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What the INDUSTRY is saying…

I started talking with Haus during season 3 of Top Shot. His comments, both funny and informative, demanded an immediate review of his site … Haus of Guns. That’s when I got hooked.

Not only will you find incisive reviews of your favorite firearms, but there’s also a great collection of videos, editorials and analysis of the shooting sport industry. Eric’s focus and devotion to “the Average Joe Shooter” is nothing less than phenomenal.

If you haven’t already, bookmark Haus of Guns now … you’ll want to come back.

Lars Dalseide
Editor, NRAblog.com | Media Relations
National Rifle Association

“Clear, Concise and Constructive – Haus of Guns has earned the trust of readers and the respect from manufactures with a refreshing approach to gun and gear reviews.  RJK Ventures LLC (Armory Racks) was founded in Mid 2011 and we reached out to Haus of Guns for one of our first product reviews.  Not only did we receive constructive feedback on our products but it started a great relationship.   As we develop and launch new products we know that with the feedback and critical eye from Haus of Guns that we will release a better product.”

Ryan Klein, President and CEO, RJK Ventures LLC  www.ArmoryRacks.com

“Arrogant… Vague… Boring… You get none of that with Haus of Guns!

Performing a good review on a gun related product is not as easy as some might think. Regardless of the format (written or video), it can be a very time consuming task. Eric at Haus of Guns clearly takes the time to do thorough reviews. But, it is Eric’s ability to communicate his product experience that impresses me the most. Watching or reading a review that has been done by Eric feels very much like listening to your best friend talk about a product. You WANT to listen to this guy! And when he is done, you have some great info on the product that is being reviewed.

Haus of Guns is a great addition to the firearm community. We recommend that all gun owners add Haus of Guns to their list of favorite gun sites!”

Greg Summers, ArmsVault

“Haus of Guns’ presence in the blogosphere has been meteoric! It is hard to find any other gun blogger that has as much social media interaction with readers, companies, and fellow bloggers alike. His reviews bring together facts, fun, and freedom. Seldom do you find a site that truly gets excited about products and takes the time and effort to evaluate them seriously. Eric delivers unbiased facts with the sense that you are talking about firearms with an old friend.”

Caleb Oosten, Founder/Editor RomeoTangoBravo.net

“Eric weaves fact and charisma into a beautiful tapestry of gun blog goodness. As an individual who has recently become seriously interested in firearms, I have found his reviews to be incredibly informative and entertaining. As a person, I have found Eric to be warm, witty and extremely knowledgeable. It’s been an absolute blast getting the scoop on all the latest guns and gear at HausofGuns.com.”

Dan, BladeReviews.com

“Haus of Guns has been kind enough to review several of our shooting accessories. The feedback they have given us, and our customers, has been extremely helpful. As we continue to produce new products for the gun industry, you can bet that CTK Precision will count on Haus of Guns for product feedback.”

Curt Knitt, CTK Precision

“I have had the privilege of getting to know Eric this year and what a great experience it has been. His passion for firearms and the shooting sports is contagious.  Always a privilege to read / write reviews with and for Haus of Guns.”

Kerry R. Mackey, Chaplain to the OutdoorsmenWild Edge

“Some of the best firearms videos and reviews on the Internet. Haus of Guns is one of my daily reads!”

Eric at the Gunmart Blog

“I always love reading or watching the latest review from the Haus of Guns on firearms or accessories. Ebbs has an easy going style that talks to the average Joe about real world shooting, and yet is thorough in testing to give a comprehensive unbiased review, keep up the good work and look forward to a second year from the Haus of Guns”

Mick (Shooter Guru), www.ShooterGuru.com

“Its hard to find honest reviews of guns and gear on line these days that are done professionally and in an organized fashion. There are plenty of amateurs that give there opinions from a jaded view of a gun or holster and do not evaluate the points that truly matter to the shooting community. We here at White Hat Holsters appreciate the thorough and honest review Eric at Haus of Guns gave of our MaxTuck IWB Holsters. Personally and professionally I will be keeping an eye on you guys and will be honored to turn to you for professional criticism and advice. Keep up the good work!”

Tony Farah, White Hat Holsters

“Great review. That’s what I call dedication!”

Paul Farrell

“Awesome review of the LC9, and I just had to say, I appreciate your quick speaking throughout the video. There are several excellent gun reviewers on youtube, but I go nuts when they speak as if they’re having a casual conversation with me. Their reviews are generally slow and drug-out, and the meat and potatoes of the video constitutes maybe 15% of the total video length. Thank you for sharing this information, and saving me time!”

YouTube user – Zams650

“Great vid, short and to the point. You sound and look very natural behind the camera, keep up the reviews!”

YouTube user – Debodamus

“Great review. I was looking at purchasing one of these and you just sold me on it, for sure.”

YouTube user – BigWen130

“Awesome vid! Very clear and concise and to the point. Thanks man!”

YouTube user – rtmy2girls

“Great vid man. Helped me make up my mind on getting the conversion. I like the way you do your vids, informative, concise and well made. Thanks again!”

YouTube user – xterrabass

“Great Job sir, I myself have been really researching the Savage Edge/Axis. And this video is a really good review for anyone looking for a reference in buying the Edge/Axis. In other videos you just hear them talk about it, while in your video , you actually go through firing and functioning of the rifle. Thanks for making this video. I know now that i will be buying this rifle for sure.”

YouTube user – n8iveshkii


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