.

TEMPORARY 3rd anniversary price is $21.99 with Free USPS First Class Parcel Shipping!